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Asbestos Jobsites In Ohio

Asbestos Jobsites in OhioOhio has its share of claims to fame. The 7th most populous state in the country, it’s home to several large cities and plenty of small towns with charm and character. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is situated in busy Cleveland, Cincinnati boasts lots of new development and large companies, Akron is the state’s industrial capital, and the lower southeast portion of the state is covered by the rugged Appalachian Plateaus. It’s truly a diverse state.

Home to about 12 million residents, the Buckeye State – as it’s called – offers a variety of lifestyle options so it’s ideal for those who love the city as well as others who prefer the country, the mountains or the pretty lakes and rivers that dot the state.

Smokestacks have always been a common site in Ohio. Many industries call the state home and many have been there for more than a century. The rubber industry/tire manufacturers have always been part of the fabric of Akron, for example, and chemical companies seem to be fond of Ashtabula. Mansfield was long at the center of Ohio’s automobile industry and Martins Ferry was/is home to a fair number of steel mills. That means a lot of the state’s residents have long worked in blue collar jobs.

Working as a tradesman of any sort is an honorable profession. However, some of the companies these individuals worked for weren’t so honorable. Many of Ohio’s workers were exposed to asbestos on-the-job throughout a good portion of the 20th century. That’s because factories, mills, plants, and other locations used asbestos-containing products inside their facilities, despite the dangers.

Asbestos has long been lauded as one of the strongest fire- and heat-resistant materials available. Products made with asbestos – like insulation or pipe wrap – were made with the intent of helping avoid fires or burn injuries. In fact, asbestos usually did its job and fewer workers were injured by fire or high-temperature equipment. However, asbestos had its downside, too.

Asbestos is toxic. When asbestos becomes old or damaged, it releases tiny, sharp fibers into the air. These airborne fibers are easy to inhale and, as such, those working with the material or even in the vicinity of the asbestos, can breathe in the fibers. While not everyone will be affected by inhaling asbestos, in some cases the fibers can become lodged in the area of the lungs (or sometimes the abdomen or heart) and tumors will eventually form. The result is a diagnosis of mesothelioma cancer.

Ohio workers most likely to have been exposed to asbestos include those who worked in the state’s steel mills, refineries, auto plants, textile mills, rubber plants, and coal mines. They may have held any number of jobs in those places, such as machinists, pipe fitters, insulators, boilermakers, electricians, plumbers, and similar. Truly, no one who was exposed to asbestos at any time is exempt from potentially developing asbestos-related cancer.

If you were exposed to asbestos in an Ohio workplace, know that the exposure was probably not your fault. Many Ohio companies continued to use asbestos, even when they found out that it was toxic and could cause serious illnesses.

List of Documented Asbestos Jobsites in Ohio

J.M. Stuart Power Plant – Aberdeen, OHAberdeenOH
Jim Stewart Powerhouse – Aberdeen, OHAberdeenOH
Adams County Hospital – Adams County, OHAdams CountyOH
General Electric Test Site – Adams County, OHAdams CountyOH
Schools – Adams County, OHAdams CountyOH
Schools – Adena, OHAdenaOH
Akron City Hospital – Akron, OHAkronOH
Akron Standard Mold – Akron, OHAkronOH
Akron University – Akron, OHAkronOH
B.F. Goodrich – Akron, OHAkronOH
Balint Rox Coating – Akron, OHAkronOH
Bridgestone/Firestone Akron, OHAkronOH
Brown Lumber Co – Akron, OHAkronOH
Burger Iron Co. – Akron, OHAkronOH
Carkins Department Store – Akron, OHAkronOH
Children’s Home – Akron, OHAkronOH
Children’s Hospital – Akron, OHAkronOH
City of Akron Schools – Akron, OHAkronOH
Cleveland Crane & Engineering – Akron, OHAkronOH
Coca Cola Plant – Akron, OHAkronOH
Diamond Crystal Salt Company of Ohio, Inc – Akron, OHAkronOH
Elkem Metals – Akron, OHAkronOH
Firestone Computer Center – Akron, OHAkronOH
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. – Akron, OHAkronOH
General Hospital – Akron, OHAkronOH
General Tire – Akron, OHAkronOH
Gentire Akron, OHAkronOH
GOJO Industries – Akron, OHAkronOH
Goodyear – Akron, OHAkronOH
Hotel (Rt 91 & Rt 2) – OHAkronOH
Kent State University – Akron, OHAkronOH
Kush Roofing Akron, OHAkronOH
Library – Akron, OHAkronOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Akron, OHAkronOH
Mayflower Hotel – Akron, OHAkronOH
Michael & Gust Galucci PT Rockside Properties Akron, OHAkronOH
Ohio Bell – Akron, OHAkronOH
Ohio Edison – Akron, OHAkronOH
Ohio Light & Power Co. – Akron, OHAkronOH
Rolling Acre Mall – Akron, OHAkronOH
Shop Mak – Akron, OHAkronOH
Shopping Center – Akron, OHAkronOH
Steel Mill – Akron, OHAkronOH
Summit Mall – Akron, OHAkronOH
U.S. Post Office – Akron, OHAkronOH
YWCA – Akron, OHAkronOH
Ohio Vally Coal – Alledonia, OHAlledoniaOH
Alliance Clay Products Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Alliance Machine Co – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Alliance Ware Inc. – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
American Steel & Wire – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
B&W Products – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Franz Williams Hammer Shop – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Mount Union College – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Royal China Alliance, OHAllianceOH
US Foundry – Alliance, OHAllianceOH
Perfect Circle Piston Range – Ann Arbor, OHAnn ArborOH
A.K. Steel – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Ashland High School School – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Ashland Oil – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Cutlip Brake Service – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
FE Myers – Ahsland, OHAshlandOH
Garber Printing – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Glenn Roofing – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Hydromatic Pump – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Kaufman Construction – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Sohio Station – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Union Carbide – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Union Maleable – Ashland, OHAshlandOH
Cabot Titanium – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
CEI – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Detrix Chemical Plant Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
E.I. DuPont – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Electromet – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
General Tire – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Lindy Wire – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Olin Matheson Chemical – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Reactive Metals – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Rockwell International Brake Plant – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
SCM Chemical – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Sherwin Williams – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Timken – Astabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Titanium Metal Inc. – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Union Carbide – Ashtabula, OHAshtabulaOH
Athens Armature – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens Building Material – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens City Sewage Plant – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens College – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens County Courthouse Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens Fire House – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens High School – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens Memorial Hospital – Athens, OHAthensOH
Athens Mental Health Hospital – Athens, OHAthensOH
Burr Oak Lodge – Athens, OHAthensOH
Carriage Hill Apartments Athens, OHAthensOH
Certainteed Glass – Athens, OHAthensOH
Church of Latter Day Saints – Athens, OHAthensOH
City of Newport Water Authority – Athens, OHAthensOH
Consolidated Coal Athens, OHAthensOH
General Telephone – Athens, OHAthensOH
General Telephone Building – Athens, OHAthensOH
Heck’s Store – Athens, OHAthensOh
Lake View Apartments – Athens, OHAthensOH
McBee – Athens, OHAthensOH
Newspaper Plant – Athens, OHAthensOH
O’Bleness Memorial Hospital – Athens, OHAthensOH
Ohio State University Hospital – Athens, OHAthensOH
Ohio University – Athens, OHAthensOH
Ohio University Stadium – Athens, OHAthensOH
Poston Power Station – Athens, OHAthensOH
Residential Jobsites – Athens, OHAthensOH
Shopping Mall – Athens, OHAthensOH
Super America – Athens, OHAthensOH
Super America, AthensAthensOH
Texas Eastern Pump Station – Athens, OHAthensOH
Theater – Athens, OhioAthensOH
University Mall – Athens, OHAthensOH
University of Athens – Athens, OHAthensOH
Volkswagen Garage – Athens, OHAthensOH
Washington Hall – Athens, OHAthensOH
Aurora Gas and Refinery – Aurora, OHAuroraOH
EASCO – Austintown, OHAustintownOH
Saramar Aluminum – Austintown, OHAustintownOH
Superior Industries – Austintown, OHAustintownOH
Schools – Avon, OHAvonOH
Avon Lake Power StationAvon LakeOH
Avon Lake Powerstation – Avon Lake, OHAvon LakeOH
B.F. Goodrich (Avon Lake Chemical) Avon Lake, OHAvon LakeOH
CEI Power Station – Avon Lake, OHAvon LakeOH
Freuhauf Trailer – Avon Lake, OHAvon LakeOH
General Clay Co. – Baltic, OHBalticOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Barberton, OHBarbertonOH
Columbia Chemical – Barberton, OHBarbertonOH
PPG – Barberton, OHBarbertonOH
Rockwell Foundry – Barberton, OHBarbertonOH
Schools – BarbervilleBarbourvilleOH
Barnesville High School – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Barnesville Hospital – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Barnesville Police Department Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Belmont High School – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Five B s, Inc. (Sewing Factory) Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Kenny Motor Co. – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Lotus Glass Company Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Ohio Bell – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Olney Friends Private School Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Water Treatment Plant – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Watt Car & Wheel – Barnesville, OHBarnesvilleOH
Kinney Motors – Barnsville, OHBarnsvilleOH
52104 Church St – Barton, OHBartonOH
Ford Motor Co. – Batavia, OHBataviaOH
Bay Village School – Bay Village, OHBay VillageOH
Nursing Home – Bay Village, OHBay VillageOH
Water Treatment Plant – Bay Village, OHBay VillageOH
Bayview Hospital – Bay Village, OHBayview VillageOH
Beechmont Country Club – Beachwood, OHBeachwoodOH
College of Jewish StudiesBeachwoodOH
Highland Plaza Office Bldg. – Beachwood, OHBeachwoodOH
Raddisson Hotel – Beachwood, OHBeachwoodOH
TRW World Headquarters – Beachwood, OHBeachwoodOH
YNO Allison Coal Mine – Beallsville, OHBeallsvilleOH
Bear Creek Apartment – Bedford, OHBedfordOH
Church (Route 8) – Bedford, OHBedfordOH
Anchor Fastners – Bedford Heights, OHBedford HeightsOH
Mall – Beechwood, OHBeechwoodOH
Residential Jobsites – Beechwood, OHBeechwoodOH
The Hamptons (F/K/A Mark IV Apartments) – Beachwood, OHBeechwoodOH
Bonfini Mobile Homes – Belair, OHBelairOH
Sewage Disposal Plant, Bellaire, OHBelaireOH
1 Hour Martinizing Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Alexander s Garage Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire Clinic – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire Enamel Company – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire Garment Works – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire High School – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire Hospital – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire Housing – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bellaire Local School District Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Bobbie Brooks, Inc. (Sewing Factory) Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Delta Concrete & Arrow Block Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Gravel Hill Grade School Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
High-Rise – BellaireBellaireOH
Housing Project – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Imperial Glass – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Johns Manville – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Paradise HomeBellaireOH
Phillips Stamping Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Rose Hill Grade School Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Rose Hill Towers – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Scotts Service Station – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Sickless GlassBellaireOH
St. John s Grade School Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
St. John s High School Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Structural Concrete Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
U.S. Post Office – Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
Valley Construction Co Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
West Bellaire Grade School Bellaire, OHBellaireOH
YNO Coal Company Bellsville, OHBellsvilleOH
Ahl Brothers Construction – Belmont, OHBelmontOH
Belmont Technical College – Belmont, OHBelmontOH
Locks Dam – Belmont, OHBelmontOH
Ashland Chemical – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Ball Electric- Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Belpre Bridge – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Belpre Elementary School – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Belpre High School – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Carbon Black Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Chicago Bridge & Iron – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Church of Christ – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Doe Miller Produce (a/k/a R.A. Miller Produce Tomato packing plant) – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Electromet Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Kaiser Aluminum Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Krayton (F/K/A Shell Chemical) – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Kroger s Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Nova Chemical (f/k/a Huntsman Chemical, Shell Chemical) – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Powerhouse – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Ratheyon – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Shell Oil Plant – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Union Carbide – Belpre, OHBelpreOH
Bentlyville High SchoolBentlyvilleOH
Apartments – Berea, OHBereaOH
B.W. College – Berea, OHBereaOH
Elementary School – Berea, OHBereaOH
Ford Motor Co. – Berea, OHBereaOH
Compressor Station – Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Fort Frye School – Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Globe Iron Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Globe Metalergical – Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Interlake Steel Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Muskingham Pulp & Paper Co. Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Muskingum River Power Station (aka Beverly PS) – Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Ohio Power – Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Tygart Molding Beverly, OHBeverlyOH
Tri-State Shop Bloomingdale, OHBloomingdaleOH
Advance Plateing – Boardman, OHBoardmanOH
Aerolite Extrusion – Boardman, OHBoardmanOH
Southern Park Mall – Boardman, OhioBoardmanOH
Youngstown Buick Pontiac GMC Truck – Youngstown, OHBoardmanOH
Bowling Green Hospital – Bowling Green, OHBowling GreenOH
Bowling Green State Univeristy – Bowling Green, OHBowling GreenOH
Floyd P. Bucker Inc – Bowling Green, OHBowling GreenOH
Military Nike Sites – Bratton, OHBrattonOH
Ball & Wallace University – Bre, OHBreOH
Brecksville High School – Brecksville, OHBrecksvilleOH
Brecksville Vo-Tech – Brecksville, OHBrecksvilleOH
Ohio Bell (Brecksville Rd) – OHBrecksvilleOH
B & O Railroad – Brewster, OHBrewsterOH
Nickel Plate (N&W Railroad) – Brewster, OHBrewsterOH
Norfolk & Western Railroad – Brewster, OHBrewsterOH
Wheeling & Lake Erie RR – Brewster, OHBrewsterOH
Youngstown Sheet & Tube – Briar Hill, OHBriar HillOH
55641 National Rd. – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Big Bear Store #250 – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
EORWA – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Home and Apartment Construction – Bridgeport/Lansing AreaBridgeportOH
Imperial Clevite – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Monongahela & Ohio Dredging Co – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Public Library – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Scott Lumber Company – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Sutton & Stewart Inc – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Wheeling Brake Block Mfg Co – Bridgeport, OHBridgeportOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys – Brillant, OHBrillantOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Brilliant, OHBrilliantOH
Brilliant PowerHouse – Brilliant, OHBrilliantOH
Cardinal Power Station (Ohio Power) – Brilliant, OHBrilliantOH
Caruso Salvage Yard – Brilliant, OHBrilliantOH
Pitt Power Plant Brilliant, OHBrilliantOH
Schools Brilliant, OHBrilliantOH
Veterans Administration Hospital – Broadview, OHBroadviewOH
Ford Cleveland Casting Plant – Brook Park, OHBrook ParkOH
Ford Motor Co. – Brook Park, OHBrook ParkOH
Illuminating Co. Substation – Brook Park, OHBrook ParkOH
American Greeting – Brooklyn, OHBrooklynOH
