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Asbestos Jobsites In West Virginia

Asbestos Jobsites in West VirginiaThroughout much of the 20th century, thousands and thousands of workers in West Virginia were exposed to asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials were used in a variety of worksites throughout the state, from the coal mines of Appalachia to the factories in the northern portion of the state.

Was West Virginia exceptional in their use of asbestos? Not particularly. From the 1940s up until about 1980, asbestos was used in countless workplaces throughout the United States. That’s because it had long been touted as an excellent insulator.

Manufacturers used it in products that were meant to reduce the chance of fire, so these products often found their way into places where fire and high temperatures were an issue, like power plants, refineries, steel mills, textile mills, shipyards, and mines. Asbestos was also known for its strength, so it was added to items such as cement to make it more durable and long-lasting. As a result, the mineral was everywhere.

If you were to compile a list of ALL asbestos jobsites in West Virginia, it would be too long to include on this page. However, it’s important to know that if you were employed in any of the above-mentioned industries – or any other factory or plant that used asbestos products – you may be a candidate for developed an asbestos-related disease.

Or perhaps you’ll already sick due to workplace exposure to asbestos.  If you worked with asbestos at a site in West Virginia, you are indeed at risk for developing asbestosis, pleural plaques, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. That doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get sick.

However, researchers have determined that even a small amount of exposure to this dangerous mineral could mean a grim diagnosis one day. That’s because it only takes one errant asbestos fiber, lodged in the lung area, to cause tumors to form and mesothelioma to develop.

For this reason, West Virginia employers should have been protecting workers from inhaling these fibers. But it was rare that employees who worked with asbestos were provided with any sort of protective clothing to prevent the fibers from entering their body.

Masks were pretty much non-existent. Instead, workers inhaled the toxin and, often, even took the toxic dust home with them on their clothes or hair, exposing their families to the same dangers they faced in the workplace. As a result, not only have those who were directly exposed gotten sick, but there’s been a number of second-hand exposure mesothelioma cases diagnosed in West Virginia as well.

In short, the health of workers was often discarded. In many cases, company executives understood the dangers of asbestos exposure yet allowed its use to continue. Many hid memos from company doctors expressing concern or hushed the results of studies that deemed asbestos horribly dangerous. Now, many are sick because of this negligence.

So, what can you do if you’ve been sickened by asbestos at your West Viriginia workplace? After you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it’s time to visit a West Virginia-area asbestos attorney to learn about all of your options, including filing a lawsuit or filing for funds from an asbestos trust.

It’s important to choose a lawyer who’s intimately familiar with the state’s industries and who can lead you toward a successful end, getting you the compensation you and your family deserve.

List of Documented Asbestos Jobsites in West Virginia


Dunlap Esso Gulf – Albans, WVAlbansWV
Albright Power Station- Albright, WVAlbrightWV
Electrometalurgical Co. – Alloy, WVAlloyWV
Elkem MetalsAlloyWV
Elkem Metals – Alloy WVAlloyWV
INCO Alloys – Alloy, WVAlloyWV
Steam Generating PlantAlloyWV
Steam Generating Plant – Alloy, WVAlloyWV
Union Carbide – Alloy, WVAlloyWV
Ohio Stater Inn – Alum Creek, WVAlum CreekWV
Amherst Coal Co. – Amberstdale, WVAmberstdaleWV
National Carbon – Anmoore, WVAnmooreWV
Anstead Junior High – Anstead, WVAnsteadWV
Sewage Treatment Plant, Anstead, WVAnsteadWV
Goodyear – Apple Grove, WVApple GroveWV
Mossi & GhisolfiApple GroveWV
Shell Chemical – Apple Grove, WVApple GroveWV
Shell Chemical Co./Apple Grove PlantApple GroveWV
Arnoldsburg Elementary – Arnoldsburg, WVArnoldsburgWV
Carbon Black – Ashford, WVAshfordWV
Mining Services Inter.AshfordWV
Concord CollegeAthensWV
Concord College – Athens, WVAthensWV
Southern Ohio Coal Co. – Athens, WVAthensWV
Airco – Aurora, WVAuroraWV
Armco Steel – Aurora, WVAuroraWV
Harlan BurroughsAvondaleWV
Barboursville SchoolBaboursvilleWV
Barboursville Clay – Barboursville, WVBarboursvilleWV
Lazarus/Fed. Stores, Inc.BarboursvilleWV
Sturm, Inc – Barboursville, WVBarboursvilleWV
WV Cleaners/George’s CleanersBarboursvilleWV
Barboursville Ready Mix – Barboursville, WVBarbousvilleWV
Beth Mine – Barrackville, WVBarrackvilleWV
Industrial Colliers – Barrackville, WVBarrackvilleWV
Howes Leather Co.BartowWV
Bayard PH – Bayard, WVBayardWV
Buffalo Coal Co. Inc – Bayard, WVBayardWV
Breamo Power Station – Breamo, WVBeamoWV
Warrenizing Cleaners, Rt. 19BeaverWV
Academy Mine – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Appalachian Regional Hospital/BeckleyBeckleyWV
Armory – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Armory, Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Beckley Keystone Service Stations – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Beckly Federal Prison Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Biggs Johnston Withrow Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Bureau of Mines Adm. & Processing Bldgs.BeckleyWV
Control Products – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Gunter’s Electric Shop – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Houchins Manufacturing Co.BeckleyWV
Lonnie Gunter, Jr.BeckleyWV
Minex CorporationBeckleyWV
Mountaineer CleanersBeckleyWV
National Mine Health & Safety Academy – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Pinecrest State HospitalBeckleyWV
Plaza Dry CleanersBeckleyWV
Raleigh General HospitalBeckleyWV
Raleigh General Hospital Beckley Campus – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Raleigh General Hospital (Beckley Campus)BeckleyWV
Raleigh Ready Mix – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Residential Jobsites – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Richmond Cleaners & LaundersBeckleyWV
Schools – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
St. of WV/Pinecrest HospitalBeckleyWV
Veterans Memorial Hospital – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Virginian Railroad – Raleigh City/Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Warrenizing Cleaners, Neville StBeckleyWV
Woodrow Wilson High School – Beckley, WVBeckleyWV
Beech Bottom Elementary School – Beech Bottom, WVBeech BottomWV
Beech Bottom Power Station – Beech Bottom, WVBeech BottomWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Beech Bottom, WVBeech BottomWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel, Beech BottomBeech BottomWV
Beech Hurst Power Hhouse – Beech Hurst, WVBeech HurstWV
Coastal Lumber Belington, WVBelingtonWV
Water Treatment Plant – BelingtonBelingtonWV
Diamond Shamrock – Belle, WVBelleWV
Dupont-Belle High SchoolBelleWV
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co., BelleBelleWV
E.I. DuPont – Belle, WVBelleWV
GATX – Masury, OHBelleWV
Occidental Chemical – Belle, WVBelleWV
Occidental Petroleum Co.BelleWV
Praxair Inc./BelleBelleWV
984 Middle Fork Lee Creek Rd – Belleville, WVBellevilleWV
Belleville Lock & Dam – Belleville, WVBellevilleWV
Dam – Belleville, WVBellevilleWV
Royal Welding – Bellville, WVBellvilleWV
American Cyanamid – Belmont, WVBelmontWV
American Electric Power – Belmont, WVBelmontWV
Pittsburgh Process Machine & Repair – Belmont, WVBelmontWV
Benedum Airport – Benedum, WVBenedumWV
FMC – Bens Run, WVBens RunWV
B&O Railroad – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
B&O Roundhouse Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Benwood Limestone Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Fabi Limestone Plant Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Hitchman Coal & Coke Co. – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Krogers (North Marshall Street) – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
North American Galvanize Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Standard Slag Company – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Valk and Rail Fabricating – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Vulcan Rail – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel, Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Zemex Fabi – Benwood, WVBenwoodWV
Morgan County War Memorial HospitalBerkeley SpringWV
Nu Way Cleaners, Berkeley SpringBerkeley SpringWV
Sunshine CleanersBerkeley SpringWV
Compton Trucking – Berkeley Springs, WVBerkeley SpringsWV
Gischner Mobile – Berkeley Springs WVBerkeley SpringsWV
C.B. Hiett – Berkely Springs, WVBerkely SpringsWV
Cacapon Resort Berkley Springs, WVBerkley SpringsWV
Paul M. WilliamsBerkley SpringsWV
Washington House Hotel – Berkley Springs, WVBerkley SpringsWV
Doubleday – Berryville, WVBerryvilleWV
Bruce Hardwood Flooring LPBeverlyWV
Colonial Lumber Beverly, WVBeverlyWV
Myles Lumber Beverly, WVBeverlyWV
Valvoline Oil Co.- Big Moses, WVBig MosesWV
Big Ugly Elementary – Big Ugly, WVBig UglyWV
Blacksville Number One MineBlacksvilleWV
Blacksville Number One Mine – Blacksville, WVBlacksvilleWV
Blackwater Falls Resort Blackwater Falls, WVBlackwater FallsWV
United Mine Workers – Blackwater Falls, WVBlackwater FallsWV
St. John s High School Blair, WVBlairWV
Dam – Bloomington, WVBloomingtonWV
Armory – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Bluefield Mall – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Bluefield Memorial Hospital Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Bluefield Regional Medical CenterBluefieldWV
Bluefield State CollegeBluefieldWV
Bluefield State College – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Carter Machinery – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Coppinger Machinery (a.k.a. Baker International , a.k.a Eimco) – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Hart Electric – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
National Electric Coil – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Platnick Brothers Steel & Scrap Co. – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
St. Luke’s Princeton LLCBluefieldWV
Tabor Machine Shope – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Unique Cleaners, Bland St.BluefieldWV
Unique Cleaners, S. St.BluefieldWV
West Virginia Armature – Bluefield, WVBluefieldWV
Warrenizing, Inc., BluewellBluewellWV
Woodlawn GreenhousesBluewellWV
Armco Steel – Boone County, WVBoone CountyWV
Boone County Vocational School – Boone County, WVBoone CountyWV
Federal Fish Hatchery – Bowden, WVBowdenWV
Buffalo Eagle Mines Inc. – Braeholm, WVBraeholmWV
Etalta Eagle Coal Co – Braeholm, WVBraeholmWV
Alderson-Broaddus College – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Benedum AirportBridgeportWV
Benedum Airport – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Benedum ChurchBridgeportWV
Benedum Church – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Bridgeport High School – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Hecht’s Dept. Store – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Holiday Inn Shopping Plaza – Bridgeport HillBridgeportWV
Housing Project – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
K-Mart – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Meadowbrook Mall – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Mountaineer Tire & RubberBridgeportWV
Pratt & Whitney Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Bridgeport, WVBridgeportWV
Tommy SkaggsBridgeportWV
Brooke County High School – Brooke, WVBrookeWV
Board of Education – Brooke County, WVBrooke CountyWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Browns Island, WVBrown’s IslandWV
Weirton Steel (fka National Steel aka ISGl) – Browns Island, WVBrowns IslandWV
Bank, Central Bank, BuchannonBuchannonWV
Buckhannon Firebrick PlantBuchannonWV
Central Bank – Buchannon, WVBuchannonWV
West Virginia WesleyanBuchannonWV
Buckhannon College Chapel – Buckahannon, WVBuckahannonWV
Buckhannon Firebrick Plant – Buckhannon, WVBuckahannonWV
Bennett Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Buckhannon Hospital – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Buckhannon Upshur High SchoolBuckhannonWV
Central Tower Bank – Battle Creek, MIBuckhannonWV
Central West Virginia Coal Co. – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Coastal Lumber Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Coastal Lumber Company, BuckhannonBuckhannonWV
Consol Coal Co. Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Corhart Refractories – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Dexcar Queens Coal Mine – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Feola’s FlowersBuckhannonWV
Kline Corp. Mines – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Library – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Modern Manufacturing Co.BuckhannonWV
Moore’s Business Forms – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Nurses Training CenterBuckhannonWV
Nurses Training Center – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
S.M. Miller Coal Co. – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
St. Joseph’s Hospital, BuckhannonBuckhannonWV