Home Depo Warehouse Store – Brooklyn, OHBrooklynOH
Lampson Session – Brooklyn, OHBrooklynOH
Roadoan School – Brooklyn, OHBrooklynOH
Shopping Center – Brooklyn, OHBrooklynOH
Modern Tool & Die – Brookpark, OHBrookparkOH
Self Service Storage – Brookpark, OHBrookparkOH
Church Of God – Brookside, OHBrooksideOH
Apartments – Brunswick, OHBrunswickOH
Fire Station – Brunswick, OHBrunswickOH
Vet-o-Vitz Masonry – Brunswick, OHBrunswickOH
Colegate-Palmolive – Byesville, OHByesvilleOH
Cadiz Power Station – Cadiz, OHCadizOH
Central Machine Shop Cadiz, OHCadizOH
Consolidated Coal – Cadiz, OHCadizOH
McComb s Chevy Dealership Cadiz, OHCadizOH
Oak Park Mine – Cadiz, OHCadizOH
Ohio Machinery – Cadiz, OHCadizOH
Consolidated Gas Caldwell, OHCaldwellOH
Post OfficeCaldwellOH
Gallipolis Shopping Center – Gallipolis, OHCallipolisOH
Cambridge High SchoolCambridgeOH
Cambridge High School – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Cambridge Schools – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Champion Co – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Fishers Construction – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Fletcher General Hospital – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Garfield Elementary School – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Guernsey Memorial HospitalCambridgeOH
Harding High School Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Home Construction – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Oakland SchoolCambridgeOH
Oakland School – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Pill Plant – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Post OfficeCambridgeOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Cambridge, OHCambridgeOH
Schools – Cameron, OHCameronOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Campbell, OHCampbellOH
Campbell Soup – Napoleon, OHCampbellOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Campbell, OHCampbellOH
T. Bruce – Campbell, OHCampbellOH
Youngstown Sheet & Tube – Campbell, OHCampbellOH
1517 5th St. N.E. – Canton, OHCantonOH
American Furnance – Canton, OHCantonOH
Ashland Oil – Canton, OHCantonOH
Aultman Hospital – Canton, OHCantonOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Canton, OHCantonOH
Band-Aid Tire – Canton, OHCantonOH
Beldon Brick Plant – Canton, OHCantonOH
Canton Airport – Canton, OHCantonOH
Canton Schools – Canton, OHCantonOH
Canton Steel Fabricators – Canton, OHCantonOH
Colony Builders – Canton, OHCantonOH
Control Power Corporation – Canton, OHCantonOH
Danner Press – Canton, OHCantonOH
Drop Forge – Canton, OhioCantonOH
East Canton Brickyard – Canton, OHCantonOH
Ecko Products – Canton, OHCantonOH
Empire Detroit Steel – Canton, OHCantonOH
Ford Motor Co. – Canton, OHCantonOH
Goodyear – Canton, OHCantonOH
Gregory Galvanizing – Canton, OHCantonOH
Hambruger Inn – Canton, OHCantonOH
Hammond Construction – Canton, OHCantonOH
Henry ElectricCantonOH
Hercules & White Motors – Canton, OHCantonOH
Hercules Motor – Canton, OHCantonOH
Hoover Company – Canton, OHCantonOH
Housing Project – Canton, OHCantonOH
Industrial Forge Steel – Canton, OhioCantonOH
Kaplan’s Service Station – Canton, OHCantonOH
Kent State University Stark Campus – Canton, OHCantonOH
Layman High School – Canton, OHCantonOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Canton, OHCantonOH
Lynn Masonary – Canton, OHCantonOH
Macomber Steel – Canton, OHCantonOH
Mall – Canton, OHCantonOH
McKinley High School – Canton, OHCantonOH
McKinley Monument – Canton, OHCantonOH
MQS – Canton, OHCantonOH
Niagara Heating Co. – Canton, OHCantonOH
Ohio Bell Telephone Building – Canton, OHCantonOH
Ohio Power Building – Canton, OHCantonOH
Ohio-Ferro AlloysCantonOH
Oil RefineryCantonOH
Pennsylvania Railroad – Canton, OHCantonOH
Preston Clay – Canton, OHCantonOH
Residential – Canton, OHCantonOH
Robertos Cheese Co. – Canton, OHCantonOH
Sohio Pumping Station – Canton, OHCantonOH
St. Paul’s Church and School – Canton, OHCantonOH
Standard Oil Co. – Canton, OHCantonOH
Stark Ceramic Company – Canton, OhioCantonOH
Stark County Sheriff’s Office – Canton, OHCantonOH
Superior Meats – Canton, OHCantonOH
Superior Steel – Canton, OHCantonOH
Taft Middle School – Canton, OHCantonOH
Tamey & Shaner Golf Course – Canton, OHCantonOH
Timken – Canton, OHCantonOH
Timken Mercy Hospital – Canton, OHCantonOH
Truscon Steel Canton, OHCantonOH
Union 76 Service Station – Canton, OHCantonOH
Union Metal – Canton, OHCantonOH
United Engineering & Foundry (AKA Wean United Foundry) – Canton OHCantonOH
USSteel – Canton, OHCantonOH
Volvo Main Assembly Plant (old Ingersoll-Rand building) – Canton, OHCantonOH
Volvo White Heavey Truck – Canton, OHCantonOH
Wilson Rubber- Canton, OhioCantonOH
YMCA – Canton, OHCantonOH
Dye Corning Corp.CarllotonOH
LTV Steel – Carmel, OHCarmelOH
Coulton Chemical – Carroll, OHCarrollOH
Carrollton Bowling Alley – Carrollton, OHCarrolltonOH
IGA Grocery Store – Carrollton, OHCarrolltonOH
Lavino Chemical Co. – Carrollton, OHCarrolltonOH
Standard Oil Co. – Carrollton, OHCarrolltonOH
Evanite Plastic Co. – Carrollton, OHCarroltonOH
Margareta School – Castledia, OHCastlediaOH
Celina Jr. High School Celina, OHCelinaOH
Franklin Elementary School Celina, OHCelinaOH
Ethan Allen Furniture Store – Chagrin Falls, OHChagrin FallsOH
St. Mary’s of the Falls – Chagrin Falls, OHChagrin FallsOH
Copperweld Steel – Champion, OHChampionOH
High School – Champion, OHChampionOH
Blue Dale Flowers – Chesapeake, OHChesapeakeOH
Gavin Power Station (Cheshire Power Station) – Cheshire, OHCheshireOH
Kyger Creek Power Station – Cheshire, OHCheshireOH
Beckjord Power Station – Lanchester, OHChesterOH
West Geauga HS – OHChesterlandOH
E.I. DuPont – Chillicothe, OHChilicotheOH
C.T. Maine Construction, Inc. – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Johns Manville (aka Flinkote) – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Kaiser Aluminum – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
McAllister s Chevrolet Dealership – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Meade Paper – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Rust Engineering – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Schools – Chillicothe, OhioChillicotheOH
Sears & Roebuck – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Shelly Co – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Veterans Administration Medical Center – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Vocational School – Chillicothe, OHChillicotheOH
Fernald – Cincinnati, OHCincinattiOH
Lawrenceberg Plumbing & Heating – Cincinnati, OHCincinattiOH
A.P. Green Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Aluminum Industries – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Andrew Jergens Power Plant – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
ARA Environmental Services – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Avco Plant – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Baldwin Piano – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Beckjord Power Station Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Bethesda Hospital – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Blue Chip – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Bobs Springdale 66 – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Buckhorn Inc – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Busiam Nissan – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Cambridge Tile – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Champion Paper – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Chevron – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Children’s Hospital – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Cincinnati Convention Center – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Cincinnati Gas & Electric – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Cincinnati Milling Machine (aka Cincinnati Milacron) – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Columbia Gas & Electric (aka Miami Fort PS) – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Emery Industry – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Fernald PlantCincinnatiOH
Ford Motor Co. – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Formica Plant – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Fox Paper Mill – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
G.A. Gray Co – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
G.C. Murphy Co. – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
General Electric – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
General Hospital – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Gibson Hotel – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Good Samaritian Hospital – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Goodwill Industries – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Harper Construction – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Hebrew Union College – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Hilton David Chemical – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Hilton Davis – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Hot Line Company Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
IDA Housing Project – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Indian Lookout Properties Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
James W. Holtel Co. Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Lamarr Masonary – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Lear Precision Tool – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Lincoln Heights School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Linwood School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Lodge & Shipley – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Markin Dam – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Miami Fort Station (Cincinnati Gas & Electric) – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Millencron – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Model Pattern & Foundry – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Monsanto – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Mount Saint Joseph College – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
National Distillery – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
New York Central Railroad – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Ohio River Company – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Paradine Corporation – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Philip Carey – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Pillsbury – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Porter School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Proctor & Gamble – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
R.E. Kramig Warehouse – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Rafters, Inc. Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Residential Jobsites – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Sawbrook Steel – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Shell Service Station – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Softco Steel – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
St. Francis Hospital Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
St. George Building – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
St. Lawrence School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Streitman Bakery – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
University Hospital – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Vine Street School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Walder’s Construction – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Whittier School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Williams School – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Xtek Inc (pka Tool Steel Gear and pinion Co) – Cincinnati, OHCincinnatiOH
Philip Carey CompanyCinncinnattiOH
Circleville Iron & Metal – CirclevIlle, OHCirclevilleOH
E.I. DuPont – Circleville, OHCirclevilleOH
Eaton Construction – Circleville, OHCirclevilleOH
Goodyear – Circleville, OHCirclevilleOH
Goodyear – Jackson, OHCirclevilleOH
Meade Paper – Circleville, OHCirclevilleOH
PPG – Circleville, OHCirclevilleOH
RCA – Circleville, OHCirclevilleOH
Consolidated Coal – Clarington, OHClaringtonOH
North American Coal Co. – Clarington, OHClaringtonOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys – Clarington, OHClaringtonOH
Olin Matheson Chemical Plant – Clarington, OHClaringtonOH
Quarto Mining Company – Clarington, OHClaringtonOH
St. Joseph Hospital – Flint, MIClaringtonOH
U.S. Post Office – Clarington, OHClaringtonOH
A.G. Rickoff Elementary – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
A&P Grocery Store – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Able Grinding Plant Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Academy Iron & Metal – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Addressgraph-Multigraph – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Air Sea Rescue Station – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Alcoa – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Aluminating Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Aluminum Cast – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
American Steel & Wire – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Anton Grdina Elementary School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Apartments – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Apartments (Cedar Hill Rd) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Apartments (Lake Ave) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Apex Melting – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Archer Daniels (aka National Chemical) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Army Base – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Atlantic Painting & Contracting – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Austin Construction Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Auto Bolt & Nut Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Bank – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Baptist Church – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Basic Aluminum – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Bell Telephone – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Berlin Metal Finishing – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Board of Education – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Bolton Elementary School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
BP American – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Bradley Metals – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Brewery Warehouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Bricklayers Local #5- Cleveland, OhioClevelandOH
Buckyeye-Woodland ElementaryClevelandOH
Buhrer ElementaryClevelandOH
Canale & Warner Roads – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Captain Arthur Roth ElementaryClevelandOH
Carling Brewery – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Carpenters Union Local 212 – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Case Western Reserve Science Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Catholic School (East 120 & Union Ave) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
CEI Power Station (Lakeshore Plant) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Central National – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Champion Service Corporation – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Charles Dickens ElementaryClevelandOH
Charles Lake ElementaryClevelandOH
Charles Mooney Jr. High SchoolClevelandOH
Chase Brass & Copper – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Chavies Elementary SchoolClevelandOH
Church – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Church (Public square) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Church (W 14th Street) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
City of Cleveland – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Clark ElementaryClevelandOH
Cleveland Airport Hotel – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Aluminum Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Apartments – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Board of Education – Highland Heights, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Catepiller – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland City Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland City Incinerator – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Community College – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Filtrahes Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Fire Department – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Graphite – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Heights Water Department – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Hydraulic Company – Bedford Heights, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Illuminating Power Station Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Illumnators Company – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland International Airport – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Mastic & Dye Co. Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Mental Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Metro Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Metro Housing – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Municipal Light Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Nail (79th & Havard) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Panumatic Tool – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Plain Dealer – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Press – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Public Power – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Rapid Transit – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland School District – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland School of Arts – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Stadium – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland State Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland State University – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Transit Garage – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Trust Bank – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Twist Drill – Parma, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland West Side Market – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland Wrecking Company – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cleveland-Metro Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
CMAJ Project – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Collinwood High SchoolClevelandOH
Columbia Hills Golf Course – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Commercial Jobsites – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Commercial Motor Freight – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Compressor Station – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Continental Container (aka Cleveland Corrugated Box) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cooper Standard Automotive – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Courthouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Cuyahoga Scrap Iron Metal – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Deaconess Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Dix & Eaton Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Dow PetroChemical – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Dunbar Construction – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
E 105th & Wiles Apartments – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
E. Tech High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
E.F. Hauserman Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
E.I. DuPont – (Flats) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
E.I. DuPont – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
East Tech High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Electric Storage Battery – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Factories – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Factory (Flats on Jennings Road) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fairview General Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fanner Co – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Federal Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Federal Reserve Bank – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Federal Reserve Bank – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fenn College – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ferry Cap & Screw – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fire City Store – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fire Station – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fisher Body – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fisher Body (Division of General Motors) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Fisher’s – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ford Motor Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Forest City Foundries Company – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Foseco – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Garenteed Manufacturing & Plating – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
General Electric – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
General Motors – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
General Motors Stamping Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Gilbert Carpet – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Goodrich – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Gund Arena – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Harshaw Chemical – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Higby’s Department Store – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
High Rise Apartments – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Holiday Inn – Bassett RoadClevelandOH
Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Housing Project – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Huff Power Station – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Huntington Bldg. Bank (9th & Euclid) Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Illuminating Co. (Building 55 Public Square) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Independence Ford – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Inland Steel – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Interlake Steel – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
International Salt Co. Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Jewish Home for Children – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
John Carroll University – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
John Hay High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Justice Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Justice Center (W3rd & Lakeside) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Kealy TruckingClevelandOH
Kelly Plating – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
KLM Refractories – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Kottler Metal – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Law Building (Euclid Avenue) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Lawn Elementary School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Lincoln High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Lincoln Junior High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Lutheran Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Magificat High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Marriott Hotel – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Marymount Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Master Metals – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Max Hayes Trade SchoolClevelandOH
Mehalic Sunoco – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Merian Instrument – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Metro Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
MetroHealth Center for Rehabilitation – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Metropolitan Projects – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Midas Muffler – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Midland Ross – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Midpark Post Office – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Midway Mall – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Miese Excavating – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Mobil Chemical – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Mt. Sinai Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Museum Cedar & East Blvd – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
NASA – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
National City Bank (9th & Euclid) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
National Screw & Manufacturing – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
National Steel (aka Mallable Steel) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
National Tube – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Neal Terrace Apartments – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Newspaper Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Night Clubs (Flats) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
North Royal Elementary School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
North Royal High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Northern Boiler Company – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Northern RCR – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Office Buildings – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ohio Bell – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ohio Bell Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ohio Crankshaft Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Otis Steel – OHClevelandOH
Park Center Apts – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Park Drop Forge – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Parking Garage – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Perry Nuclear Power Station – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Perry Nuclear Power Station – Perry, OHClevelandOH
Philip Tolli Construction Co – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Pick & Pay Warehouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Pittney Glass Plant- Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Plaster Process Castings – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Police Station (Fulton Rd) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Port of Cleveland Warehouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Power Brake Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Power Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
PreCast Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Preformed Line Products – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Randall Mall – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Randolph Air Force Base – Wichita Falls, TXClevelandOH
Rapid Transit – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Recreation Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Residential Jobsites – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ritz Carlton Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ross Industrial – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
RTA Bus Garage – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Ryan Industries – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Salvation Army – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Schaefer Bros. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Schools – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Schools (Mayfield Rd) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Schools (Tate Ave & State Rd) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Sewage Treatment Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Shopping Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Society National – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Sohio Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
St. Leo’s Church – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
St. Mary’s School of NursingClevelandOH
St. Thomas More SchoolClevelandOH
St. Vincent Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Standard Oil Co. – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Station B. Post Office – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Statistical Tabulating Corporation – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Steel Improvement & Forging – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Steel Mill – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Stevens Manufacturing – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Strong-Cobb Annex – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Superior Foundry – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Superior Iron & Steel – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Surface Combustion – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Swartout’s Metal Shop – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
TAPCO Factory (E200th & Zuclid) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Taylor Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Terminal Tower – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
The Garden Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
The May Co (now Kaufmann’s) – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Timken – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Tishman Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Tool & Dye Company – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Tower City – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
TRW Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
U.S. Post Office – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
U.S. Post Office – Cleveland, OOHClevelandOH
Union Carbide – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Union Gospel Homes – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Union Towels East 14th & Carnegie Ave – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
University Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
UPS Warehouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
USSteel – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Valchek Tool & Die – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Velchak Tool – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Veterans Administration Hospital – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Vulcan Building – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Warehouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Warrensville Center SchoolClevelandOH
Warrensville High School – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Water Plant – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Wellman Bronze & Aluminum – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Western Reserve University – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Westgate Shopping Center – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Westinghouse – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
White Motors – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Zavarelli – Cleveland, OHClevelandOH
Church – Cleveland Heights, OHCleveland HeightsOH
Cleveland Heights Baptist Church – Cleveland, OHCleveland HeightsOH
Cleveland Heights High School – Cleveland, OHCleveland HeightsOH
Elementary School – Cleveland Heights, OHCleveland HeightsOH
Methodist Church- Cleveland Heights, OHCleveland HeightsOH
Miami Fort Generating – Cleves, OHClevesOH
Mercer County Joint Township Community Hospital Coldwater, OHColdwaterOH
TA Hughes Plumbing – Collins, OHCollinsOH
Techniglass (fka Owens-Illinois) – Columbus, OHColombusOH
A.C. Humko – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
American Blower – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
American Zinc Oxide Co. Columbus, OHColumbusOH
AMPSCO – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Anchor Hocking Glass – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Anheuser Busch Brewery – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Appliance & Service Center – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Armory (National Guard) – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Armory, National, Hutchinson St., Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Army Depot – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Army Depot, off James Rd, Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Art Museum – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Asarco – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Asco Smelting – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Atlas Construction Co. – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
August Wagner Brewery – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
B&O Railroad – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Barney & Chaney – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Battell Institute – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Beechcroft High School – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Beggs Building – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Bell Telephone – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Bell Telephone, Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Boeing North American Inc – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Bonnie Floyd – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Boys Academy – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Buckeye Steel – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Budweiser Brewery – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Busch Brewery – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Capital City Products – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Capital University – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Cardinal Industries – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Central Drywall – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Central High School – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) Bus – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Certified Credit – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Chet Baker & Company – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
City of Columbus – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Clark Grabal – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Clark Grave Vault – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Cleveland Construction – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Cold Iron Plumbing – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Columbus Correctional Facility – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Columbus Porciline Co. – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Columbus School for the Deaf – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Columbus Schools – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Commercial and Residental Jobs – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Connie Construction – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
CSX – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Curtis Wright Corp. – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Davis Chemical Company – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Davison Green Volkswagen – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Dayton Malleable – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Department of Corrections – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Dobbs Catering – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Dresser-Ideco – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Everett Jr. High – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Farmers Fertilizer – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Federal Glass – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