Talbot Coal Co. – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Tramar Cleanspot, Inc.BuckhannonWV
Trumbull Corporation – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Trus Joist/MacMillanBuckhannonWV
Union Carbide – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Uponor ETI, CompanyBuckhannonWV
Upsher Coal Corporation – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Upshur County Development AuthorityBuckhannonWV
Upshur High School – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Ward’s Laundry & CleanersBuckhannonWV
Wesleyan College – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Westley Hospital – Buckhannon, WVBuckhannonWV
Woody Forest ProductsBuckhannonWV
WV Department Of HighwaysBuckhannonWV
Riley Coal Co. – Buffalo Creek, WVBuffalo CreekWV
Sewage Treatment Plant, Buffalo CreekBuffalo CreekWV
Bunker Hill Grade School – Bunker Hill, WVBunker HillWV
Steven GilesBunker HillWV
Corhart Glass – Buckhannon, WVBurckhannonWV
Burnsville DamBurnsvilleWV
Commerical Optical – Guyandotte, WVBuyandoteWV
Cabell Chemical – Cabell, WVCabellWV
Cabell Huntington Hospital – Cabell, WVCabellWV
Cabin Creek Power Station – Cabin Creek, WVCabin CreekWV
Cane Fork Railroad Yard – Cabin Creek, WVCabin CreekWV
Cairo Bridge – Cairo, WVCairoWV
Sewage Treatment Plant, Camden ParkCamdenWV
William E. DavisCamden-on-GauleyWV
Anderson Nursing Home – Cameron, WVCameronWV
Cameron High School Cameron, WVCameronWV
Cameron Police Department Cameron, WVCameronWV
Cameron Power Station – Cameron, WVCameronWV
Neubaurer Flowers Inc.CamesonWV
Gas Treatment Plant – Campbells Creek, WVCampbells CreekWV
Raleigh Junk – Campbells Creek, WVCampbells CreekWV
Consolidated Coal – Capels, WVCapelsWV
Mitchell Power House – Captiva, WVCaptivaWV
Cass Scenic Railroad State ParkCassWV
Ceredo Liquid, Inc.CeredoWV
Tri-State Airport – Ceredo, WVCeredoWV
Chapmanville High School Chapmanville, WVChapmanvilleWV
Chapmanville Middle – Chapmanville, WVChapmanvilleWV
Jaunt, Inc.ChapmanvilleWV
3 M Company, Charles TownCharles TownWV
Charles Town CleanersCharles TownWV
Charlestown Race Track – Charlestown, WVCharles TownWV
Fairway CleanersCharles TownWV
Family Quality CleanersCharles TownWV
Jefferson CleanersCharles TownWV
Jefferson County Courthouse Charles Town, WVCharles TownWV
Minn. Mining & Mfg. Co.Charles TownWV
Nu-Look Cleaners/Judy HousdenCharles TownWV
Air Force Base – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Allied Chemical – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Allied Services – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Amos Power Plant – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Avtex Chemical – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
B.F. Goodrich – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Bank, Charleston NationalCharlestonWV
Blessed Sacrament SchoolCharlestonWV
Bonham Dairy – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Bonham Elementary Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Borden, Inc./Valley BellCharlestonWV
C&P Telephone – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
CAMC/General DivisionCharlestonWV
CAMC/Memorial DivisionCharlestonWV
CAMC/Women & Children’s HospitalCharlestonWV
Capitol High – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Capitol Iron & Metals Corp – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Celanese Corporation – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Chaltex Serv/Initial USACharlestonWV
Chandler Elementary School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Airport – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Area Medical Center – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Bottom PS – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Catholic High School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Civic Center – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Daily Gazette News – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston General Hospital – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Memorial Hospital – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston National Bank – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Ordinance Center, Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Charleston Town Center Mall – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Chartwell Corporation – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Chase Bank Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
City Building – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
City Electric – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Columbia Gas – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Columbia Gas Building (Broad Street) – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Commerce National Bank – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Commercial Jobsites – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Coonskin ParkCharlestonWV
Coonskin Park – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Cornerstone CleanersCharlestonWV
Cunningham CleanersCharlestonWV
David L. Watters Co – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Deluxe Cleaners & Laundry dba Sterile CleanersCharlestonWV
Doctors’ Hospital – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
E.I. DuPont – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Eazor Express, Inc. – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Edgewood AcresCharlestonWV
Embassy SuitesCharlestonWV
Empire CleanersCharlestonWV
Evans Lead National Lead Elements Specialties – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Eye & Ear Clinic – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Eye & Ear Clinic of CharlestonCharlestonWV
Federal Building – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Freeman CleanersCharlestonWV
G.W. High – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Gallagher Ford – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Gardner Quality CleanersCharlestonWV
George Washington High School Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
George Washington Jr. High School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Governors Mansion – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Guthrie, Morris, Campbell Co. Warehouse – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
H.B. Agsten & Sons, Inc. – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Hayes Jr. High School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Heart-O-Town – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Hillsmith Construction – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Horace Mann Junior High School Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
IBM – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Imperial Towers Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Joe the TailorCharlestonWV
Joe the Tailor, Fife St.CharlestonWV
John Adams High School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
John Adams Junior High School Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
John B Conomos Inc – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
John Smiley’s Motel – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Judicial Annex Courthouse Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha County Board of Education – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha County Courthouse Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha County LibraryCharlestonWV
Kanawha Machine Shop – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha Mall Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha Manufacturer – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha School BoardCharlestonWV
Kanawha Valley Bank – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha Valley Distributors – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kanawha Valley Hospital – WVCharlestonWV
KBT Bank Building Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Kelley’s Mens Shop, Inc.CharlestonWV
Larry A. Samms Contracting – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Lee Street Apartment – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Leonard Johnson Funeral Home – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
LF Smithson Inc – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Libbey Owens Ford – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Liquid Transport/EtrancoCharlestonWV
Madison Coal & Supply Co.CharlestonWV
Magic Dry CleanersCharlestonWV
Maintenance Inc – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Marriott Hotel – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Marvins Texaco Service – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Masters FashionsCharlestonWV
Masters, Charleston, Inc.CharlestonWV
May Dept. Store/KaufmannsCharlestonWV
McMillan Hospital Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Midwest Steel – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Morris Harvey College – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Mountain State Hospital Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Mountain State Steel – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
National Bank of Commerce – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
National Lead (aka NL Chemicals) – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Norge VillageCharlestonWV
North Catholic High School – Pittsburgh, PACharlestonWV
North Charleston Lumber Co. – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Office Building (Capitol Complex) Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
One Hour CleanersCharlestonWV
One Valley Bank – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Owens Illinois – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Paranzino’s Inc.CharlestonWV
Parkside Apartments – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Parsons & Parsons (Kanawha Supply Company) – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Patrick Street Plaza Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Peerless Dry CleanersCharlestonWV
Peoples Supply Farm Mach.CharlestonWV
Piedmont Elementary – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Pierson & Fielding Hardware Company – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
PPG – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Precision Pump ServiceCharlestonWV
Pressed For Time Dry Cleaning and LaundryCharlestonWV
Rheose Inc. (Elementis Specialty) – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Rhone Poulenc AG CompanyCharlestonWV
Robins Elementary – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Shawnee Hills – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Shell Chemical – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Sherwood Block Co.CharlestonWV
Shoals Elementary School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
South Hills Cleaners, Inc.CharlestonWV
St. Francis HospitalCharlestonWV
St. Francis Hospital – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
St. Francis West Health CareCharlestonWV
STAAT s Hospital Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Standard Brick & Supply – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Standard of WV – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
State House Building – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Stonewall Jackson Dam – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Stonewall Jackson High SchoolCharlestonWV
Stonewall Jackson High School – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Superior Laundry CompanyCharlestonWV
Teague & Sons – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Town Center Mall – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Trojan Oil – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Union Carbide – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Union Carbide Institute – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
United Dairy, Inc. (Valley Bell)CharlestonWV
United National Bank – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
University of Charleston – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
US Steel – South Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Vouge Cleaners/Peter Pan CleanersCharlestonWV
W.R. Mollrax – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Wayne L. Johnson Funeral Home – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Weberwood Elementary Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Welding Inc.CharlestonWV
West Virginia State Capital Building – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
West Virginia Water Company Building – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
Westvaco – Charleston, WVCharlestonWV
WV Division of AgricultureCharlestonWV
WV Parkways Economic Dev. & TourismCharlestonWV
Cridder & ShockeyCharlestownWV
Charleston Area Schools – Charleston, WVCharlstonWV
Tug River ArmatureChattaroyWV
Mt. Chateau Lodge – Cheat Lake, WVCheat LakeWV
Chelylan Elementary – Chelylan, WVChelylanWV
Chesapeake Corporation – Chesapeake, WVChesapeakeWV
Chesapeake Elementary – Chesapeake, WVChesapeakeWV
Airco – Chester, WVChesterWV
Celotex Plant – Chester, WVChesterWV
Chester Die & Machine – Chester, WVChesterWV
Chester Dry CleanersChesterWV
Metch Refactories – Chester, WVChesterWV
Metsch Refractories, Inc.ChesterWV
Metsch Refractory / Chester Die – Chester WVChesterWV
Mountaineer Race Track – Chester, WVChesterWV
Oak Glan High School – Chester, WVChesterWV
T.K. Roofing Mfg. Co. – Chester, WVChesterWV
Taylor Smith & Taylor Pottery Co. – Chester, WVChesterWV
Adamston Flat Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Albert Reppert Residence, ClarksburgClarksburgWV