First Avenue Grade School – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Fishel Construction – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
FMC Corporation – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Fort Hayes – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice – Detroit, MIColumbusOH
Frank T. Carroll – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Franklin Co. Engineering – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Franklin County Court House – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Franklin Park Apartments – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Fred Phennings – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Galberts – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
General Electric – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
General Motors – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Glenmont Nursing Home – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Gooding Amusement Co. – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Grant County Public Schools – Grant County, WVColumbusOH
Griffin Wheel – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Grimes Aerospace – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Gulf Oil – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Haili Restaurant – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Hercules Box Co Bakery (Borden Inc) – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Huffman & Wolfe Fabricating Shop – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Huntington National Bank – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Ice & Fuel Co. – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Ido Galley – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Inland Products – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
ITS – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Jim Walter – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
John Klann Trucking – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
JW Gowers – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Katz Tires – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Kimble Glass Co. – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Kuemmerling Association – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Lazarus Stores – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Len Buick – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Leveque-Lincoln Tower – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Local 18 – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Mall – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
McCracken Power Station – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
McGraw Edison – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Midland Insurance Building – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Miller Foundry – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Motorists Mutual Insurance BuildingColumbusOH
Mound Street School – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Mt. Carmel East Hospital – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Mt. Carmel Hospital – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Nation Coil – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
National Armory – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Navastar – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
North American Airlines – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
North American Aviation – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
North American Refractories Co. – Ashland, KYColumbusOH
North American Rockwell – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Ohio Malleable – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Ohio Siding – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Ohio State University – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Ohio Tourist Center – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Olneg TV Products – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Owens Illinois – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Pennsylvania Railroad – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Pickett Hotel – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Plibrico – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
PS Bando – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Refrigeration Systems Inc – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Riverside Hospital – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Riverside Methodist HospitalColumbusOH
Riverside Methodist Hospital – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Rockwell International – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Rush Motors – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Sauer Inc – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
School for the Deaf – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Schools – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Scioto Downs Race Track – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Sears & Roebuck – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Sears & Roebuck (Eastland Mall) – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Sears & Roebuck (Northland Mall) – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Sears Appliance – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Service Products – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Sewage Treatment Plant Columbus, OHColumbusOH
State College Garage – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
State Highway Offices – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
State of Ohio – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Temkin – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Tempson Rollerbearing – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Thermo Scales – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Timken – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Transportation Resource – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Triumph Brass Factory – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Union Carbide – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
University of Ohio Medical Facility – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Veterans Administration Hospital – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Walnut Ridge High SchoolColumbusOH
Westinghouse – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Worthington Gulf Station – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Wyman Pump – Columbus, OHColumbusOH
Concord College – Concord, OHConcordOH
Muskingum CollegeConcordOH
Conesville Plumbing & Heating – Conesville, OHConesvilleOH
Conesville Power Station – Conesville, OHConesvilleOH
Ohio Edison Powerhouse – Conesville, OHConesvilleOH
General Electric – Conneaut, OHConneautOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Copley, OHCopleyOH
Ethan Allen Furniture Store – Copley, OHCopleyOH
Densman Concrete Inc – Cortland, OHCortlandOH
Clows – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
Coshoction Stainless – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
Coshocton Powerhouse – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
Cyclops – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
General Electric – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
Kress- Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
Paper Mill – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
St. Regis Paper – Coshocton, OHCoshoctonOH
PPG – Crestine, OHCrestineOH
Joe Parelli – Crestline, OHCrestlineOH
Rams Bottom Pottery – Crooksville, OHCrooksvilleOH
Crown City Mining – Crown City, OHCrown CityOH
Central Ohio Coal – Cumberland, OHCumberlandOH
Alcoa – Cuyahoga, OHCuyahogaOH
Justice Center – Cuyahoga, OHCuyahogaOH
Cuyahoga Community College – Cuyahoga County, OHCuyahoga CountyOH
Cuyahoga County Schools – Cuyahoga County, OHCuyahoga CountyOH
Alside Aluminum – Cuyahoga Falls, OHCuyahoga FallsOH
City of Cuyahoga Falls – Cuyahoga Falls, OHCuyahoga FallsOH
Boosher’s Home Improvement – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Burger Iron – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Burr Oak Lodge – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
CM Products Co – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Dayton Foundry – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Dayton Malleable – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Dayton Portsmouth Factory – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Dayton Power & Light – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Dayton Tire & Rubber – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Dayton Walther Corp. – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Delco Products – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
F E Longstretci – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
F.W. Schaefer Co. – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Frigidaire – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
General Motors – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Manchester Power Station (a/k/a Dayton Power & Light) – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Montogomery Co North & South Incinerators – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Ohio Mobile – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Ohio Valley Riggers – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Picture Tube Plant – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Plastic Tooling Inc – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Plibrico – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Tate Power Station (aka Dayton Power & Light) – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
Water Treatment PlantDaytonOH
Wright-Patterson Airfield – Dayton, OHDaytonOH
General Motors – Defiance, OHDefianceOH
General Motors Foundry – Defiance, OHDefianceOH
Johns Manville – Defiance, OHDefianceOH
General Casting – Delaware, OHDelawareOH
PPG – Delaware, OHDelawareOH
North American Coal Co. – Dillies Bottom, OHDilles BottomOH
Ohio Edison Dillies Bottom, OHDilles BottomOH
Dilles Bottom Power Station (Ohio Edison) – Dilles Bottom, OHDillies BottomOH
R.E. Burger Power Station – Dilles Bottom, OHDillies BottomOH
Tonka Trucking – Dillies Bottom, OHDillies BottomOH
Jaskeirny s Auto Body Garage – Dillonvale, OHDillonvaleOH
Riley Heating Company – Dillonvale, OHDillonvaleOH
Betz Chemical – Dover, OHDoverOH
Dover Power Station – Dover, OHDoverOH
Empire Detriot Steel – Dover, OhioDoverOH
Reeve’s Steel Mill – Dover, OHDoverOH
Reeve’s Steel Mill, Dover, OHDoverOH
Shenango Casting (f/k/a Penn Mold) – Dover, OHDoverOH
Union CampDoverOH
Union Camp – Dover, OHDoverOH
Schools – DunbarDunbarOH
Friends Church – E. Richland, OHE. RichlandOH
Merit Plastics – East Canton, OHEast CantonOH
Columbia Cement – East Fultonham, OHEast FultonhamOH
Honda Plant – East Liberty, OHEast LibertyOH
East Liverpool High School – East Liverpool, OHEast LiverpoolOH
Hopemont Sanitarium – East Liverpool, OHEast LiverpoolOH
Knowles Pottery East Liverpool, OHEast LiverpoolOH
McLain Fire Brick Co. – E. Liverpool, OHEast LiverpoolOH
Ohio Edison – East Liverpool, OHEast LiverpoolOH
Patterson Industries – East Liverpool, OHEast LiverpoolOH
City of East Palestine s Power Plant East Palestine, OHEast PalestineOH
Ceramic Tile – East Sparta, OHEast SpartaOH
Patterson-Kelly Corporation – East Stroudsburg, PAEast StroudsvurgOH
CEI – Eastlake, OHEastlakeOH
Eaton Manufacturing – Eaton, OHEatonOH
Schools – Elm GroveElm GroveOH
Brush Wellman Plant – Elmore, OHElmoreOH
Elyria School – Elyria, OHElynaOH
Abex Corp. – Elyria, OHElyriaOH
American Brake Shoe Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Casper Foundry – Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Elyria Hospital – Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Fruehauf Trailer Co. Elyria, OHElyriaOH
General Motors Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Krebs Calkins – Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Mall – Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Newspaper Plant – Elyria, OHElyriaOH
Apartments – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Chase Brass & Copper – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Chase Kopper & Brass – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Euclid Heat Treatment Plant – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Euclid High School – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
General Motors – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Lincoln Electric – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Mall – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Police Station – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Recining Furnaces – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Residential Jobsites – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Schools – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Schoos – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
St. Christines – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
Thompson Products Aircraft Factory – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
TRW – Euclid, OHEuclidOH
High Rise Apartments – Euclid Beach, OHEuclid BeachOH
Ford Motor Co. – Evandale, OHEvandaleOH
G.E. Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion – Evendale, OHEvendaleOH
General Electric – Evendale, OHEvendaleOH
Power Plant – Eylira, OHEyliraOH
Southwestern Portland Cement – Fairborn, OHFairbornOH
Anchor Hocking Glass – Fairfield, OHFairfieldOH
Bethlehem Steel – Fairfield, OHFairfieldOH
Woods Body Shop – Fairfield, OHFairfieldOH
Coke Oven – Fairport, OHFairportOH
Buckeye Ditcher – Findlay, OHFindlayOH
Findlay Mantel & Tile – Findlay, OHFindlayOH
Marathon Gas Station Offices – Findlay, OHFindlayOH
Shopping Center – Findley, OHFindleyOH
Plybricko Refractories – Firebrick, OHFirebrickOH
Binns Store – Flushing, OHFlushingOH
Cloverland Dairy Flushing, OHFlushingOH
D& L Construction – Flushing, OHFlushingOH
Home Construction – Flushing, OHFlushingOH
Union Carbide – Fostoria, OHFostoriaOH
YMCA – Fostoria, OHFostoriaOH
J.B. Foote Foundry – Fredericktown, OHFredericktownOH
Bank – Fremont, OHFremontOH
G-W Sugar Co. – Fremont, OHFremontOH
Library – Fremont, OHFremontOH
Residential Sites Fremont, OHFremontOH
Shears Factory – Fremont, OHFremontOH
Shopping Center Fremont, OHFremontOH
Water Treatment Plant – Fremont, OHFremontOH
Brown Sohio Service Station – Friendship, OHFriendshipOH
State of Ohio Division of Forestry – Friendship, OHFriendshipOH
Greene Pipeline – Fulton, OHFultonOH
North Electric – Galion, OHGalionOH
Bank – Gallipolis, OHGalipolisOH
Locks Dam – Gallipolis, OHGalipolisOH
Gallion Grave Vault Co. – Gallion, OHGallionOH
Hercules – Gallion, OHGallionOH
AEP – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Federal Mobile Powder Plant – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Federal Mogul – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Gallia Coal Mine – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Gallipolis Shopping CenterGallipolisOH
Gallipolis State Institution – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Gavin Power Plant – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Grant Hospital – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Holzer Medical Center – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Kyger Creek Power House – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Larrys Painting & Services – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Power Plant – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Residential Jobsites – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Sewage Plant – Gallipolis, OHGallipolisOH
Bangor SchoolGarfieldOH
Fisher – Garfield, OHGarfieldOH
St. Monica’s Convent – Garfield, OHGarfieldOH
Church – Garfield Heights, OHGarfield HeightsOH
Fire Station – Garfield Heights, OHGarfield HeightsOH
Garfield Heights Shopping Center – Garfield Heights, OHGarfield HeightsOH
Military Building – Garfield Heights, OHGarfield HeightsOH
Polson Rubber – Garretsville, OHGarretsvilleOH
St. Francis of Assisi – Gates Mills, OHGates MillsOH
Brush Brillium – Genoa, OHGenoaOH
Brush High School – Genoa, OHGenoaOH
Consolidated Coal – Georgetown, OHGeorgetownOH
Hanna Coal Company – Georgetown, OHGeorgetownOH
Gibsonburg Lime Plant – GibsonburgGibsonburgOH
Compressor Station – Gilmore, OHGilmoreOH
1666 Liberty Ave – Girard, OHGirardOH
Benada Aluminum – Girard, OHGirardOH
Columbiana Iron & Metal – Girard, OHGirardOH
Environmental Protection System – Girard, OHGirardOH
Girard Steel – Girard, OHGirardOH
Indalex – Girard, OHGirardOH
Metal Products – Girard, OHGirardOH
Ohio Leather Works – Girard, OHGirardOH
Syro Steel- Girard, OhioGirardOH
Glencoe Church – Glencoe, OHGlencoeOH
Trimble School – Glouster, OHGlousterOH
ALSCO (Anaconda/Amerimark) – Gnadenhutten, OHGnadenhuttenOH
Advance Mining Systems Goulds, OHGouldsOH
Kresge Box – GraftonGraftonOH
Larson Foundry – Grafton, OHGraftonOH
Owens Corning Fiberglass – Granville, OHGranvilleOH
Lockbourne Air Force Base – Groveport, OHGroveportOH
Hadenville Brickyard – Hadenville, OHHadenvilleOH
American Cellulose – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
American Cyanamid – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Armco Steel – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Champion Paper – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Hamilton Apartment Complex – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Isaac s Auto Sales Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Nicholett – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
R&M Brick Constrcution – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Walt s Body Shop Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Westside Ford – Hamilton, OHHamiltonOH
Aristech Chemical – Hanging Rock, OHHanging RockOH