Anchor Hocking Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Armory – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Armory, ClarksburgClarksburgWV
Baptist Church, Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Bell Telephone – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Brockway Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Byron Construction – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Central Supply – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
City HallClarksburgWV
City Hall – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Clarksburg Casket Co.ClarksburgWV
Clarksburg Correction Center – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Clarksburg HospitalClarksburgWV
Clarksburg Hospital – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Clarksburg Mental Health Center – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Clarksburg TowersClarksburgWV
Clarksburg Water Treatment Plant – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Clean Textile SystemsClarksburgWV
Consolidated Gas Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Continental Can Co – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Corhart – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Corning Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
E.I. DuPont – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Eagle Convex Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Elite CleanersClarksburgWV
FBI/CVIS Central PlantClarksburgWV
Fourco Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Gas Plant – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Harrison County Correctional CenterClarksburgWV
Harrison Rural Electric – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Hazel Atlas Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Hinkle Bros. Machine Shop – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Hope Natural Gas – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Housing, North ViewClarksburgWV
Immaculate Conception Catholic ChurchClarksburgWV
Imperial Glass – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
IRS – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
James D. Lou Building – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Jenkins CleanersClarksburgWV
Keith MasonClarksburgWV
Library – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Lownes Bank – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Modern Laundry – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
National Carbon – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
North View Housing – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Oak Mound Church – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Oliverio Italian Style PeppersClarksburgWV
PPG – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Producers Dairy CompanyClarksburgWV
Rady & Deem Co. Inc.ClarksburgWV
Residential Jobsites – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Schools – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Sutter Roofing & Metal Co. Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Telephone Building – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Theis Pump & Steel Corporation – Clarksburgh, WVClarksburgWV
Trust Bank – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
U.S. Post Office – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
UCAR Carbon Company, Inc.ClarksburgWV
Union Carbide – Anmoore/Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Union Carbide Corp., ClarksburgClarksburgWV
Union Hospital – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
United Hospital Center – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
United Hospital Center, 1680ClarksburgWV
United Hospital Center, 2308ClarksburgWV
United Welding – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
VA Hospital – Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Vincent Cuppari TailoringClarksburgWV
West Virginia Tech Clarksburg, WVClarksburgWV
Wholesale Tire, Inc.ClarksburgWV
Clendenin Elementary Clendenin, WVClendeninWV
Clendenin High School Clendenin, WVClendeninWV
Consolidated Nat. Gas, ClendeninClendeninWV
Peacock Coal Mine – Clendenin, WVClendeninWV
Ray’s Plumbing & Repair – Clendenin, WVClendeninWV
United Fuel – Clendenin, WVClendeninWV
Herbert Hoover High School – Clendennin, WVClendenminWV
Martinki Tygart Valley River MineColfaxWV
Collier Steel Collier, WVCollerWV
WV-Pittsburgh Coal Co. Colliers, WVColliersWV
Compressor Station – Columbia, WVColumbiaWV
Mt. Carmel Hospital – Colville, WVColvilleWV
Comfort Elementry – Comfort, WVComfortWV
Congo Oil Refinery – Congo, WVCongoWV
Quaker State Oil Refinery – Congo, WVCongoWV
West Virginia Corrugated Container – Corco, WVCorcoWV
Camp Caesar – Webster CountyCowenWV
Leslie Bros. Lumber Co.CowenWV
Columbia Forest ProductsCraigsvilleWV
Jeld-Wen (Fiber of West Virginia)CraigsvilleWV
Cities Services Plant – Cresap, WVCresapWV
Coal Conversion Gassification Plant – Cressup, WVCresapWV
Ohio Power – Cressup, WVCresapWV
PPG – Cressup, WVCressupWV
Cross Lanes School – Cross Lane, WVCross LaneWV
Fashion CleanersCross LanesWV
Schools – Cross Lanes, WVCross LanesWV
St. Albans Cleaners, Cross LanesCross LanesWV
Crosslanes Detachement (State Police) – Crosslanes, WVCrosslanesWV
1766 Central Dr – Culloden, WVCullodenWV
Service Wire Co.CullodenWV
Sloan Glass – Culloden, WVCullodenWV
Coastal Lumber Company, DaileyDaileyWV
Cabella’s – Dallas Pike, WVDallas PikeWV
Tech-Seal Products, Inc. (Industrial Park) – Dallas Pike, WVDallas PikeWV
Danville Railroad Yard – Danville, WVDanvilleWV
S and T CleanersDanvilleWV
Canaan Valley Lodge – Davis, WVDavisWV
Davis Trucking Co. – Davis, WVDavisWV
Schools – Dilles Bottom, WVDillies BottomWV
Clonch IndustriesDixieWV
Doddridge County School – Doddridge County, WVDoddridge CountyWV
Christopher Coal – Dola, WVDolaWV
Ben Franklin Career Center – Dunbar, WVDunbarWV
Dunbar Junior/Senior High – Dunbar, WVDunbarWV
Fletcher Enamel Co. – Dunbar, WVDunbarWV
Grauely Tractors – Dunbar, WVDunbarWV
Miracle CleanersDunbarWV
Roxalana School – Dunbar, WVDunbarWV
Ryder Truck RentalDunbarWV
Urban Cleaners, Inc.DunbarWV
East Bank High School – East Bank, WVEast BankWV
Riverview Florist East Liverpool, WVEast LiverpoolWV
Riverview Orchards East Liverpool, WVEast LiverpoolWV
Anna Jarvis Grade SchoolEasternWV
Earth Land Station – Eaton, WVEatonWV
Satellite Station – Elam, WVElamWV
Elanor Elementary SchoolElanorWV
G.W. Middle – Eleanor, WVEleanorWV
JD Watters Co – Eleanor, WVEleanorWV
C&P Telephone – Elizabeth, WVElizabethWV
Hughes Esso Service Center – Elizabeth, WVElizabethWV
Munday Esso Station – Elizabeth, WVElizabethWV
Ravens Metal – Elizabeth, WVElizabethWV
Boy Scout Camp – Buckhannon, WVElkinWV
Airport – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Armstrong Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Bata Shoe Company – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Better Way CleanersElkinsWV
Coastal Lumber Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Coastal Lumber Company, ElkinsElkinsWV
Davis & Elkins College – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Davis Memorial HospitalElkinsWV
Elkins Hardwood Dimension CompanyElkinsWV
Elkins Hospital – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Federal Building – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Furniture Factory – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
G.C. Murphy – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Kingsford – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Mongold Lumber Co.ElkinsWV
Murray Reidbord Bros.ElkinsWV
Peter Pan Cleaners, ElkinsElkinsWV
Reidbord Brothers Co., ElkinsElkinsWV
Schools – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Seneca Rock – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Seneca Rock, Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Texaco Service Stations – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Various – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Water Treatment Plant – Elkins, WVElkinsWV
Elk RefineryElkviewWV
Elk Refinery – Elkview, WVElkviewWV
Elkview Elementary Elkview, WVElkviewWV
Elkview High School Elkview, WVElkviewWV
Elkview Middle School – Elkview, WVElkviewWV
Ravens Metal – Ellenboro, WVEllenboroWV
Bridge Street School – Elm Grove, WVElm GroveWV
I70 Highway Construction – Elm Grove, WVElm GroveWV
Wheeling Machine Products – Elm Grove, WVElm GroveWV
YMCA – Elm Grove, WVElm GroveWV
Embryville State HospitalEmbryvilleWV
Etam Satellite Station – Etam, WVEtamWV
Fairlea Deluxe CleanersFairleaWV
Alcan Aluminum (aka Fairmont Aluminum) – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Alco GlasswareFairmontWV
American Fiber ResourcesFairmontWV
Amos Realty – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Amos Realty, FairmontFairmontWV
Anthony Chevrolet – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Armory – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
ATP Warehouse – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
B&O Railroad – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Bank – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Bell Telephone – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Bridge Lights – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Bronze ShopFairmontWV
C. Reiss Coal Co. – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
C&P Telephone – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Casablanca Industries – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
CB&T Bank – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Central Methodist Church – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Consolidation Coal Co.FairmontWV
Creative Label Co.FairmontWV
Dry Cleaning WorldFairmontWV
East Fairmont High SchoolFairmontWV
East Fairmont High School – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Box Shop – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Clinic – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Dodge – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Field Club – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont General HospitalFairmontWV
Fairmont General Hospital – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Hotel – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Kitchen Center – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont State CollegeFairmontWV
Fairmont State College – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Fairmont Supply Co. – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
First United Methodist Church – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Hazel Atlas Glass – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Helmick Corporation – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Hills Plaza Shopping Center – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Jack & Jill CleanersFairmontWV
Jones Furs & Leathers, Inc.FairmontWV
Locks Dam – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
M&K Carpet – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Mall – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Mario’s Mens WearFairmontWV
Maxton Oil & Gas Co. – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Michael Motors – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Midtown Mall – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Miners Clinic – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Monongahela Elementary School – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Mountaineer Resources Inc. – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
North American Phillips – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Novelis (aka Alcan Aluminum, Fairmont Aluminum) Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Owens Illinois – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Owens Plastering Co. – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Owens-Illinois Glass Plant #3 Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Post Office – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Ray-Fay Glass Co. – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Residential Jobsites – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Saro Cleaners Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Schools – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Sherman Trucking – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Superior Industrial Laundries Inc.FairmontWV
Telephone Building – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Thrift CleanersFairmontWV
Unity Terrace Housing ProjectFairmontWV
UPS – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Watson Elementary School – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
West Virginia Armature – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Western Electric – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Westinghouse – Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Westinghouse Glass Plant Fairmont, WVFairmontWV
Consolidation Coal Co. Fairview, WVFairviewWV
Loveridge MineFairviewWV
Elk RefineryFalling RockWV
Elk Refinery – Falling Rock, WVFalling RockWV
Pound, Connor, Lucas, AndreozziFarmingtonWV
Fayette County Corthouse Fayetteville, WVFayettevilleWV
Fayetteville Elementary School – Fayetteville, WVFayettevilleWV
Fayetteville National Bank – Fayetteville, WVFayettevilleWV
Martin Coal Co. – Fayetteville, WVFayettevilleWV
B.F. Goodrich Fenwick, WVFenwickWV
B/E Aerospace Inc. – SMR Technologies, Inc.FenwickWV
Glenn SpencerFenwickWV
Ferro – Finksburgh, WVFinksburghWV
Mountaineer Greenhouses Flemington, WVFlemingtonWV