Dow Chemical – Hanging Rock, OHHanging RockOH
U.S. Chemical – Hanging Rock, OHHanging RockOH
Abex Corp. – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Central Ohio Coal – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Conalco – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Consolidated Aluminum Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Crown Steel – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Dolly Madison Aluminum Plant – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Fostoria Glass – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
General Motors – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Hannibal High SchoolHannibalOH
Hannibal High School – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Hannibal Locks – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Home Construction – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Hope National Gas Co. – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Locks Dam – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Morton Salt – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Ohio Valley Sand – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Olin Revere Plant – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Ormet – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
R.A. Michael Plumbing & Heating – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
River High School – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Schools – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Schwall’s Construction Co. – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Schwall’s Texaco Gas Station – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Silico Silo Co. – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Straub Feed Store – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Washington Engineering Construction Co. – Hannibal, OHHannibalOH
Schools Harrison, OHHarrisonOH
USSteel – Hartford, OHHartfordOH
Aristech Chemical – Haverhill, OHHaverhillOH
Dow Chemical – Haverhill, OHHaverhillOH
Green High School – Haverhill, OHHaverhillOH
U.S. Chemical – Haverhill, OHHaverhillOH
Aerotech Chemical – Havord Hill, OHHavord HillOH
U.S. Chemical – HavordHill, OHHavord HillOH
Cambridge Tile – Heartwell, OHHeartwellOH
Pure Oil Co. – Heath, OHHeathOH
Standard Oil – Heath, OHHeathOH
School, Hebron High SchoolHebronOH
Art’s Auto Service – Hecla, OHHeclaOH
City Hall – Highland Heights, OHHighland HeightsOH
National City Bank – Highland Heights, OHHighland HeightsOH
St. Paul Shrine – Highland Heights, OHHighland heightsOH
East Side Community College – Highland Hills, OHHighland HillsOH
Penn Central Railroad – Hilliard, OHHilliardOH
Chapin & Chapin – Hillsboro, OHHillsboroOH
Coalburg Garage – Hubbard, OHHubbardOH
Hubbard High School – Hubbard, OHHubbardOH
P&LE Railroad – Hubbard, OHHubbardOH
Youngstown Sheet & Tube – Hubbard, OHHubbardOH
Hubber Ridge Elementary SchoolHuber RidgeOH
Terex Plant – Hudson, OHHudsonOH
Huron Lime Kiln – Huron, OHHuronOH
Ohio Bell – Huron, OHHuronOH
St. Peter’s Church & SchoolHuronOH
Iberio High School – Iberio, OHIberioOH
Crown Centre Tower – Independence, OHIndependenceOH
Office Building – Independence, OHIndependenceOH
Addington, Inc. – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Allied Chemical – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Alpha Portland Cement Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Barrett Chemical – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Carlyle Tile – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Cement Plant – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Cincinnati Cleaning Finishing Machine Co. – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Clark Wire – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Dayton Malleable (fka Ironton Iron) – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Dow Chemical – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Globe Iron – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Haverhill Chemical – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Huddle Wrecker Co. – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Ironton Coke Works – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Ironton Iron – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Ironton Machine Shop Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Rock Hill School District Ironton, OHIrontonOH
Willput Construction – Ironton, OHIrontonOH
B&O Railroad Ivorydale, OHIvorydaleOH
A.J. Stockmeister – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
Davis Firebrick – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad (D.T.I.) – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
Gas Pipe Lines – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
Globe Iron Steel – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
Shell Gas Station – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
Vernie Cambert – Jackson, OHJacksonOH
N&W Railroad (Rarden to Jaybird) – OHJaybirdOH
Kent State University – Kent, OHKentOH
Krupp Rubber Machinery Kent, OHKentOH
Cleveland Castings – Kinsman, OHKinsmanOH
Hecla Fabricating – Kitts Hill, OHKitts HillOH
Quality Plus – Lancaster, OHLacasterOH
Convent – Lafferty, OHLaffertyOH
Lakeland High School Lakeland, OHLakelandOH
High Rise Apartments – Lakewood, OHLakewoodOH
Lakewood Hospital – Lakewood, OHLakewoodOH
Lakewood Incinerator – Lakewood, OHLakewoodOH
Library – Lakewood, OHLakewoodOH
Anchor Hocking Glass – Lancaster, OHLancasterOH
General Mills – Lancaster, OHLancasterOH
Lancaster Glass – Lancaster, OHLancasterOH
Ralston Purina – Lancaster, OHLancasterOH
Union Carbide – Lancaster, OHLancasterOH
Clevelite Ball Bearings Lansing, OHlansingOH
Imperial Clevite – Lansing, OHLansingOH
Ohio State Patrol Barracks – Lansing, OHLansingOH
Board of Education – Lewisville, OHLewisvilleOH
Native Manufacturing Co – Lewisville, OHLewisvilleOH
Delphi School – Delphi, INLexingtonOH
Delphis Green Plant – Lexington, OHLexingtonOH
Near Manufacturing – Lexington, OHLexingtonOH
Schools – Licking County, OHLicking CountyOH
B.P. Refinery – Lima, OHLimaOH
BP Plant – Lima, OHLimaOH
City of Lima Hospital – Lima, OHLimaOH
Ford Engine PlantLimaOH
Ford Engine Plant – Lima, OHLimaOH
Ford Motor Co. – Lima, OHLimaOH
Iron City Sash & Door – North Lima, OHLimaOH
Lenz Inc – Lima, OHLimaOH
Lima Memorial Hospital – Lima, OHLimaOH
Lima Ohio Refinery – Lima, OHLimaOH
Lima PowerhouseLimaOH
Lima Refractory – Lima, OHLimaOH
Lima Sr. High School – Lima, OHLimaOH
Lumbardi Tire – N. Lima, OHLimaOH
Marathon Oil Corporation – Lima, OHLimaOH
Ohio Steel Foundry – Lima, OHLimaOH
Oil Refinery – Lima, OHLimaOH
Powerhouse – Lima, OHLimaOH
Proctor & Gamble – Lima, OHLimaOH
Soap Plant – Lima, OHLimaOH
Sohio Coil – Lima, OHLimaOH
Sohio Refinery – Lima, OHLimaOH
Standard Chemical – Lima, OHLimaOH
Standard Oil Co. – Lima, OHLimaOH
Standard Oil Plant – Lima, OHLimaOH
Tank Plant – Lima, OHLimaOH
Taylor Glass – Lima, OHLimaOH
Vistron Chemical – Lima, OHLimaOH
W.R. Grace Zonolite – Lima, OHLimaOH
PPG – Lindeville, OHLindevilleOH
Thermoform Plastics – Little Hocking, OHLittle HockingOH
Celotex Corporation – Lockland, OHLocklandOH
Philip Carey – Lockland, OHLocklandOH
General Clay Co. – Logan, OHLoganOH
General Electric – Logan, OHLoganOH
General Electric Glass – Logan, OHLoganOH
Goodyear – Logan, OHLoganOH
Logan Clay – Logan, OHLoganOH
Schools – London, OHLondonOH
American Ship Building – Lorain, OHLorainOH
Booker T. Washington Towers – Lorain, OHLorainOH
CEI – Lorain, OHLorainOH
Firestone Rubber CompanyLorainOH
Ford Motor Co. – Lorain, OHLorainOH
Lorain Community College – Lorain, OHLorainOH
Lorain High School – Lorain, OHLorainOH
Lorain Power House – Lorain, OHLorainOH
Lorain PowerhouseLorainOH
Lorain Steel Lorain, OHLorainOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Lorain, OHLorainOH
National Gypsum – Lorain, OHLorainOH
PPG – Lorain, OHLorainOH
US Kolbe Steel – Lorain, OHLorainOH
USSteel – Lorain, OHLorainOH
USSteel National Tube – Lorain, OHLorainOH
West Lorain Power StationLorainOH
Steel Stamping – Loraine, OHLoraineOH
Fisher Body – Lordstown, OHLordstownOH
General Motors – Lordstown, OHLordstownOH
Lorraine Hospital – Lorraine, OHLorraineOH
7635 Bellhurst N.E. – Lousiville, OHLouisvilleOH
Baker & Sons Farm Equipment (45381 S.R. 145) – Louisville, OHLouisvilleOH
J&L Speciality Steel – Louisville, OHLouisvilleOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Louisville, OHLouisvilleOH
Chrysler Dodge Dealership – Lowell, OHLowellOH
Lowell Elementary School – Lowell, OHLowellOH
Union Carbide – Lowell, OHLowellOH
5690 Annie St. – Lowellville, OHLowellvilleOH
Falcon Foundry – Lowellville, OHLowellvilleOH
Sharon Steel – Lowellville, OHLowellvilleOH
R.D. #2 – Lower Salem, OHLower SalemOH
Gennaro Paving – Lowville, OHLowvilleOH
Scioto Company Engineers – Lucasville, OHLucasvilleOH
State Penitentiary – Lucasville, OHLucasvilleOH
Valley Schools – Lucasville, OHLucasvilleOH
Apartments – Lyndhurst, OHLyndhurstOH
City Hall – Lyndhurst, OHLyndhurstOH
U.S. Post Office – Lynhurst, OHLynhurstOH
Macedonia Office – Macedonia, OHMacedoniaOH
Macedonia Warehouse – Macedonia, OHMacedoniaOH
Schools – Mahoning, OHMahoningOH
Cambridge Mill Products – Malvern, OHMalvernOH
Dayton Power & Light – Manchester, OHManchesterOH
J.M. Stewart Power Plant – Manchester, OHManchesterOH
Killiam Power Plant – Manchester, OHManchesterOH
Manchester Power Station – Manchester, OHManchesterOH
MAVCO – Manchester, OHManchesterOH
Stewart Station – Manchester, OHManchesterOH
Barnes Pump Factory – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Barnett’s Junk Yard – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Church of God – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Columbus Coal Company – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Convey (all Metal Products) – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Conveyor Metal Products – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Dominion Electric – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Eagle of Mansfield – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Empire Detroit Steel – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Fannie Farmer Candy Shop – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Five Cousins Discount Center – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Ford Motor Co. – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
General Mills – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
General Motors – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Hartman Electric – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Hercules Co – Mansfield OHMansfieldOH
Hicks & Nolen Auto Service – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
HL Reed – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Humphreys – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Humphreys Enamel Warehouse, Inc. – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Ideal Electric – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – OHMansfieldOH
Lumber City – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
M&K Metal Products – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Madison High School – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Madison Hospital Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Madison Jr. High School – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield City Schools – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield General Hospital – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Industrial Materials – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Memorial Home – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Metal Fabricating Company – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield News Journal – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Power Station – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Prison – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Steel – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Telephone Company – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Mansfield Tire & Rubber Co. – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Martin Steel – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Midwest Industries – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Moes Acoustial Inc. – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Montgomery Ward – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
MS Beer – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Nickles Bakery – Mansrfield, OHMansfieldOH
Ohio Brass – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Oxygen Nitrogen Plant – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
PPG – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Purdy Construction – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Reformatory – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Resurrection Parrish Church – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Richland Correctional Institute – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Richland Shale Brick – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Rupp Manufacturing Co. – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
SBS Cleaning Company – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Servi Steel – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Tappan Stove Company – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Vissman Company – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Wayde & Gatton – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Wayne Savings and Loan – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Western Union – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Westinghouse – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
White Westinghouse Corp. – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Your Flower Shop – Mansfield, OHMansfieldOH
Samuel Moore & Co – Mantua, OHMantuaOH
Cooks Warehouse – Maple Heights, OHMaple HeightsOH
Maple Heights High School – Maple Heights, OHMaple HeightsOH
Sears & Roebuck – Maple Heights, OHMaple HeightsOH
Tops – Maple Heights, OHMaple HeightsOH
Coast Guard Station Marblehead, OHMarbleheadOH
Ablest Inc – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
American Cyanamid – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
American Municipal Power of Ohio Inc. – Marrietta, OHMariettaOH
Amoco – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
AMP Ohio – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Ampo Powerhouse – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Ashland Oil Marietta, OHMariettaOH
B.F. Goodrich – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Becker Motors Inc – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Big Bear – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Broughton Dairy – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Carbon Black – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Cardinal Power Station – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Carvers Plumbing & Heating – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Chevron Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Church – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Citizens Bank – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
City Buildings – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
City Hall – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Crystal Dairy – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Dayton Rubber – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Detussa Rubber – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Dime bank – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Dravo – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Elby’s – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Electromet (f/k/a Union Carbide Metals) – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Elkem Metals – Marrietta, OHMariettaOH
Elkins Metals (Bakelite) – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Eramet Steel Mill – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Eveready Battery – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Frontier High School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Frontier Shopping Center – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Goodrich – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Gulf Chemical – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Holiday Inn – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
J.C. Penny’s – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
J.I. Hass Co – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
John J Weihl – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Kardex – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Kniceley Streaker Inc – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Linde Air Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Lock 17 – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marbon Chemical – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Campus Martius Museum – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Chair Factory Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta College – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Concrete – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Dayton Rubber – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Fabrication Shop – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Memorial Hospital – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Powerstation, Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta River Corp. – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Sewage treatment Plant – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Marietta Sr. High School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Mississippi Valley Erection Co – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Oak Grove Elementary School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
People Bank – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Phillips School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Putnam Community Water – Marietta, OhioMariettaOH