Banner Fiberboard – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Coating Mill Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Coke Plant – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Fisher Big Wheel – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Fisher’s Big Wheel – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Follansbee Middle School – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Follansbee Power HouseFollansbeeWV
Follansbee Steel (Wheeling-Nissan Steel) – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Follansbee Steel Corp.FollansbeeWV
Fort Stuben Metals – Follansbee WVFollansbeeWV
Hometown CleanersFollansbeeWV
Huberta Coal – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
K&P Mine – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Koppers – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Mazezka Auto Body – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
R & R CleanersFollansbeeWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Wheeling Nissan – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel (East Plant) – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.FollansbeeWV
Whitehouse Construction Co. – Follansbee, WVFollansbeeWV
Tug Valley Retread Inc.Fort GayWV
Eston TeterFort SeybertWV
Potomac Valley Dry Cleaners & LaundryFranklinWV
Crompton Corp/OrganoSilicones GroupFriendlyWV
Proviron America, Inc.FriendlyWV
Quala Systems, Inc.FriendlyWV
Qualla Wash Friendly, WVFriendlyWV
Union Carbide Friendly, WVFriendlyWV
Dougherty Co – Ft. Martin, WVFt MartinWV
Power Piping – Ft. Martin, WVFt MartinWV
Babcock & Wilcox – Ft. Martin, WVFt. MartinWV
Combustion Engineering – Ft. Martin, WVFt. MartinWV
Sanderson & Porter – Ft. Martin, WVFt. MartinWV
Perfection Steel – Gallion, OHGallionWV
AKZO Nobel Chemicals, Inc.Gallipolis FerryWV
Celanese Gallipolis Ferry, WVGallipolis FerryWV
Stafford Chemical – Gallipolis Ferry, WVGallipolis FerryWV
Stauffer Chemical Plant – Gallipolis Ferry, WVGallipolis FerryWV
USSteel – Gary, WVGaryWV
Braxton County MemorialGassawayWV
Gauley CleanersGauley BridgeWV
Compressor Station – Glady Creek, WVGlady CreekWV
Warren Distribution Glendale, WVGlandaleWV
AEP/Kanawha River PlantGlasgowWV
Diamond Shamrock – Glasgow, WVGlasgowWV
GATX Cincinnati, OHGlasgowWV
Kanawha River Power Station (aka Glasgow PS) – Glasgow, WVGlasgowWV
Kanwaha River Power PlantGlasgowWV
Powerhouse – Glasgow, WVGlasgowWV
Glen Burnie Power Station – Glen Burnie, WVGlen BurnieWV
Reynolds Memorial HospitalGlen DaleWV
Reynolds Memorial Hospital – Glen Dale, WVGlen DaleWV
U. S. Can CompanyGlen DaleWV
A.J. Vincent Clinic – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Marx Toy Co. – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Paul Reilley Chevrolet – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Tri Conduict Cable – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Tri-State Electric & Machine Company – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Triangle Conduit & Cable – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Triangle Industries, Inc.GlendaleWV
U.S. Can – Glendale, WVGlendaleWV
Glenville Shoe Factory – Glenville, WVGlenvilleWV
Glenville State College – Glenville, WVGlenvilleWV
Lignetics, Inc.GlenvilleWV
Village Dry Cleaners, GlenvilleGlenvilleWV
Earl GibsonGlenwoodWV
Glenwood School – Glenwood, WVGlenwoodWV
VA Power/North BranchGormaniaWV
Consolidated Gas – Grabville, WVGrabvilleWV
Anna Jarvis Grade School – Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Grafton City HospitalGraftonWV
Grafton City Hospital – Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Grafton Hospital – Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Grafton Housing ProjectGraftonWV
Packaging Corporation of AmericaGraftonWV
Pruntytown Correctional Center (f/k/a Pruntytown Boys Industrial School) Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Residential Jobsites – Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Rex Hide, inc. Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Rex-Hide, Inc.GraftonWV
Salant Corp./Grafton App.GraftonWV
Salem Glass – Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Schools Grafton, WVGraftonWV
U.S. Post Office – Grafton, WVGraftonWV
Dobbin Mine (Tucker County) – Grant, WVGrantWV
Grant HospitalGrantWV
Grant Hospital – Columbus, OHGrant CountyWV
Laurel Run Mine – Grant County, WVGrant CountyWV
Edison Mission Energy/American BituminousGrant TownWV
Federal Number One (aka Eastern Coal) – Grant Town, WVGrant TownWV
Grant Town PH – Grantown, WVGrantownWV
Calhoun County Courthouse – Grantsville, WVGrantsvilleWV
Calhoun General HospitalGrantsvilleWV
Calhoun General Hospital – Grantsville, WVGrantsvilleWV
Grantsville Tire Co.GrantsvilleWV
R. P. R. Industries, Inc.GrantsvilleWV
Baker & Combs Paper Plant – Grafton, WVGrattonWV
Grafton Paper Mill – Grafton, WVGrattonWV
Radio Telescope – Green Bank, WVGreen BankWV
Koppers Industries, Inc.Green SpringWV
Allegheny Energy Service Corp./PleasantsGreensburgWV
Dam – Greenup, WVGreenupWV
Coastal Lumber Hacker Valley, WVHacker ValleyWV
Coastal Lumber Company, Hacker ValleyHacker ValleyWV
Republic Paperboard CompanyHalltownWV
L&R Construction Hamlin, WVHamlinWV
Lincoln County Board of EducationHamlinWV
Smith’s Tire, Inc.HamlinWV
Handley Railroad Yard – Handley, WVHandleyWV
Carbon Black – Hansford, WVHansfordWV
Kerry KeeseeHarpers FerryWV
Harrisville Garment Factory – Harrisville, WVHarrisilleWV
Liberty High School – Harrison County, WVHarrison CountyWV
Harrisville Garment FactoryHarrisvilleWV
Pennsboro Mfg/Economy Ind.HarrisvilleWV
Safety Stitch, Inc.HarrisvilleWV
Columbia Natural Gas (CNG) Hastings, WVHastingsWV
Compressor Station – Hastings, WVHastingsWV
Consolidated Gas – Hastings, WVHastingsWV
Hope Natural Gas – Hastings, WVHastingsWV
Bridgeport PSHaywoodWV
Harrison Power Station – Haywood, WVHaywoodWV
Hazel Atlas Glass – Hazel, WVHazelWV
Hazelton Prison – Hazelton, WVHazeltonWV
Yoder’s Meat Packing Hazelton, WVHazeltonWV
Casey Industrial, Inc.HeatersWV
Nalco ChemicalHepzibahWV
Midland High School – Hico, WVHicoWV
Denmar Correctional CenterHillsboroWV
Denmar St. HospitalHillsboroWV
Appalachian Regional Hospital/Summers CoHintonWV
Nu Way Cleaners, HintonHintonWV
NuWay Cleaners, HintonHintonWV
Summers Co. HospitalHintonWV
Abbott Engineering Holden, WVHoldenWV
Hopemont State HospitalHopemontWV
WV Farm Management Comm.HopemontWV
Coastal Lumber Hopewood, WVHopewoodWV
Houdaille Hershey Plant – Houdaille, WVHoudaileWV
Island Creek Coal – Huff Creek, WVHuff CreekWV
Davis Body Shop – Hundington, WVHundingtonWV
Hundred Grade School – Hundred, WVHundredWV
Steel of WVHuntiingtonWV
Rivesville Apt., Huntington, WVHuntingonWV
128 Perry Dr – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
4701 Altizer Ave – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
A to Z Duds-n-SudsHuntingtonWV
A. Mike PerryHuntingtonWV
ACF (American Car Foundry) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Adkins Sunoco Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Advance Mining – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
American Car FoundryHuntingtonWV
American Container (National Battery) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
American Dry Cleaners, Hunt.HuntingtonWV
American National Rubber – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
American National Rubber CompanyHuntingtonWV
Ameripol, Inc. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Apex Plant – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Appalachian Power Company – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Ashland Chemical – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
B & O EngineHuntingtonWV
B&O Railroad – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Bartram s Garage – Huntington WVHuntingtonWV
BASF – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
BASF Corp.HuntingtonWV
Basic Foundry – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Beverly Hills Baptist ChurchHuntingtonWV
Beverly Hills United Methodist ChurchHuntingtonWV
Black Diamond Enterprises – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Bordens Dairy – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Buck Conrad Motors Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Buford Sales – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
C & O Building (6th Avenue)HuntingtonWV
C&D Railway (C&O) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
C&O Railroad – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Cabell County Board of Education – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Cabell County Courthouse – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Cabell County School System – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Cabell Huntington HospitalHuntingtonWV
Cabell-Huntington Surgery CenterHuntingtonWV
Century Lubricants Co.HuntingtonWV
Cheatham Auto – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Chemtron Chemical Plant – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Children’s Hospital – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
City Of Huntington – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
City Parking Port – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Coca Cola Bottling Co. Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Columbia Chemical – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Columbia Paint – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Commercial Electrical – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Commercial Jobsites – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Compressor Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Corbins LTD – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Courthouse & County Jail/Cabell County, WVHuntingtonWV
Coyne Textile ServiceHuntingtonWV
CSX – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
CSX Transportation, Inc.HuntingtonWV
Duncan’s Southside Service Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
East High School – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Enterprise Factory Company – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Esso Station (Dunns) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Federal Building – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Frederick Hotel – Huntington WVHuntingtonWV
Fulton Tool Works – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Galigher Motor Sales Co. – Huntington WVHuntingtonWV
General Cigar Co. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Golds Esso Station & Service Center – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Goodyear & General Tire – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Gould, Inc. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Grief Brothers Corp.HuntingtonWV
GSA – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Gulf Service Station (Bernies) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Gulf Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Hannan Elementary School – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Hospital Corp/River ParkHuntingtonWV
Hotel Frederick Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Alloys/IvanWarHuntingtonWV
Huntington Auto Supply Machine Shop – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Battery & Supply – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Chair – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Dept. Store – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Dye Plant – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Fire Department – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Foam Corp.HuntingtonWV
Huntington Forge – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Furniture – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Manufacturing – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Memorial Field House – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington State HospitalHuntingtonWV
Huntington State Hospital – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntington Steel – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Huntsman Chemical – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
INCO Alloys – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Inco Alloys International, Inc.HuntingtonWV
International Nickel – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Jack’s CleanersHuntingtonWV
John Marshall High School – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Kerr Glass – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Kerr Glass CompanyHuntingtonWV
Kuhn Construction – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Kurlistik Beauty Supply – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
KYOWVA Corrugated Cont.HuntingtonWV
Libby Owens Ford Glass – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Mall – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Mallory Coal Co – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Marcum Terrace HousingHuntingtonWV
Marshall UniversityHuntingtonWV
Marshall University – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Martha White Mills – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Martin Steel – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
McCorkle Machine – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Miller Plumbing – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Model Laundry Co. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Mountain State Behavioral Health Services, L.L.C.HuntingtonWV
Myers Foundry – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
National Steel – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Novamont (Neal Chemical) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
One Hour Martinizing, Hunt.HuntingtonWV
Owens Illinois Glass – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Owens Illinois, Inc.HuntingtonWV
Owens-Illinois Glass Plant Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Paul’s Sunoco Service – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Perry & Orville Shoe Co. – Huntington WVHuntingtonWV
Perry Norvel Shoe Co. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Pilgram Glass Corporation – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Pilgrim Laundry Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Pilgrim Laundry, Sixth & Hal Green Blvd.HuntingtonWV
Princess Coals Inc – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Quad Mfg. Co. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
R & G CompanyHuntingtonWV
Rainbow Viking Glass – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Remodeling Homes – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
River and Rail RestaurantHuntingtonWV
Royal Coal Company – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Rufts ESSO Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
S. S. Logan Packing CompanyHuntingtonWV
Schools – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Science Hall, Marshall UniversityHuntingtonWV
Scotch Clean CenterHuntingtonWV
Sears & Roebuck – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Shelby Earl Glass – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Springtime LaundryHuntingtonWV
St. Mary’s HospitalHuntingtonWV
St. Mary’s Hospital – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Standard Oil & Marine Chemicals – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Star Delta Electric – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Starkey Holding Company – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
State Hospital – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Steel of WV (aka Conner Steel/Porter Steel) – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Sunoco Gas Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Surgical Care AffiliatesHuntingtonWV
Sylvania Electric – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Techsol Chemical Inc.HuntingtonWV
Terrell Industries – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Texaco Gas Station – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Thomas Company, Inc.HuntingtonWV
Tire America – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Tooleys Iron – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Tri-State Casket – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Trojan Steel; 14th St.HuntingtonWV
Twin Towers/Marshall UniversityHuntingtonWV
U.S. Post Office – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
University Esso Service Center – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Valley Bell Dairy – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Van Zant Supply – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Veterans Administration Hospital – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Veterans Auto Supply Co. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Victor Hat ShopHuntingtonWV
Waifin Oil Co. – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Washington Pants Factory – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Weiler Steel Co., – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
West Virginia Building – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
West Virginia Dept. of Highways – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
White Way, Inc.HuntingtonWV
Wilson’s Construction – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
WJ Maier Warehouse, Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
X-Cel Premet, Inc.HuntingtonWV
YMCA – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
YMCA, Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Zenith Optical – Huntington, WVHuntingtonWV
Residential Jobsites – Huntington, WVHuntingtronWV
Happy Hall Lumber Company – Hurricane, WVHurricaneWV
Hurricane High School – Hurricane, WVHurricaneWV
Powerhouse – Hurricane, WVHurricaneWV
Resident Home Construction Hurricane WVHurricaneWV
Teays Valley Health Services dba Putnam Gernal Ho.HurricaneWV
WV Cleaners, Inc. dba/Georges CleanersHurricaneWV
WV Cleaners, Inc./Teay’s CleanersHurricaneWV
WV Cleaners, Inc./Village Cleaners & LaundromatHurricaneWV
WV Cleaners, Inc./Wilson’s CleanersHurricaneWV
Dan KwasewskiHuttonsvilleWV
Huttonsville Correctional CenterHuttonsvilleWV
Huttonsville Correctional Center – Huttonsville, WVHuttonsvilleWV
Huttonsville Correctional Center Huttonsville, WVHuttonsvilleWV
Exxon Company USA – Institute, WVInstituteWV
Goodrich Rubber – Institute, WVInstituteWV
Institute Elementary School – Institute, WVInstituteWV
Police Academy – Institute, WVInstituteWV
Praxair, Inc./InstituteInstituteWV
Rehab Center – Institute, WVInstituteWV
Rubber Plant (Blaw Knox), Institute, WVInstituteWV
Shamblin Stone Co., InstituteInstituteWV
Union Carbide – Institute, WVInstituteWV
Union Carbide Chemical PlantInstituteWV
West Virginia State College – Institute, WVInstituteWV
WV Rehabilitation CenterInstituteWV
Pocahontas Fuel – Itman, WVItmanWV
Compressor Station – Jane Lew, WVJane LewWV
, Jane Lew Grade SchoolJane LewWV
Mason Glass Co. – Jane Lew, WVJane LewWV
Pittsburgh Tube Co.Jane LewWV
Robert M Vincent Funeral Home – Jane Lew, WVJane LewWV
Water Treatment Plant – Jane Lew, WVJane LewWV
Boggess & Mohler Coal – Julian, WVJulianWV
Airport Terminal Building – Kanawha, WVKanawhaWV
Kanawha Airport – Kanawha, WVKanawhaWV
Kanawha Banking & Trust – Kanawha, WVKanawhaWV
Kanawha County Public Library – WVKanawhaWV
Kanawha County School District – WVKanawhaWV
Evans Supermarket – Kanawha City, WVKanawha CityWV
Mall – Kanawha City, WVKanawha CityWV
Truex Trayer Coal – Kayford, WVKayfordWV
Mid-Atlantic Retreading, Inc.KearneysvilleWV
Potomac & Shanandoah ClubKearneysvilleWV
Kenna Elementary School – Kenna, WVKennaWV
62 Pine Hill Estates – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Aristech – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Aristech Chemical Corp.KenovaWV
Ashland Oil – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Breece Veneer Co. – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Columbia Gas – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Hamer Dry Kiln Co.KenovaWV
Hamer Hardwood – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Heck’s Dry Cleaners Inc.KenovaWV
Huntington Hardwood Corp.KenovaWV
J.C. Hammer Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Kenova Box Company – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Kenova Chemical – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Kenova Elementary School – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Mitsubishi – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Novamont – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Rubber Plant – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Scandia Glass – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Sun Oil – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
USX Chemicals – Kenova, WVKenovaWV
Willert Home ProductsKenovaWV
John Deere – Kent, WVKentWV
D & D CleanersKeyserWV
Kessel Lumber Supply Co.KeyserWV
Keyser Garment Co.KeyserWV
Keyser Glass Container Corp. – Keyser, WVKeyserWV
Keyser High School – Keyser, WVKeyserWV
Keyser Shopping Center – Keyser, WVKeyserWV
Luke Paper Mill – Keyser, WVKeyserWV
Potomac State CollegeKeyserWV
Potomac State College Keyser, WVKeyserWV
Potomac State ColllegeKeyserWV
Potomac Valley HospitalKeyserWV
Superior StoneKincaidWV
Kingston Hospital Kingston, WVKingstonWV
Camp Dawson – Kingwood, WVKingwoodWV
Diamond Crystal Salt Company – St. Clair, MIKingwoodWV
Diamond Shamrock – Kingwood, WVKingwoodWV
Kingwood Civic Center – Kingwood, WVKingwoodWV
Kingwood Elementary School – Kingwood, WVKingwoodWV
Preston County Vo-Tech School – Kingwood, WVKingwoodWV
Preston Memorial HospitalKingwoodWV
Preston Memorial HospitalKingwoodWV
Preston Memorial Hospital – Kingwood, WVKingwoodWV
Kyger Creek Power Station – Kyger Creek, WVKyger CreekWV
Anchor Container – Kyser, WVKyserWV
Lakin State FarmLakinWV
Lakin State HospitalLakinWV
Lakin State Hospital – Lakin, WVLakinWV
Lavalette LaundryLavaletteWV
Roane Jackson Technical CenterLeroyWV
David B. WhittLewisburgWV
Greenbrier Cen./Voca CorpLewisburgWV
Greenbrier ManorLewisburgWV
Legg’s Dry CleanersLewisburgWV
Marvin HarveyLewisburgWV
Harts Gas Station – Limestone, WVLimestoneWV
CSX (Peach Creek) – Logan, WVLoganWV
First Logan Bank – Logan, WVLoganWV
Guyan Estates – Logan, WVLoganWV
Guyan Machinery Co. – Logan, WVLoganWV
Logan Eagle Coal Company – Logan, WVLoganWV
Logan School – Logan, WVLoganWV
Monterra Health SystemLoganWV
Ritchie Jr. High School – Logan, WVLoganWV
Schools – Logan, WVLoganWV
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Logan, WVLoganWV
Union Carbide Sistersville/BensRun/LindeAir/LongReach – Long Beach, WVLong BeachWV
South Harrison High SchoolLost CreekWV
South Harrison High School – WVLost CreekWV
Loudendale Elementary School – Loudendale, WVLoudendaleWV
Amherst Coal Company – Loundale, WVLoundaleWV
Grafton Coal – Lumberport, WVLumberportWV
A.T. Massey Omar Mining Madison, WVMadisonWV
Hamer VeneerMadisonWV
Madison Hagler Zinc Plant – Madison, WVMadisonWV
Madison Hospital – Madison, WVMadisonWV
West Virginia Block Co. – Madison, WVMadisonWV
Fort Martin Power Station – Maidsville, WVMaidsvilleWV
Clean Eagle Coal – Mallory, WVMalloryWV
Man Appalchian Regional HealthcareManWV
Riley Coal Company, Man, WVManWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Mann, WVMannWV
Sewage Treatment Plant, Mann, WVMannWV
Souther Pennsylvania Oil Co. – Mannington, WVManningtonWV
North Marion High School – Marion, WVMarionWV
County Building – Marion CountyMarion CountyWV
W. M. Cramer Lumber Co.MarlingtonWV
Industrial Timber & LandMarlintonWV
Marlinton CleanersMarlintonWV
Marmet Community Vol Fire Dept and Ambulance Service – Marmet, WVMarmetWV
Marmet Elementary School – Marmet, WVMarmetWV
Marmet Jr. High School – Marmet, WVMarmetWV
Marnet Furniture – Marmet, WVMarmetWV
Turnpike – Marmet, WVMarmetWV
Schools – Washington Lands – Marshall County, WVMarshall CountyWV
Blair Line – Martinburgh, WVMartinburgWV
Hospital – Martins Ferry, WVMartins FerryWV
Laslo Apartments – Martins Ferry, WVMartins FerryWV
Martins Ferry Home Health Department – Martins Ferry, WVMartins FerryWV
City Hospital, Inc.MartinsburgWV
Corning Glass – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
Country ClassicsMartinsburgWV
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co., MartinsburgMartinsburgWV
E.I. DuPont (Potomac River Plant) – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
Granada SalesMartinsburgWV
House of PerfectionMartinsburgWV
John Justice, Inc.MartinsburgWV
Kings Daughters HousingMartinsburgWV
Kirby’s CleanersMartinsburgWV
Lockheed Aircraft – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
Martinsburg Cleaners, Inc.MartinsburgWV
Martinsburg WarehouseMartinsburgWV
Nu-Look Cleaners, MartinsburgMartinsburgWV
Perfection Garment – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
Peter Pan Cleaners, MartinsburgMartinsburgWV
Pleatex – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
Quality CleanersMartinsburgWV
Royce Hosery Mills, Inc.MartinsburgWV
Valley Textile ServicesMartinsburgWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Martinsburg, WVMartinsburgWV
Widmeyer’s CleanerMartinsburgWV
Mountaineer Plant – Mason, WVMasonWV
Hatfield Power Station – Masontown, WVMasontownWV
Matewan Lumber Co.MatewanWV
McConnelsville Elementary School – McConnelsville, WVMcConnelsvilleWV
McMechen High School – McMechen, WVMcMechenWV
Micco Mining – Micco, WVMiccoWV
Tyler County Courthouse Middlebourne, WVMiddlebourneWV
3M Company – Middleway, WVMiddlewayWV
Tygarts Valley High SchoolMill CreekWV
Blenko Glass – Milton, WVMiltonWV
Children’s Hospital – Milton, WVMiltonWV
Crippled Children Hospital – Milton, WVMiltonWV
Happy Hall Lumber – Milton, WVMiltonWV
Nicholas Cleaning & LaundryMiltonWV
Bucyarus Erie, MIlwaukee, WIMilwaukeeWV
Marquette Cement Plant – Milwaukee, WIMilwaukeeWV
ABL Rocket Center – Mineral County, WVMineralWV
Ridgeville DamMineralWV
Mineral County Schools (13) – Mineral County, WVMineral CountyWV
Burke Parsons Mineral Springs, WVMineral SpringsWV
Mingo County CourthouseMingo CountyWV
Johnny Morris Gulf Station – Morgantown, WVMogantownWV
Board of Education – Monogalia County, WVMonogaliaWV
Byron’s ServiceMontgomeryWV
Montgomery General HospitalMontgomeryWV
Montgomery General Hospital – Montgomery, WVMontgomeryWV
Montgomery Pennzoil – Montgomery, WVMontgomeryWV
Veterans Administration Hospital Montgomery, WVMontgomeryWV
WV Tech Center – Montgomery, WVMontgomeryWV
WV University Institute of TechnologyMontgomeryWV
118 Natwick Circle – Moorefield, WVMoorefieldWV
American WoodmarkMoorefieldWV
American Woodmark, South ForkMoorefieldWV
Bean’s Lime & Stone, Inc.MoorefieldWV
Boise Cascade – Moorefield, WVMoorefieldWV
Con AgraMoorefieldWV
Pierce Foods, ConAgra PoultryMoorefieldWV
Wampler Foods, Inc.MoorefieldWV
Welton Farm – Moorefield, WVMoorefieldWV
WLR FoodsMoorefieldWV
664 Madison Ave – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Absorption Systems, Inc.MorgantownWV
Ambulatory Care Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
American Dry Cleaners, MorgantownMorgantownWV
Arkwright MineMorgantownWV
Arkwright Mine – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Baily Glass Works- Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Beaumont Glass – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Bills Laundry & CleanersMorgantownWV
Bob Dinsmore TiresMorgantownWV