Putnam School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Red Star Filling Station – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Remington Rand – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
S.S. Kresge – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Selby General HospitalMariettaOH
Selby General Hospital – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Shell Chemical – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Shell Oil Co – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Solvey – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Sperry Rand – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
St. Clair Building – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
State Highway Dept – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Union Carbide – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Union Carbide Bakelite Division – Marrietta, OHMariettaOH
Union Carbide Plastics – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Union Carbide Power House – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Wakefield Hotel – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Warren Elementary School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Washington County Courthouse – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Washington Elementary School – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Water Treatment Plant – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
YMCA – Marietta, OHMariettaOH
Armco Steel – Marion, OHMarionOH
Conrail – Marion, OHMarionOH
Marion Palett Co. – Marion, OHMarionOH
Marion Power Shovel – Marion, OHMarionOH
Marion Prison – Marion, OHMarionOH
Pollack Steel – Marion, OHMarionOH
Quaker Oats – Marion, OHMarionOH
Quaker Oats, Marion OHMarionOH
St. Mary’s,MarriettaOH
1 Hour Martinizing Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
22 Sunny Acres – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
810 N. 6th St. – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
All Metal Products – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
APF Truck Depot (ABF Freight System, Inc.) – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Artic Foods – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Beans Foundry – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Blaw Knox Mill – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Budd Cleaners Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Carl Strauss Construction – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Ceco – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
City Building Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
City of Martins Ferry – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Conners Sunoco Station – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Cook s Sunoco – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Deal Packing Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Elm School – Martin s Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
General Welding Supply – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
International Detrola – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Lesco Turf Care Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Lumbar – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Martin’s Ferry Power StationMartins FerryOH
Martins Ferry City Power Plant – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Martins Ferry High School North Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Martins Ferry High School South Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Newport Steel Corporation – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Nickles Bakery – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Orion Gatts Machine Shop – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Picoma Industries – Martin Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Pipe Coupling Mfg. Co – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Riverside Steel Co – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Shaw s Radio & TV Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
State Cleaners Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Tri-State Asphalt – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
U.S. Post Office – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Valley Machine Company – Martins Ferry, WVMartins FerryOH
Water Treatment Plant – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Martins Ferry, OHMartins FerryOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Yorkville, OHMartins FerryOH
East Ohio Regional Hospital – Martins Ferry, OHMartins Ferry;OH
Honda Manufacturing – Marysville, OHMarysvilleOH
Nestles Milk Company – Marysville, OHMarysvilleOH
Woman’s Reformatory School – Marysville, OHMarysvilleOH
Womens Reformatory School – Marysville, OHMarysvilleOH
Wray E. Johnston Co Inc – Mason, OHMasonOH
Ansell Healthcare – Massillon, OHmassillonOH
Boerhers Texico – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Brown Construction Co. – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
City of Massillon – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
City Schools – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Cleaner & Hanger – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Eaton Manufacturing – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
EKCO – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Enterprise Aluminum – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Griscom Russell – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Harn Vault – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Himmels Shell – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Jackson Sauder Junior High – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Massillon Baptist Temple – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Massillon City Hospital – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Massillon Dental – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Massillon Paper Products – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Massillon Steel Casting – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Midstate Ind. Trucks – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Ohio Drilling – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Ohio Edison – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Ohio Packaging – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Ohio Paper Products – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Perry Rubber – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Poly One – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Residential Jobsites – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Sauder Junior High School – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Schools – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Superior Brand Meats – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Technacast – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
Tyson Rolling Bearing – Massillion, OHMassillonOH
Union Drawn – Massillon, OHMassillonOH
General American Transportation Corp. – Masury, OHMasuryOH
Jennings Manufacturing – Masury, OHMasuryOH
USSteel – Masury, OHMasuryOH
Texaco Station – Matamoras, OHMatamorasOH
City Hall – Mayfield, OHMayfieldOH
HF Carpet – Mayfield OHMayfieldOH
U.S. Post Office – Mayfield, OHMayfieldOH
Hamilton House Apts – Mayfield Heights, OHMayfield HeightsOH
Hillcrest Hospital – OHMayfield HeightsOH
Marbon Chemical Plant – Marsalles, ILMayfield HeightsOH
Seton Central Catholic School – Maynard, OHMaynardOH
St. Stanislaus Church – Maynard, OHMaynardOH
McConnelsville PowerhouseMcConnelsvilleOH
Gould – McConnerville, OHMcConnervilleOH
Waller Brothers Stone Co. – McDermott, OHMcDermottOH
McDonald Steel – McDonald, OHMcDonaldOH
USSteel – McDonald, OHMcDonaldOH
Buckeye Local School District Medina, OHMedinaOH
Car Dealership – Medina, OHMedinaOH
Factory (Smith Rd) – Medina, OHMedinaOH
Medina High School – Medina, OHMedinaOH
Medina Shopping Center – Medina, OHMedinaOH
Sherron Ornamental Iron Works Medina, OHMedinaOH
Bricklayers Local # 16 – Mentor, OHMentorOH
Circuit City – Mentor, OHMentorOH
Hampton Inn – Mentor, OHMentorOH
Levin Furniture Store – Mentor, OHMentorOH
Mentor High School – Mentor, OHMentorOH
R & W Screw Co. – Mentor, OHMentorOH
W. Styler Corporation – Mentor, OHMentorOH
Miami University – Miami, OHMiamiOH
Miamisburg Nuclear Weapons Plant – Mamisburg, OHMiamisburgOH
Schools – MiddleburnMiddlebournOH
Library – Middleburg Heights, OHMiddleburg HeightsOH
Pearl Company Middleburg Heights, OHMiddleburg HeightsOH
Residential Jobsites – Middleport, OHMiddleportOH
Aeronca Inc – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
Alcoa – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
Armco Steel – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
Mall – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
McGraw Construction – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
Schools – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
Sorg Paper – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
SOST – Middletown, OHMiddletownOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Midland, OHMidlandOH
Mid-Park High School – OHMidparkOH
Midvale Coal Company – Midvale, OHMidvaleOH
Sunday creek Water Authority – Millfield, OHMillifieldOH
Rt. 46 Waterline – Mineral Ridge, OHMineral RidgeOH
Waterline – Mineral Ridge, OHMineral RidgeOH
Harmony Tool & Die – Mingo, OHMingoOH
120 Park St – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
132 Woodard – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
3766 State Route 151 – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
American Cleaners Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Amos Hammock Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Car Shop – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Ohio Nut Washer Co – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Penn Central Railroad – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Pennsylvania Railroad – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Satralloy – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Wheeling Pitt SteelMingo JunctionOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel (South Plant) – Mingo Junction, OHMingo JunctionOH
Mapleton Development Company – Minvera, OHMinveraOH
Broughton Foods Co.MoriehaOH
Moscow Nuclear Powerhouse – Moscow, OHMoscowOH
Zimmer Power PlantMoscowOH
Hydraulic Place – Mt Gillian, OHMt. GillianOH
Mt. Orab Elementary School – Mt. Orab, OHMt. OrabOH
Cooper Energy Services – Mt. Vernon, OHMt. VernonOH
K-Mart – Mt. Vernon, OHMt. VernonOH
Mt. Vernon Bridge Co. – Mt Vernon, OHMt. VernonOH
Mt. Vernon Mental Hospital – Mt. Vernon, OHMt. VernonOH
PPG – Mt. Vernon, OHMt. VernonOH
Weyerhausser Paper – Mt. Vernon, OhioMt. VernonOH
Owens Corning (Brockway Plant) – Muskingham, OHMuskinghamOH
Burnham Corp. – Muskingum, OHMuskingumOH
Apartments – North Akron, OHN. AkronOH
H.H. Auto Parts – North Canton, OHN. CantonOH
Great Northern Apartments – N. Olmsted, OHN. OlmstedOH
Telephone Company – North Olmsted, OHN. OlmstedOH
Campbell Soup Plant – Napoleon, OHNapoleonOH
VFW #5047 – Navarre, OHNavarreOH
Bayer – Nebron, OHNebronOH
Nelsonville Elementary School – Nelsonville, OHNelsonvilleOH
St. Mary’s Hospital – Nelsonville, OHNelsonvilleOH
New Albany Water Treatment Plant – New Albany, OHNew AlbanyOH
New Athens School New Athens, OHNew AthensOH
Desco Credit Union – New Boston, OHNew BostonOH
E.I. DuPont – New Boston, OHNew BostonOH
Village of New Boston – New Boston, OHNew BostonOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel – New Boston, OHNew BostonOH
General Electric – New ConcordNew ConcordOH
New Matamoras Schools- Matamoras, OHNew MatamorasOH
Armco Steel – New Miami, OHNew MiamiOH
Joint Vocational School – New Philadelphia, OHNew PhiladelphiaOH
Joy Manufacturing – New Philadelphia, OHNew PhiladelphiaOH
Ohio Bell – New Philadelphia, OHNew PhiladelphiaOH
USSteel – New Philadelphia, OHNew PhiladelphiaOH
Westinghouse Portable Power Units – New Philadelphia, OHNew PhiladelphiaOH
Belmont Stamping & Enameling Co – New Philadelphia, OHNew PhildelphiaOH
Ohio Power – New Richmond, OHNew RichmondOH
Alcoa – Newark, OHNewarkOH
Catalytic PlaceNewarkOH
Catalytic Place – Newark, OHNewarkOH
City HallNewarkOH
E. T. Ragg Co. – Newark, OHNewarkOH
Kaiser Aluminum – Licking County, OHNewarkOH
Newark Apartments – Newark, OHNewarkOH
Newark High SchoolNewarkOH
Newark High School – Newark, OHNewarkOH
Owens Corning Fiberglas – Newark, OHNewarkOH
General Electric – Newburgh Heights, OHNewburg HeightsOH
Diamond Tool Company Newcomerstown, OHNewcomerstownOH
General Tire – Newcomerstown, OHNewcomerstownOH
630 Long Run Road – Newport, OHNewportOH
City of Newport Water Authority – Newport, OHNewportOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Newton Falls, OHNewton FallsOH
Newton Falls Paper Co. – Newton FallsNewton FallsOH
Rockwell International Newton Falls, OHNewton FallsOH
Eastwood Mall – Niles, OHNilesOH
General Electric – Niles, OHNilesOH
Jo-Ann Fabrics (Eastwood Mall) – Niles, OHNilesOH
Kings Restaurant Niles, OHNilesOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Niles, OHNilesOH
Maxwell’s Department Store – Niles, OHNilesOH
Niles Firebrick – Niles, OHNilesOH
Niles Lamp – Niles, OHNilesOH
Niles Machines – Niles, OHNilesOH
Niles Power StationNilesOH
Niles Power Station – Niles, OHNilesOH
Niles Rolling Mill – Niles, OHNilesOH
Ohio Edison – Niles, OHNilesOH
Reactive Metals – Niles, OHNilesOH
Value City Niles, OHNilesOH
Nitro High School – Nitro, OHNitroOH
Bowlic’s Farm – North Bloomfield, OHNorth BloomfieldOH
North Bloomfield Livestock Auction – North Bloomfield, OHNorth BloomfieldOH
Peterson Farm – North Bloomfield, OHNorth BloomfieldOH
Wayne Mumma’s Grocery Store – North Bloomfield, OHNorth BloomfieldOH
Herb Stein Ford North Jackson, OHNorth JacksonOH
AT&T Tower – North Kingsville, OHNorth KingsvilleOH
Hocking Valley Hospital – OHNorth LoganOH
Apartments – North Olmstead, OHNorth OlmsteadOH
JC Penney (Brookpark & Lorain Rd) – North Olmstead, OHNorth OlmsteadOH
Zaire Department (Store Brook Park & Lorain Rds) – North Olmstead, OHNorth OlmsteadOH
Landis Sheet Metal – North Ridgeville, OHNorth RidgevilleOH
Ridgeville Dam – North Ridgeville, OHNorth RidgevilleOH
Northwood School – OHNorthwoodOH
Martin Motors – Norwalk, OHNorwalkOH
Norwalk Tire & Alignment – Norwalk, OHNorwalkOH
Powerhouse – Norwalk, OHNorwalkOH
Waste Water Treatment Plant – Norwalk, OHNorwalkOH
Norwood Fire Station – Norwood, OHNorwoodOH
Bank – Oak Harbor, OHOak HarborOH
Davis Bessie Power Plant – Oak Harbor, OHOak HarborOH
Davis-Bessie Powerhouse – Oak Harbor, OHOak HarborOH
Oak Harbor High Schools – Oak Harbor, OHOak HarborOH
Oak Hill Community Medical Center – Oak Hill, OHOak HarborOH
Gas Pipe Lines – Oak Hill, OHOak HillOH
Hospital – Oak Hill, OHOak HillOH
Oak Hill Junior High School – Oak Hill, WVOak HillOH
Oberlin College – Oberlin, OHOberlinOH
Schools – Old Washington, OhioOld WashingtonOH
North Olmstead High School – Olmstead, OHOlmsteadOH
Olmstead Falls High School – Olmstead, OHOlmsteadOH
St. Mary’s Church – Olmstead Falls, OHOlmstead FallsOH
Schools – Olmsted Falls, OHOlmsted FallsOH
General Motors – Ontario, OHOntarioOH
Orange High School – Orangeville, OHOrangevilleOH
Coulton Chemical – Oregon, OHOregonOH
Shardard Oil Plant – Oregon, OHOregonOH
Standard Ohio Refinery – Oregon, OHOregonOH
Standard Oil Co. – Oregon, OHOregonOH
Orrville Products – Orrville, OHOrrvilleOH
Orville Municipal PH – Orville, OHOrvilleOH
Orville Power Plant & Boiler – Orville, OHOrvilleOH
Quality Casting – Orville, OHOrvilleOH
Ford Dealership – Orwell, OHOrwellOH
Zenith – Otto, OHOttoOH
Allied Chemical (AKA General Chemical) – Painesville, OHPainesvilleOH
Diamond Shamrock – Painesville, OHPainesvilleOH
Industrial Rayon – Painesville, OHPainesvilleOH
Naugatuck Chemical Painesville, OHPainesvilleOH
Schools – Painesville, OHPainesvilleOH
Shopping Center – Painesville, OHPainesvilleOH
Apartments – Parma, OHParmaOH
Apartments (Day & Ames Dr) – Parma, OHParmaOH
Chevrolet – Parma, OHParmaOH
Community College – Parma, OHParmaOH
General Motors – Parma, OHParmaOH
Holy Family Cancer Home – Parma, OHParmaOH
Holy Name Church – Parma, OHParmaOH
Midtown Shopping Center – OHParmaOH
Office Building – Parma, OHParmaOH
Parma Elementary School – Parma, OHParmaOH
Parma Heights GarageParmaOH
Parma High School – Parma, MIParmaOH
Parma High School – Parma, OHParmaOH
Parma Hospital – Parma, OHParmaOH
Parma Library – Parma, OHParmaOH
Parma Post Office – Parma, OHParmaOH
Parma Recreation CenterParmaOH
Parmatown Mall – OHParmaOH
Schools – Parma, OHParmaOH
St. Charles – Parma, OHParmaOH
St. Stanislaus – Parma, OHParmaOH
Union Carbide – Parma, OHParmaOH
West Side Community College – Parma, OHParmaOH
6967 Brandywine Rd. – Parma Heights, OHParma HeightsOH
City Service Garage – Parma Heights, OHParma HeightsOH
Nazarth High Sschool – Parma Heights, OHParma HeightsOH
Sears & Roebuck – Parma Heights, OHParma HeightsOH
Skating Rink – Parma Heights, OHParma HeightsOH
General Electric Proving Grounds (test site) – Peebles, OHPeeblesOH
Cleveland Trust Bank – Pepper Pike, OHPepper PikeOH
US Utility Contractor Company – Perrysburg, OHPerrysburgOH
Gray Steel – Pettysville, OHPettysvilleOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys – Philo, OHPhiloOH
Ohio Power – Philo, OHPhiloOH
Philo Power StationPhiloOH
Pickaway Power Station – Pickaway, OHPickawayOH
Atomic Energy Plant (Goodyear) – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Babcock & Wilcox – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Gas Diffusion Center – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Grinnell Corporation – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Martin-Marietta – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Patterson Milling Co. – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Peter Kewitt – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Piketon Power Station – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Piketon Uranium Enrichment Plant – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