Borg Warner (GE Plastics) Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Boys School – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Bureau of Mines – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Cascade Power Station – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Cheat Lake Elementary – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Chestnut Ridge Apartments – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Chico DairyMorgantownWV
Chico’s Dairy Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
City of MorgantownMorgantownWV
Coal Cleaning Plant – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Conners Master CleanersMorgantownWV
Consolidated Coal Building – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Daniel’s Men’s Store, Inc.MorgantownWV
Davies Coal Co. – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Denny Groves 76 Station – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Department Of Energy – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
E.I. DuPont – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Environmental Health Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Farmers & Merchant Bank – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Federal Building – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
First National Bank of Morgantown – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Fort Martin Power Station (aka Point Marion PS) – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
G.C. Murphy Co. – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
General Delivery – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
General Electric – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
General Electric CompanyMorgantownWV
Greer Building – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Greers Steel – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Haines Drywall Service – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Hildebrand Dam – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Hotel Morgan – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Hoy Concrete Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Humphrey Mine – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Jamison Electric – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
John F. Kennedy High School – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Kennedy Youth Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Knights of Columbus Building – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Lakeview Country Club – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Lakeview Hotel – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Locks/Dam – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Lyle Horton Garage – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Mall – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Mary Bobb Randolph Cancer Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Mashuda Corporation – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Massullo’s Inc.MorgantownWV
Medical Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Mileground Dry CleanersMorgantownWV
Mononalia County Vo-Tech School – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Monongalia Co. Comm.MorgantownWV
Monongalia County Courthouse – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Monongalia County Schools – MonongaliaMorgantownWV
Monongalia County Vo-TechMorgantownWV
Monongalia General HospitalMorgantownWV
Monongalia General Hospital – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Airport – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown County Jail – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Energy AssociationMorgantownWV
Morgantown Energy Technology Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Excavators Inc – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown GlassMorgantownWV
Morgantown Glass – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Greenroad Dorsie Elemntary School – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown High SchoolMorgantownWV
Morgantown Housing Development, Cross Gate Apts.MorgantownWV
Morgantown Internal Medicine – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Junior High School – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Locks & DamMorgantownWV
Morgantown Machine – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown MallMorgantownWV
Morgantown Mall – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Nursing Home – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Ordinance Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Power House – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Public Library – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Morgantown Sewer Plant – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Mountaineer Mall – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.MorgantownWV
NIOSH Building – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Omni Service/RUS UniformMorgantownWV
Opaskiskie Dam – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Peerless Laundries, Inc.MorgantownWV
Powerhouse – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
PPG – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
PRT – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Ramada Inn – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Ruby Memorial Hospital – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Salvation Army – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Seneca Glass – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
South Side Lumber Company, MorgantownMorgantownWV
Star City Glass – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Sterling Faucet (aka Sterling Plumbing) – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Store, 5 & 10, MorgantownMorgantownWV
Suncrest Elementary SchoolMorgantownWV
Thomas CleanersMorgantownWV
Traffic Lights – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
U.S. Post Office – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
University Hospital – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Vance Auto Parts & Service – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Veterans Adminstration Medical Center – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Waitman Barb Jr. High SchoolMorgantownWV
Waitman Barb Jr. High School – WVMorgantownWV
West Virginia University – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
West Virginia University Hospital – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
West Virginia University Square Apartments, Bldg A Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
West Virginia University Square Apartments, Bldg B Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
West Virginia University Tower Apartments Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Woodburn & Chitwood Halls, WVUMorgantownWV
WV UniversityMorgantownWV
WVU Agricultural School, Evansdale CampusMorgantownWV
WVU High SchoolMorgantownWV
WVU High School – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
WVU Ruby Memorial Hospital (aka WVU Medical Center) – Morgantown, WVMorgantownWV
Office Building, Van Burris RoadMorgantown, WVWV
1 Hour Martinizing Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
A & P, MoundsvilleMoundsvilleWV
AEP/Ohio Power Company/Kammer PlantMoundsvilleWV
AEP/Ohio Power Company/MitchellMoundsvilleWV
Allied Chemical – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Analine Chemical – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Cabot Carbon Black – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Capitol Cleaners of WVMoundsvilleWV
Carbon Black – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Chemical & Plastics Plant – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Chemline Corporation – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Cleaners of Moundsville Inc. dba Budd CleanersMoundsvilleWV
Coal Gas Conversion Plant – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Columbia Carbon – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Consolidated Coal – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Courthouse – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
DeMuth Glass – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Dolf Nuroona Museum – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Dravo – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Emils Auto Service – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
F.H. McGraw – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Fostoria Glass – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Frank & Joes Amoco Station – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
G.C. Murphy Co. – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Hanlin GroupMoundsvilleWV
Indian Museum – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Kammer Power Station (aka Cressup PS) – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Leach’s Nu-Way CleanersMoundsvilleWV
Marshall County Board of EducationMoundsvilleWV
McNich Elementary SchoolMoundsvilleWV
Mitchell Power Station – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Mobay Chemical – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville Clinic – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville Grade School – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville High School – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville Housing Development – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville Shopping PlazaMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville Stamping – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
National AnalineMoundsvilleWV
National Analine – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
One Hour Martinizing, MoundsvilleMoundsvilleWV
Orin Penzoil Service Station – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Pilgrim Laundry – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
PPG – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Prison – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Solvay Chemical – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Spear & Fish Shop in Moundsville, WVAMoundsvilleWV
Teletech – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Triangle Conduit – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
U.S. Coal & Oil Plant – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
United Bank – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Valley Camp Coal Co. – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Venco / Conoco – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Washington Lands School – WVMoundsvilleWV
WV PenitentiaryMoundsvilleWV
WV State Penitentiary – Moundsville, WVMoundsvilleWV
Moundsville PrisonMounsvilleWV
Mt. Storm Power Station – Mount Storm, WVMount StormWV
Stoney River Power Station – Mount Storm, WVMount StormWV
Georgia Pacific, Mt. HopeMt. HopeWV
Linatex Inc.Mt. HopeWV
Mt. Morrison Elementary School – Hillman, MIMt. OliveWV
Mt. Olive Correctional Complex – Mt. Olive, WVMt. OliveWV
Pollack Tool & Machine Co. – Mullens, WVMullensWV
Myrtle Grade School – Myrtle, WVMyrtleWV
Coal Gas Conversion Plant – Natrium, WVNatriumWV
Columbia Carbon – Natrium, WVNatriumWV
Linde Air – Natirum, WVNatriumWV
MIW Industries – Natrium, WVNatriumWV
Natrium Power Station – Natrium, WVNatriumWV
PPG – Natrium, WVNatriumWV
Ashland Chemical – Neal, WVNealWV
BOC GroupNew CumberlandWV
Cm Tech Inc.New CumberlandWV
Crescent Brickyard – New Cumberland, WVNew CumberlandWV
Hancock County Board of Education – New Cumberland, WVNew CumberlandWV
Jamegy, Inc.New CumberlandWV
Joseph L. BlakeNew CumberlandWV
NewChem, Inc.New CumberlandWV
Petite Dry Cleaners, New CumberlandNew CumberlandWV
AEP/Mountaineer PlantNew HavenWV
AEP/Phillip Sporn PlantNew HavenWV
American Alloys – New Haven, WVNew HavenWV
American Electric Power – New Haven, WVNew HavenWV
Cyprus/Foote Mineral – New Haven, WVNew HavenWV
Graham’s Station Power Station (aka Philip Sporn PS) – New Haven, WVNew HavenWV
Mountaineer Power Station 1301 – New Haven, WVNew HavenWV
Philip Sporn Powerhouse – Mason County, WVNew HavenWV
Vanadium – New Haven, WVNew HavenWV
Belfram Meters New Manchester, WVNew ManchesterWV
Newchem, Inc. New Manchester, WVNew ManchesterWV
AAA Mobile Homes – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Air Products – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Allied Chemical – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Atlas Insulation Plant – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Bayer – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Bayer Corp.New MartinsvilleWV
Brown s Service Station New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Capital Dredge & Dock Co – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Chemical Lime – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Coastal Tank Lines New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Dalessio Bus Lines – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Dalzell Corp/Viking GlassNew MartinsvilleWV
Dons Ashland – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Dow Chemical – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Dravo – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
E.I. DuPont – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Henthorn s Service Station New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Hoffman’s Market – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Home Construction – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Hospital – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Hydro Dam – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Kocher Brothers New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Library – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Lock Haven Homes – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Matlack, Inc.New MartinsvilleWV
Matlack, Inc. New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Mayberry Plumbing – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
McCray Motor Co – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Mick & Gabby’s Texaco – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Mobay ChemicalNew MartinsvilleWV
Mobay Chemical – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Mobay CorporationNew MartinsvilleWV
Moore Industrial Welding & Fabrication Co – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Mountaineer Carbon – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
National Analine – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Norris Retreading Service – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Ohio Sand & Gravel – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Oxygen Air Reduction Plant – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Plaza CleanersNew MartinsvilleWV
PPG – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
PPG Industries, Inc.New MartinsvilleWV
RR1 Box 10A – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Schools – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Scott Lumber Co. – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Shurman Company – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Union Carbide – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Viking Glass Co. – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Wetzel County Courthouse New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Wetzel County Hospital – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Wetzel County Hospital AssociationNew MartinsvilleWV
Wetzel County Joint Vocational School New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
Wetzel Supply Co. – New Martinsville, WVNew MartinsvilleWV
William RyanNew MiltonWV
Apartments – Garfield Heights, OHNewellWV
Bellofram Newell, WVNewellWV
DTC Environmental Services, ChesterNewellWV
ERGON West Virginia, Inc.NewellWV
Globe Brick – Newell, WVNewellWV
Homer Laughlin China Co – Newell, WVNewellWV
Homer Laughlin Pottery – Newell, WVNewellWV
Johns Manville Newell, WVNewellWV
Marsh-Bellofram CorporationNewellWV
New Castle Refractories – Newell, WVNewellWV
Newell Porcelain Co.NewellWV
Newell Specialty ChemicalNewellWV
Quaker State Oil Refinery – Newell, WVNewellWV
Quaker State Oil/CongoNewellWV
A C & S, INC.NitroWV
Allied Chemical – Nitro, WVNitroWV
American Viscose – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Avatex – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Avtex (aka American Viscose & FMC) – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Childers Chevrolet Co – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Dana Transport – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Dana Transport, Inc.NitroWV
Edwin L. PennybackerNitroWV
Fike-Artel Chemical – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Flexsys America, L. P.NitroWV
Flexsys, Inc. – Nitro, WVNitroWV
FMC – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Great Lakes Chemical Corp.NitroWV
Kincaid Enterprises, Inc.NitroWV
LTV Steel (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Metten Painting Co – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Monsanto Chemical Co. – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Monsanto Corp.NitroWV
Nitro Elementary Nitro, WVNitroWV
Nitro High School Nitro, WVNitroWV
Nitro Industrial Covering – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Ohio Apex Plant – Nitro, WVNitroWV
P B & S Chemicals, NitroNitroWV
Union Carbide – Nitro, WVNitroWV
Tri District CleanersNorthforkWV
Nitro Bank – Nitro, WVNtiroWV
Skasik’s Quality CleanersNutter ForkWV
C & O CleanersOak HillWV
Plateau Medical CenterOak HillWV
Rush Creek Coal Co. – Oak Hill, WVOak HillWV
Scott High School – Oak Hill, W.V.Oak HillWV
Warrenizing, Oak HillOak HillWV
Belcher’s CleanersOceanaWV
Ohio County Airport – Ohio County, WVOhio CountyWV
Ohio County Board of Education – Ohio County, WVOhio CountyWV
Residential Jobsites – Ohio County, WVOhio CountyWV
Earl SionsOld FieldsWV
141 Cheyenne Trail – Ona, WVOnaWV
Eddie Lambert Construction – Ona, WVOnaWV
Band Box CleanersPaden CityWV
Corning Glass – Paden City, WVPaden CityWV
Paden City Battery Co.Paden CityWV
Paden City Glass Co.Paden CityWV
Paden City High School – Paden City, WVPaden CityWV
Paden City Pottery – Paden City, WVPaden CityWV
Wissmach Glass – Paden City WVPaden CityWV
General Electric – Parkerburg, WVParkerburgWV
Presbyterian Church – Parkersburg, WVParkeresburgWV
124 Wayside – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
124 Wayside Farms Rd. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
2209 Hampton St – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
A. B. Chance Co.ParkersburgWV
A.B. Chance – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Acme Fishing Tool Company – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Alcoa – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
American Cyanamid – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
American Viscose – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Ames – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Ames CompanyParkersburgWV
Ames Tool Co. Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Armstrong Cork Company (Washington Works) – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Betty Brite CleanersParkersburgWV
BFSN American Tire – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Big Bear – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Blennerhassett High School – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Blennerhassett Hotel Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Borg Warner (Marbon) – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
BP Oil Service Station – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Breed Battery & Electric Service – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Bridge – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Brockway Glass – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Busy Bee CleanersParkersburgWV
Cabot Carbon Black – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Camden Clark HospitalParkersburgWV
Camden Clark Memorial Hospital – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Camden-Clark Memorial HospitalParkersburgWV
Catalytic, Inc. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Chalenger Elec./West El.ParkersburgWV
Cloverdale Packing, Inc.ParkersburgWV
Corning Glass – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Corning, Inc./Tech Prod.ParkersburgWV
Danser Roofing – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co., ParkersburgParkersburgWV
E.I. Dupont – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Edison School – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
EJ Albrecht Co – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Emerson Elementrary School – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Emerson Schools – Pakersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Federal Building – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Fenton Art Glass – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
First Latter Day Church – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
FMC – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
FMC Viscose – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Fulton Refrigeration Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
GE (Marbon Chemical) – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Goodyear – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Gorrell Electric – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Grand Central MallParkersburgWV
Grand Central Mall – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
GTE Sylvania Inc (Union Insulating Co) – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Guard Cleaning CompanyParkersburgWV
Hornor & Harrison, Inc.ParkersburgWV
Hospital – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Ideal Box Company Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Industrial Fabricator – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
J.C. Bosley Construction Company – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
James B. MahaffreyParkersburgWV
Johns Manville – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Kestersons Cleaners & LaundersParkersburgWV
Kieckhefer Container Company – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Lakeview Estates Apt. Bldg. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Mahone Tire ServiceParkersburgWV
McDonough Co – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Misty Manufacturer – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Montgomery Ward – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Morgantown Asphalt – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Mountain State Community CollegeParkersburgWV
Mountain State Steel – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Murray Sheet Metal – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
O. Ames – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
O’Ames Co. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Ogden Newspaper Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Ohio Valley College – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Ohio Valley Nursing HomeParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Bank Building – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Building Supply Co – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Community College – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Field House- Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg High School – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Ice & Fuel Co.ParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Ice & Fuel Co. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Library – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Machine Co. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Machine CompanyParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Mall – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg National Bank – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Sawmill – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parkersburg Tool Company – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Parmaco – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Pattin Manufacturing CompanyParkersburgWV
Porcelain Products, Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Post Office, Pike StreetParkersburgWV
Powerhouse – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Public Debt Bldg – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Quaker State – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
R.W. Blair, Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWv
Remington Rand Inc – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Residential Jobsites – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Rigg & Reel – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Schneider Company- Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Scott Inc – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Scotts Building Supplies – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Singer Sheet Metal – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
South Parkersburg High SchoolParkersburgWV
St. Joseph’s HospitalParkersburgWV
St. Joseph’s Hospital – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
St. Joseph’s Hospital, ParkersburgParkersburgWV
Steers Heating and Cooling – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Storck Baking Co. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Sunbeam Bakery – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Sunoco (Canary’s Camden & Division) – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Tebays DairyParkersburgWV
The Guard Cleaning Co.ParkersburgWV
U.S. Post Office Pike Street – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Union InsulatorParkersburgWV
Union Insulator – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Union Trust Bank – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Universal Glass – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Uptowner Inn – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Viking Glass Co. – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Village Dry CleanersParkersburgWV
Walker Systems – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Walker/Wiremold Co.ParkersburgWV
Warren High School – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Warren School – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Water Treatment Plant – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
West Virginia University – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Western Electric – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Wilson Brothers – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Wiremold CompanyParkersburgWV
Wood County Airport – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Wood County Courthouse – Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Wood County Library Parkersburg, WVParkersburgWV
Westinghouse – Parkersburg, WVParkerssburgWV
Carter Ftwear/Parsons Ft.ParsonsWV
Crosten’s Exxon – Parsons, WVParsonsWV
Crosten’s Sales & Service – Parsons, WVParsonsWV
Crosten’s Texaco – Parsons, WVParsonsWV
Kingsford Manufacturing CompanyParsonsWV
U.S. Post Office – Parsons, WVParsonsWV
Barker’s Farm DairyPeck’s MillWV
Goff Brothers, Inc., – Pennsboro, WVPennsboroWV
Grant Memeorial HospitalPetersburgWV