United States Enrichment Co. – Piketon, OHPiketonOH
Slaters Bulding Material – Plains, OHPlainsOH
Shipyard – Point Pleasant, OHPoint PleasantOH
Allied Erecting – Poland, OHPolandOH
Huron Mortar – Polling County, OHPolling CountyOH
City of Pomeroy Water Authority – Pomeroy, OHPomeroyOH
Fisher Big Wheel – Pomeroy, OHPomeroyOH
Shopping Center – Port Clinton, OHPort ClintonOH
Glockner Chevrolet – Portsmough, OHPortsmoughOH
Adams Bakery – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Atomic Energy Plant – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Atomic Plant – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Centra Baptist Church – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Chabot Petroleum – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Clay Local School – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Dayton Walther Foundry – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Dayton Walther Foundry – Portsmouth,OHPortsmouthOH
Electricians Local 575 – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Gilberts Inc. – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Harbison Walker – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Harbison Walker RefractoriesPortsmouthOH
Harris & Sloan Coal – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Ideal Milk – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Keystone Printing Co. – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Local 577 – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Mercy Hospital – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Mitchel Lace – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
New Boston Coke Plant (fka Empire Detroit/Cyclops Steel) – New Boston, OHPortsmouthOH
Norfolk & Western Railroad – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Ohio Stove Co. – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Old General Hospital – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Osco Foundry (fka Ohio Stove Company) – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Pittsburg Paint & Glass Store – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Portsmouth General Hospital – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Portsmouth Inner City Development Corp. – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
PPG – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
R.C. Bottling – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Receiving Hospital – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Sands Sporting Goods – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Scioto Company Litter Control – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Scioto Memorial Hospital – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Scioto Ribber – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Sears & Roebuck – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Sewage Treatment Plant – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Shawnee State College – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
South Hills Hospital – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Southern Ohio Medical Center – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Top Valve Redemption Center – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
U.S. Post Office – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
USSteel – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Valley Supply – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Vaulken Glass – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Vulcan Last Co. – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Williams Manufacturing Company – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
Williams Shoe – Portsmouth, OHPortsmouthOH
138 Allen St – Powhatan Point, OHPowhatan PointOH
204 Belt St.Powhatan PointOH
North American Coal Co. – Powhatan Point, OHPowhatan PointOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys – Powhatan Point, OHPowhatan PointOH
Powhatan Mining Co. – Powhatan, OHPowhatan PointOH
Gould Battery – Procterville, OHProctervilleOH
Farland High School – Proctorville, OHProctorvilleOH
Perry Norvelle Shoe FactoryProctorvilleOH
Switchyard – Proctorville, OHProctorvilleOH
Switchyard–Proctorville, OHProctorvilleOH
Scioto Power Plant – Prospect, OHProspectOH
Racine Dam Power Station – Racine, OHRacineOH
Racine Lock & Dam – Racine, OHRacineOH
AT&T Tower – Ragersville, OHRagersvilleOH
Ravenna Aluminum – Ravena, OHRavenaOH
A.C. Williams Ravenna, OHRavennaOH
Arsenal – Ravenna, OHRavennaOH
Flinkote – Ravenna, OHRavennaOH
Monarch Alloys – Ravenna, OHRavennaOH
Norton Co. – Ravenna, OHRavennaOH
Ravinia High School – Ravinia, OHRavennaOH
Sewage Disposal, Ravenna, OHRavennaOH
214 Cleveland Ave – Rayland, OHRaylandOH
R.D.# 2 – Rayland, OHRaylandOH
GE, Reading, OHReadingOH
General Electric – Reading, OHReadingOH
Forked Run Park – Reedsville, OHReedsvilleOH
Remington-Rand – Reno, OHRenoOH
Ravenna Arsenal – Ravenna, OHRevennaOH
Revenna Aluminum – Revenna, OHRevennaOH
Richmond Heights Hospital – Richmond Heights, OHRichmond HeightsOH
Richmond Mall – Richmond Heights, OHRichmond HeightsOH
Risingsun School – Risingsun, OHRisingsunOH
Morton Salt – Rittman, OHRittmanOH
Ohio Box Board – Rittman, OHRittmanOH
School – Riverview, OHRiverviewOH
Apartments – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
City Hall – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Rocky River City Hall – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Rocky River High School – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Rocky River Methodist Church – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Rocky River School – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Schools – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Water Treatment Plant – Rocky River, OHRocky RiverOH
Rams Bottom Pottery – Roseville, OHRosevilleOH
Fernald Atomic Plant – Ross, OHRossOH
Libby Owens Ford Glass – Rossford, OHRossfordOH
Pipe Machinery – S. Euclid, OHS. EuclidOH
Electric Furnace Co. – Salem, OHSalamOH
Mullins Stamping Factory – Salem, OHSalemOH
Harshaw Chemical – Salon, OHSalonOH
London Correctional Institution – Sander, OHSanderOH
Davis Bessie Power Plant – Sandusky, OHSanduskyOH
Ford Motor Co. – Sandusky, OHSanduskyOH
Plumbrook – Sandusky, OHSanduskyOH
Shopping Center – Sandusky, OHSanduskyOH
Trojan Powder Co. – Sandusky, OHSanduskyOH
Berne Station – Sarahsville, OHSarahsvilleOH
Interstate United Vending Co. – Sardis, OHSardisOH
Sardis Western Auto – Sardis, OHSardisOH
Scio Cabinet Company Scio, OHScioOH
Scio High School Scio, OHScioOH
Scioto Valley School – Pike County, Piketon, OHSciotoOH
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility – Scioto, OHSciotoOH
Schools – Scioto County, OHScioto CountyOH
Shell Gas Station – Sciotoville, OHSciotovilleOH
Uni Shield – Sciotoville, OHSciotovilleOH
Scranton Power Station – Scranton, OHScrantonOH
H.S. Potter Construction Co. – Sebring, OHSebringOH
William H. Mellor Construction – Sebring, OHSebringOH
Hillside Jr. High – Seven Hills, OHSeven HillsOH
Hospital – Sewickley, OHSewickleyOH
114 W. 44th St. – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Associated Box Corp. – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Buerger Station (Ohio Power) – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Dillies Bottom Power Station (aka R.E. Berger PS) – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Ideal Provision – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
International Harvester – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Kaiser Frazer Stamping Co. – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Leona School Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Ohio Edison – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Ohio-Edison Power & Light – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
R.E. Berger Ppwer House – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
RE Burger Power House,ShadysideOH
Sewage Treatment Plant Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Shadyside Casket Company Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Shadyside High School – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Shadyside Pressed Metals – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Shadyside Stamping Plant – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
U.S. Post Office – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Shadyside, OHShadysideOH
Elementary School – Shaker Heights, OHShaker HeightsOH
First Unitarian Church of Cleveland – Shaker Hts., OHShaker HeightsOH
Shaker Heights High School – OHShaker HeightsOH
Autolite – Sharonville, OHSharonvilleOH
Ford Transimission PlantSharonvilleOH
MacLloyd – Sharonville, OHSharonvilleOH
Monsanto Chemical Plant – Sharonville, OHSharonvilleOH
St. Joe Paper Co. Sharonville, OHSharonvilleOH
2130 Orchard Ct – Sheffield Village, OHSheffield VillageOH
American Tower Co. – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
AMF – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Copperweld – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Ohio Seamless Tube Co. – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Shaffer Valve Co. – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Shelby Depo – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Shelby Gum Co. – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Shelby Power Plant – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Shelby Salesbook – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Shelby Shoe Company – Shelby, OHShelbyOH
Smithfield Schools Smithfield, OHSmithfieldOH
American Automatic Vending – Solon, OHSolonOH
Apartments – Solon, OHSolonOH
Byrd Electronics Corporation – Solon, OHSolonOH
Coca Cola Plant – Solon, OHSolonOH
Electric Co. – Solon, OHSolonOH
Elementary School – Solon, OHSolonOH
Erickson Tool – Solon, OHSolonOH
Jewish Orthodox Nursing Home – Solon, OHSolonOH
King Nut – Solon, OHSolonOH
Krogers – Solon, OHSolonOH
Owens Corning Fiberglas – Solon, OHSolonOH
Peterson Place – Woodsdale Nursing HomeSolonOH
Scott Manufacturing – Solon, OHSolonOH
Stouffers – Solon, OHSolonOH
Strip Mall – Solon, OHSolonOH
J. Howell Machine – Somerton, OHSomertonOH
Allied Chemical – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Allied Chemical Solavay South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Ashland Chemical South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Bob Evans Restaurant – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Ethanol Plant – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Gasanol Plant – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Holiday Inn – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
K-Mart – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
KYOWVA Inc – South Point, OHSouth PointOH
Semet Solvay (South Point)South PointOH
Bloom Local Schools – South Webster, OHSouth WebsterOH
BMI Refractories Inc. – South Webster, OHSouth WebsterOH
Avon Products – Springdale, OHSpringdaleOH
Bobs Garage – Springdale, OHSpringdaleOH
International Harvester – Springfield, OHSpringfieldOH
Kelsey Hayes – Springfield, OHSpringfieldOH
Kroger Store – Springfield, OHSpringfieldOH
Mad River Power Plant – Springfield, OHSpringfieldOH
Penn Central Railroad – Springfield, OHSpringfieldOH
Robinson & Morrison – Springfield, OHSpringfieldOH
White Motors – Springsfield, OHSpringsfieldOH
Ohio Bell (Substation) – St. Clair, OHSt. ClairOH
Baptist Church – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Bell Motel (Route 40) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Belmont County Country Club St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Belmont County Courthouse St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Belmont County Sheriff s Department St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Best (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Burger Chef Restaurant (Banfield Road & US Route 40) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Burlington (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Courthouse Annex St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Floridian Hote (Old Route 40) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Glo-Tone Cleaners St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Gorrant’s (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Home Construction – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
JC Penny (Ohio Valley Mall) St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Kaufmann’s (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Loys Building Center – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Mellman’s Cafetria – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Oak View Sanitarium St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Ohio Valley Mall – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Ponderosa Restaurant (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Rax Roast Beef Restaurant (Ohio Vlaley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Schools – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Schools – St. Clairville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Sears (Ohio Valley Mall) St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
St. Clairville Area Motel (Route 40) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
St. Clairville Elementary – St Clariville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
St. Clairville Elementary School – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Sun TV (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
U.S. Post Office – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Various Construction Sites – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
York Steak House (Ohio Valley Mall) – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClairsvilleOH
Retarded SchoolSt. Clairsville,OH
St. Clairsville Elementary SchoolSt. ClairvilleOH
Saginaw Mines – St. Clairsville, OHSt. ClarisvilleOH
Honda – St. Mary’s, OHSt. MarysOH
Residential – Stark County, OHStark CountyOH
1422 Orchard St – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
A&P Telephone Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
American Electrical Power (AEP) Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
American Electrical Power substations (AEP) Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Apartments – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Aquinas Central School – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Barium and Chemicals – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Beatty Park Swimming Pool – Steubenville OhioSteubenvilleOH
Carle Cincinnati Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Central Sewer Supply Company Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
City Of Steubenville (various locations) – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Civic Arena Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Coca-Cola Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Cochran & Cochran Parts (Cochran Motors) – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
College – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
College Library – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Crow Chevrotel Co Inc – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
EP Coady & Co – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Federal Paper Board – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
First National Bank Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Foote Mineral (fka Satralloy) – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Fort Steuben Hotel – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Fort Steuben Mall – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleSteubenvilleOH
Franciscan University of Steubenville-LibrarySteubenvilleOH
Freeport Quarries – Stuebenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Gery Johnson Lumber Yard Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Gill Memorial Hospital – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Grant School – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Humes Trucking Trailor Shop – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
North 6th Street High Rise Apartment Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Ohio River Vietnam Memorial Bridge – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Ohio Valley Hospital – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Pennsylvania Railroad Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Pietro Dinovo & Son – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Pittsburgh DesMoines Steel Co – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Savings & Loan Bldg. – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Sewage Treatment Plant – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Steubenville Chemical – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Steubenville CollegeSteubenvilleOH
Steubenville High SchoolSteubenvilleOH
Steubenville High School – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Sunoco Station – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Trinity Medical Center West – Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Trinty Medical Center East Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Weirton Steel Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Yorkville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel (North Plant) Steubenville, OHSteubenvilleOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel North PlantSteubenvilleOH
Metal Cabinet Factory – Stowe, OHStoweOH
Locks Dam – Stratton, OHStrattonOH
New Cumberland Locks & Dam – Stratton, OHStrattonOH
Ohio Edison – Stratton, OHStrattonOH
Sammis Power StationStrattonOH
Sammis Power Station – Stratton, OHStrattonOH
19885 Drake Rd. – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Factory (Progress & Pearl Rds) – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Gliden Paint – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Holiday Inn – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Howard Johnson – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Motel Pearl Road – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Slider Paint Sprague & Pearl Rds – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
St. Joseph School – Strongville, OHStrongsvilleOH
Strongsville High School – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
U.S. Post Office – Strongsville, OHStrongsvilleOH
General Metals Fabrications – Struthers OHStruthersOH
Schools – Struthers, OHStruthersOH
Youngstown Sheet & Tube – Struthers, OHStruthersOH
Samuel Power House – Studenberg, OHStudenbergOH
Suffield Fire Department – Suffield, OHSuffieldOH
Belden Brick – Sugarcreek, OHSugarcreekOH
Carter Lumber – Sunbury, OHSunburyOH
NASA – Sundusky, OHSunduskyOH
NASA Plumb Brook Station – Sandusky, OHSunduskyOH
Switzerland School District – Switzerland, OHSwitzerlandOH
Belmont County Children s Home Tacoma, OHTacomaOH
Munroe School – Tallmadge, OHTallmadgeOH
Tallmadge High School – Tallmadge, OHTallmadgeOH
House Floors – Teeazlo, OHTeeazloOH
Thilo High School – Thilo, OHThiloOH
Tiffen Glass – Tiffen, OHTiffenOH
American Standard – Tiffin, OHTiffinOH
Bank – Tiffin, OHTiffinOH
Library – Tiffin, OHTiffinOH
Bellots Block Plant Tiltonsville, OHTiltonsvilleOH
City Building Tiltonsville, OHTiltonsvilleOH
Tri State Asphalt Tiltonsville, OHTiltonsvilleOH
Belot – Tiltonville, OHTiltonvilleOH
Tiltonville Schools – Tiltonville, OHTiltonvilleOH
Acme Power House – Toledo, OHToledoOH
American Ship Building – Toledo, OHToledoOH
American Ship Yard – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Bayshore Powerhouse – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Bessie Massie Power Station – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Catalytic Inc. Plant – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Chrysler Corp. – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Clete Thorne Texaco – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Cleveland Metals – Toledo, OHToledoOH
CNG Gas – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Colton Chemical – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Continental Metallurgical Products Corporation – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Coulton Chemical – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Courthouse – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Dana Corp – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Davis PS – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Dohler Jarvis – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Dry Docks – Toledo, OHToledoOH
E.I. DuPont – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Edison Plaza towers Building – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Fabricating Shop – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Fibreglass Towers – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Ford Motor Co. – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Franklin Park Mall – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Front Street Plant – Toledo, OHToledoOH
General Building Products Inc. Plant – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Glass Plant Toledo, OHToledoOH
GM Hydromatic – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Gulf Oil – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Hilton Hotel – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Hospital Garage – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Interlake Iron – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Jeep – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Kaufman Engineered Systems Plant – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Libby High School – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Libby Owens Ford Glass – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Meadowdale School – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Midland Ross Plant (a/k/a Surface Combustion) – Toledo, OHToledoOH
N L Industries Inc. Doler Jarvis Division Plant – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation – Toledo, OhioToledoOH
Owens Illinois Glass – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Parkline Hotel – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Phillips Block Lamp – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Powerhouse – Toledo, OHToledoOH
PPG – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Shopping Center – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Standard Oil Co. – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Standard Oil Refinery – Toledo, OHToledoOH
State Hospital – Toldeo, OHToledoOH
Sun Oil – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Sun Oil Refinery – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Toledo Blade Toledo, OHToledoOH
Toledo Edison – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Toledo Edison Bay Shore Power Station – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Toledo Rogers High School Toledo, OHToledoOH
U.S. Reduction – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Union Carbide – Toledo, OHToledoOH
US Reduction – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Vistron Chemical – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Whiteford Elementary School – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Whitmer Skill Center – Toledo, OHToledoOH
Clarks Texaco Service – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Follansbee Steel – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Gas Metering Station – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Hancock Manufacturing Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Ohio Edison – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Ohio Ferro AlloysTorontoOH
Ohio River Steel – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Tidd Power Station – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Titanium Metal Inc. – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Toronto High School – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Toronto Paperboard – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Toronto Power StationTorontoOH
Toronto Power Station – Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Toronto Sewage Toronto, OHTorontoOH
Structural Stoneware – Trenton, OHTrentonOH
B.F. Goodrich – Troy, OHTroyOH
Truesdall Service Station – Truesdell, OHTruesdellOH
School – Tupper Plains, OHTupper PlainsOH
Chrysler Corporation – Twinsburg, OHTwinsburgOH
Twinsburg HS – Twinsburg, OHTwinsburgOH
Clay City Plant – Uhrichsville, OHUhrichsvilleOH
Apartments – University Heights, OHUniversity HeightsOH
May Co Department Store (Cedar & Warrensville Rds) – University Heights, OHUniversity HeightsOH
Clay Craft – Upper Sandusky, OHUpper SanduskyOH
City Hall – Valley View, OHValley ViewOH
Aeroquip Corporation – Van Wert, OHVan WertOH
Continental Can Co – Van Wert, OHVan WertOH
Sterling Machine Shop Van Wert, OHVan WertOH
Elyria Co. – Vermillion, OHVermillionOH
Starr Fabricating – Vienna, OHViennaOH
Apartments – West Cleveland, OHW. ClevelandOH
Warehouse – West Cleveland, OHW. ClevelandOH
Louis Perry & Associates Wadsworth, OHWadsworthOH
Walmart – Columbus, OHWalmartOH
Ford Motor Co. – Walton Hills, OHWalton HillsOH
Ford Stamping Plant – Walton Hills, OHWalton HillsOH
American Welding – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Bailys Brakes American Service Station – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Beaver Pipe Tools – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Bethlehem Steel – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Copperweld – Warren, OHWarrenOH
General Motors – Warren, OHWarrenOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Warren, OHWarrenOH
McDonalds Covelli Enterprises – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Mullins Mfg. – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Packard Electric – Warren, OHWarrenOH
RMI – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Sheehe V.W. Porsche & Audi – Warren, OHWarrenOH
St. Joseph Riverside – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Standard Transformer, Inc. – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Stephenson Motor Co. – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Thomas Steel – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Trumbull Co. Sheriffs Office – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Warren PS – Warren, OHWarrenOH
WCI (Warren Consolidated Industries) – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Wean United Engineering – Warren, OHWarrenOH
Apartments – Warrensville, OHWarrensvilleOH
St. Judes Church – Warrensville, OHWarrensvilleOH
Bass Chevrolet – Warrensville Heights, OHWarrensville HeightsOH
JC Penney – Warrensville Heights, OHWarrensville HeightsOH
Thistle Down Racetracks – Warrensville Heights, OHWarrensville HeightsOH
Centre Foundry – Warwood, OHWarwoodOH
Warwood Lock & Dam Warwood, OHWarwoodOH
Washington Courthouse, OHWashington CourthouseOH
Interlake Iron – Waterford, OHWaterfordOH
Johns Manville – Watterville, OHWatervilleOH
Mills Pride (Masco) – Waverly, OHWaverlyOH
Roger Lee – Waverly, OHWaverlyOH
Residential Jobsites – Waynesburg, OHWaynesburgOH
Schools – Waynesburg, OHWaynesburgOH
Waynesburg Brickyard – Waynesburg, OHWaynesburgOH
43967 Sherwood Road – Wellsville OHWellsvilleOH
American Limestone – Wellsville, OHWellsvilleOH
H.K. Porter – Wellsville, OHWellsvilleOH
Wellsville Housing Project Wellsville, OHWellsvilleOH
Pillsubry- Wellston, OHWelstonOH
General Motors – West Carrolton, OHWest CarroltonOH
KMCO – West Chester, OHWest ChesterOH
Chesapeake Paper Co – West Point, OHWest PointOH
Blackstar Drywall – Westerville, OHWestervilleOH
National Homes Huber Village – Westerville, OHWestervilleOH
Otterbein University (fka Otterbein College) – Westerville, OHWestervilleOH
Apartments – Westlake, OHWestlakeOH
Mental Retardation Center – Westlake, OHWestlakeOH
St. Bernadettes – Westlake, OHWestlakeOH
Westlake Sr. High SchoolWestlakeOH
Best Core – Wheelersburg, OHWheelersburgOH
Rhineharts – Wheelersburg, OHWheelersburgOH
Wheelersburg Grade School – Wheelersburg, OHWheelersburgOH
Karnell Contracting Company – Wheeling, OHWheelingOH
Salt Silos – Whiskey Island, OHWhiskey IslandOH
Whitehall Schools – Whitehall, OHWhitehallOH
Anthony Wayne Elementary – Whitehouse, OHWhitehouseOH
Apartments – Wickliffe, OHWickliffeOH
Lake West County Hospital – Williby, OHWillibyOH
Air Breeze – Willoughby, OHWilloughbyOH
Apartments – Willoughby, OHWilloughbyOH
Ohio Rubber Co – Willoughby, OHWilloughbyOH
Townhouses – Willoughby, OHWilloughbyOH
Willoughby High SchoolWilloughbyOH
Wilmington Foundry – Wilmington, OHWilmingtonOH
Harbison Walker – Windham, OHWindhamOH
Windsor Powerhouse – Windsor, OHWindsorOH
463 Morningside Dr. Wintersville, OHWintersvilleOH
American Cleaners Wintersville, OHWintersvilleOH
Diekmans Florist Wintersville, OHWintersvilleOH
Thrift Drug – Wintersville, OHWintersvilleOH
Wintersville Housing project Wintersville, OHWintersvilleOH
Bushlman Supply – Woodlawn, OHWoodlawnOH
Lloyd Products – Woodlawn, OHWoodlawnOH
Whites Bakery – Woodlawn, OHWoodlawnOH
Egger’s Hardware – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Gulf Gas Station (Route 800) – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Knowlton Ford & Mercury – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Mobil Gas Station (Main St) – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Ohio Department of Transportation (S.R. 26) – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Residential Jobsites – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Rice s Chevrolet Garage (Louisville Road) – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Woodsfield Elementary SchoolWoodsfieldOH
Woodsfield Elementary School – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Woodsfield Sewage Plant – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Woodsfield Water Plant – Woodsfield, OHWoodsfieldOH
Water Treatment Plant – Woodville, OHWoodvilleOH
Woodville Mall – Woodville, OHWoodvilleOH
Apartments (W 199th & Wooster) – Wooster, OHWoosterOH
H & H Industial – Wooster OHWoosterOH
Timken – Wooster, OHWoosterOH
U.S. Post Office – Wooster, OHWoosterOH
Worthington Steel – Worthington, OHWorthingtonOH
Morris Beam Co. – Yellow Springs, OHYellow SpringsOH
Community College – York, OHYorkOH
Amoco – Yorktown, OHYorktownOH
Armco Steel – Yorktown, OHYorktownOH
Tin Can Factory – Yorkville, OHYorkvilleOH
Wheeling Pitt Steel, YorkvilleYorkvilleOH
Yorkville Mill – Yorkville, OHYorkvilleOH
Adamston Flat Glass – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Alcorn Lumber Co – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
AT&D – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Automatic Sprinkler Corp. Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
B&B Construction – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Bob Eddy s Chrysler Plymouth Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Carnegie Illinois Steel – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Cold Metal Products – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Commercial Intertech Corp. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Commercial Shearing (AKA Commercial Interech), – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Copperweld Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Dutch Auto Body – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
General Electric – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
General Fireproofing – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Harris Fab – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Heckett Engineering – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Highway Construction – WVYoungstownOH
Highway Heat – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Hynes Steel – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Industrial Mill Maintenance Inc. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Industrial Steel – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Internal Revenue Service – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
International Paper Company – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Kaiser Aluminum – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Laborers’ International – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Lyden Oil Co. Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Mahoning County Board of Elections – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Mahoning County Jail – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
McDonald Welding Machine Co – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
National Tube Co. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Ohio Bell – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Ohio One Corporation – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Pace Pontiac Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Pittsburgh Steel – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Plibrico Co. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Polsom – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Schools – Youngstown, OhioYoungstownOH
Sears & Roebuck – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Servisco – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
St. Elizabeth – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
St. Moritz Security Company – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Stackhouse Oldsmobile Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Steel Mill – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Strutters Coke Plant – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Trim Edge Aluminum Company – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Truchon Steel – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Truscon Steel Co. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
USSteel – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
USSteel (Ohio Works) – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Various Construction Sites – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
W.B. Pollock Co. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
W.S. Guy Middle School – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Wean Industries – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Wean United Engineering, Inc. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Wilkoff Steel Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown City Water Dept. – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown CollegeYoungstownOH
Youngstown College – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown Foundry – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown Printing – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown Refractories – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown Sheet & Tube – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown State University – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown Steel Door – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngstown Welding & Engineering – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Youngtown Foundry – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
YSD Industries – Youngstown, OHYoungstownOH
Armco Steel – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Bethesda Hospital – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Box Factory – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Bricklayers Local # 44- Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Burnham Boiler – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Catholic HospitalZanesvilleOH
Catholic Hospital – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Diamond Brick Plant – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Good Samaritan Hospital – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Hazel Athens Glass – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
JC Penney – Zanesville, OhioZanesvilleOH
Mosaic Tile – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Ohio Ferro Alloys Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Owens Brockway Glass – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
Zanesville High School – Zanesville, OHZanesvilleOH
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