Grant Town Power House – Grantown, WVPetersburgWV
Paul YokumPetersburgWV
Koppers – Petrolia, WVPetroliaWV
Philippi Library, Philippi, WVPhilippaWV
Alderson-Broaddus College Hospital – Philippi, WVPhilippiWV
Badger Coal Plant – Philippi, WVPhilippiWV
Broaddus Hospital Association Inc.PhilippiWV
Lewis Chevrolet – Philippi, WVPhilippiWV
Philippi City Building – Philippi, WVPhilippiWV
Philippi Medical Building – Philippi, WVPhilippiWV
Reidbord Brothers Co., PhilippiPhilippiWV
LTV Steel Mines Prep. Plant (fka J&L Steel / Republic Steel) – Phillipi, WVPhillipiWV
Pinch Elementary – Pinch, WVPinchWV
Dominion Hope Pine Grove, WVPine GroveWV
Hope Natural Gas Co. – Pine Grove, WVPine GroveWV
Pine Grove High School – Pine Grove, WVPine GroveWV
Phillips & Phillips Chevrolet – Pinegrove, WVPinegroveWV
Allegheny Ballistics – Pinto, WVPintoWV
Kanawa Scales – Poca, WVPocaWV
Bosworth MansionPoint PleasantWV
Bridge – Point Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Hospital – Pt. Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Malleable Iron – Point Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Marietta Boat Yard – Pt. Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Marietta Manufacturing – Point Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Marietta Plant – Pt. Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Marietta Shipyard – Point Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Pleasant Valley HospitalPoint PleasantWV
Pleasant Valley Hospital – Point Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
Point Pleasant ShipyardPoint PleasantWV
Shell Chemical – Point Pleasants WVPoint PleasantWV
Shell Oil CompanyPoint PleasantWV
TNT Builders – Point Pleasant, WVPoint PleasantWV
WV State Farm MuseumPoint PleasantWV
Pola Elementary School – Pola, WVPolaWV
Pola Middle School – Pola, WVPolaWV
West Virginia Belt – Price Hill, WVPrice HillWV
Acme Wood Preserving, Inc.PrincetonWV
Appalachian Log StructurePrincetonWV
Bluestone Quarries, Inc.PrincetonWV
Drew ClarkPrincetonWV
Georgia Pacific, Green valleyPrincetonWV
Mercer Mall – Princeton, WVPrincetonWV
North American Rockwell – Princeton, WVPrincetonWV
Paramount CleanersPrincetonWV
Princeton Community HospitalPrincetonWV
Princeton Community Hospital – Princeton, WVPrincetonWV
Princeton Elementary School – Princeton, WVPrincetonWV
Service Cleaners, Inc.PrincetonWV
The Dean CompanyPrincetonWV
Warrenizing, Inc., PrincetonPrincetonWV
Aplicare Inc.PritchardWV
Chemical Leaman Tank Line, ProctorProctorWV
Columbian Chemicals CompanyProctorWV
Mobay – Proctor, WVProctorWV
P B & S Chemicals, ProctorProctorWV
PPG – Proctor, WVProctorWV
Industrial School – Pruntytown, WVPruntytownWV
Prunty Town Boys Home – Pruntytown, WVPruntytownWV
West Virginia Industrial School for BoysPruntytownWV
Goodyear – Pt. Pleasant, WVPt. PleasantWV
Seryky Inc. dba Duke CleanersPt. PleasantWV
Osage Mines – Purseglove, WVPursegloveWV
Camels Creek Coal Company (aka Hatfield Coal Co.) Putney, WVPutneyWV
Armory – Rainelle, WVRainelleWV
Armory, RainelleRainelleWV
Georgia Pacific, RainelleRainelleWV
Meadow River Lumber Co. – Rainelle, WVRainelleWV
Rainelle PowerhouseWVRainelleWV
Carver Career (Tech Center) – Rand, WVRandWV
Badger Fire ProtectionRansonWV
Jefferson Memorial HospitalRansonWV
Universal Forest ProductsRansonWV
Century Aluminum – Ravenswood, WVRavenswoodWV
Century Aluminum/RavenswoodRavenswoodWV
Kaiser Aluminum – Ravenswood, WVRavenswoodWV
Quality Care CleanersRavenswoodWV
Ravenswood Aluminum Plant – Ravenswood, WVRavenswoodWV
Ravenswood Dry CleanersRavenswoodWV
Ravenswood Grade School – Ravenswood, WVRavenswoodWV
Ripley Sportswear, Inc.RavenswoodWV
Board of Education – Readen, WVReadenWV
Archie & Helen Vaughn – Red House, WVRed HouseWV
Sterling Faucet – Reedsville, WVReedsvilleWV
Burke-Parsons-Bowlby CorporationReedyWV
Georgia Pacific, RichwoodRichwoodWV
Richwood Area Community HospitalRichwoodWV
Chartwell Corporation – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
Classic CleanersRipleyWV
Millcreek Esso Service Center – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
O&C Plumbing and Heating – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
Rhodes Gulf – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
Ripley High School – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
Ripley Hospital – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
Town & Country Esso Service Center – Ripley, WVRipleyWV
Valve Service & SupplyRipleyWV
Consolidation Coal Company (Route 2) River Portal, WVRiver PortalWV
Reevesville Power Station – WVRivesvilleWV
Rivesville Power Station (Marion County) – Rivesville, WVRivesvilleWV
Rivesville PS – Rivesville, WVRivesvilleWV
Alliant Tech Systems Inc.Rocket CenterWV
Hercules, Inc./Allegheny BallRocket CenterWV
868 Limestone Hill Rd. – Rockport, WVRockportWV
Northeast Health CareRomneyWV
Northeast Health ManagementRomneyWV
Romney CleanersRomneyWV
Romney Dry CleanersRomneyWV
Romney School For the Deaf & BlindRomneyWV
B. A. Mullican Lumber & Mfg. Co.RonceverteWV
Greenbrier Valley Medical CenterRonceverteWV
Walton & Hodges General Contractors – Ronceverte, WVRonceverteWV
Monsanto – S. Charleston, WVS. CharlestonWV
Sterling Faucet – Sabraton, WVSabratonWV
Industrial Home for Youths – Salem, WVSalemWV
Salem College – Salem, WVSalemWV
Salem Nuclear Plant – Salem, WVSalemWV
Commercial Jobsites – Salt Rock, WVSalt RockWV
Kerns Plumbing and Heating – Sandyville, WVSandyvilleWV
Rt. 2 Box 4 – Sandyville, WVSandyvilleWV
John Amos Power Station – Scary, WVScaryWV
Sherman High School – Seth, WVSethWV
James R. ShowersShanksWV
Old Hickory Coal – Sharples, WVSharplesWV
Zapatta Coal Company Sharples, WVSharplesWV
Gibbs & Hill – Shenston, WVShenstonWV
Sherrard Elementary School – Sherrard, WVSherrardWV
Bethlehem Mine Shinnston, WVShinnstonWV
Harrison Power Station – Shinnston, WVShinnstonWV
Lincoln High School – Shinnston, WVShinnstonWV
Richardson Lumber & Construction – Shinnston, WVShinnstonWV
Robinson Run MineShinnstonWV
Robinson Run Mine – Shinnston, WVShinnstonWV
Shinston Power Station – Shinston, WVShinnstonWV
Williams Mine – Shinnston, WVShinnstonWV
Shinston Power house a/k/a Harrison Power HouseShinstonWV
Virgil BoggsSinks GroveWV
Schools – SissonvilleSissonvilleWV
Sissonville Jr./Sr. High School – Sissonville, WVSissonvilleWV
Airco – Sistersville, WVSistersvilleWV
Cabot Chemical (Carbon Black Plant) – Sistersville, WVSistersvilleWV
Corning Glass – Sistersville, WVSistersvilleWV
Precision, Inc – Sistersville, WVSistersvilleWV
Sistersville General HospitalSistersvilleWV
Sistersville Tank Works – Sistersville, WVSistersvilleWV
Union CarbideSistersvilleWV
WITCO (f/k/a OSI, f/k/a Union Carbide Plastics) – Sisterville, WVSistervilleWV
Valley Elementary School – Smithers, WVSmithersWV
Jeld Wen Windows Somerville, WVSomervilleWV
Sophia Electric – Sophia, WVSophiaWV
Sophia High SchoolSophiaWV
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.South CharlestonWV
Ambulance Service Management Corp. – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Artex PlantSouth CharlestonWV
Artex Plant – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Avtex (American Viscose)South CharlestonWV
Barium Reduction Plant – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Celenese PlantSouth CharlestonWV
Citizen Bank – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Clearon CorporationSouth CharlestonWV
Commercial Sandblast & Painting Co. – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Company E Barracks (State Police) – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
CSX – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Dakham’s Tailoring ShopSouth CharlestonWV
Dempsey Garage – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Division of Public Health LaboratorySouth CharlestonWV
Doctor’s HospitalSouth CharlestonWV
Doctors Hospital – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Dow ChemicalSouth CharlestonWV
Dravo – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Dunn Hospital – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
FMC (aka FMC Westvaco) – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
FMC CorporationSouth CharlestonWV
Ford Motor Co. – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Goodyear – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Joe Holland Chevrolet – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Mound Cleaners Inc., MacCorkle AveSouth CharlestonWV
Mound Cleaners, 7th Ave.South CharlestonWV
Mound Cleaners, Lee St.South CharlestonWV
Shamblin Stone Co., S. Chas.South CharlestonWV
South Charleston & Tech Center – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
South Charleston Area Schools – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
South Charleston High School, S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
South Charleston Railroad Yard – S. Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
State Police Headquarters – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Thomas Memorial HospitalSouth CharlestonWV
Thomas Memorial Hospital – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Thomas Memorial Hospital South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Union CarbideSouth CharlestonWV
Union Carbide & Carbon – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Union Carbide Corp Technical CenterSouth CharlestonWV
Volkswagen – South Charleston, WVSouth CharlestonWV
Warren G. HudsonSouth CharlestonWV
WV Div Of Public Health LabSouth CharlestonWV
Zinc Plant – Spelter, WVSpelterWV
Zinc Plant – Zeising – Spelter, WVSpelterWV
Madison Hagler Zinc Plant Speltzer, WVSpeltzerWV
City CleanersSpencerWV
G.C. Murphy Co. – Spencer, WVSpencerWV
Kellwood CompanySpencerWV
Monarch Rubber Co.SpencerWV
Roane General HospitalSpencerWV
Roane General Hospital – Spencer, WVSpencerWV
South Penn Oil Co. Spencer, WVSpencerWV
Spencer Methodist ChurchSpencerWV
Spencer State Hospital – Spencer, W.V.SpencerWV
State Hospital – Spencer, WVSpencerWV
United Fuel & Gas Co – Spencer, WVSpencerWV
Economy Tank St. Albans, WVSt AlbansWV
AEP/ John Amos PlantSt. AlbansWV
American Electric Power – St. Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
Dunlap Texaco – St. Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
John Amos – St. Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
Leonard’s Chrome Plating, Inc.St. AlbansWV
McKinley Junior High School – St. Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
Orders Construction Co – Saint Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
P B & S Chemicals, St. AlbansSt. AlbansWV
Quala Systems, Inc. (QSI)St. AlbansWV
Schools – St. AlbansSt. AlbansWV
St. Albans Cleaners, St. AlbansSt. AlbansWV
St. Albans Jr./Sr. High School – St. Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
St. Albans Railroad Yard – St. Albans, WVSt. AlbansWV
T. O. W. Maintenance & Cleaning, Inc.St. AlbansWV
St. Clair Power Plant – St. Clair, MISt. ClairWV
Cabot Carbon Black – St. Mary’s, WVSt. Mary’sWV
Monongahela Power Station – St. Mary’s, WVSt. Mary’sWV
Quaker State – St. Mary’s, WVSt. Mary’sWV
St. Mary’s Refining Company, Inc..St. Mary’sWV
American Cyanamid – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
Bell Telephone – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
Clovis Motor – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
Colin Anderson CenterSt. MarysWV
Davis Motor – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
Mid Atlantic Fuel St. Mary s, WVSt. MarysWV
Solvay Chemical – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
St. Mary’s Baptist Church – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
St. Mary’s Correction CenterSt. MarysWV
St. Mary’s Hospital – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
Telephone Building – St. Marys, WVSt. MarysWV
Willow Island Power Station – Willow Island, WVSt. MarysWV
U.S. Post Office – Star City, WVStar CityWV
Doan Ford – Steubenville, WVSteubenvilleWV
Gunite Construction Co. – Steubenville, WVSteubenvilleWV
Ohio Valley Tool & Die – Steubenville, WVSteubenvilleWV
Refrigerated Transport Equipment Co – Steubenville, WVSteubenvilleWV
Truck & Tire Sales Co. – Steubenville, WVSteubenvilleWV
Velde Ford Sales Inc. – Steubenville, WVSteubenvilleWV
Stirrat High School – Stirrat, WVStirratWV
John V. Barger & Co. Summersville, WVSummersvilleWV
Summersville Memorial HospitalSummersvilleWV
Town & Country Dry CleanersSummersvilleWV
Appalachian Timber Service, Inc.SuttonWV
Oneida Coal Company (aka Wolf Creek Mines)- Sutton, WVSuttonWV
Sutton DamSuttonWV
Texaco Station – Sutton, WVSuttonWV
Weyerhaeuser Co.SuttonWV
Goodrich Gulf – Taft, WVTaftWV
Alpine Construction – Terra Alta, WVTerra AltaWV
Alpine Lake – Terra Alta, WVTerra AltaWV
Compressor Station – Terra Alta, WVTerra AltaWV
Mt. Ford Sales – Terra Alta, WVTerra AltaWV
Tera Alta Lime Stone – Tera Alta, WVTerra AltaWV
Terra Alta High School – Terra Alta, WVTerra AltaWV
Davis Coal and Coke Company – Thomas, WVThomasWV
Fairfax Sand & Crushed StoneThomasWV
Tioga Coal Company – Tioga, WVTiogaWV
Triadelpha Jr High School – Triadelphia, WVTriadelphiaWV
Triadelphia High School – Triadelphia, WVTriadelphiaWV
Triadelphia Junior High School – Triadelphia, WVTriadelphiaWV
Maroon Motors Inc.TridelphiaWV
Mine Safety Health Administration Lab – Tridelphia, WVTridelphiaWV
Tech Seal Products, Inc.TridelphiaWV
Black Water Falls Lodge – Tucker County, WVTucker CountyWV
Water Line & Pump Station – Tunnelton, WVTunneltonWV
Schools – Tyler County, WVTyler CountyWV
B. F. Goodrich, Aerospace, IPS DivisionUnionWV
Cheeses of Monroe, Ltd.UnionWV
Webster County High SchoolUppergladeWV
Valley Grove Elementary SchoolValley GroveWV
Valley Grove Elementary School – WVValley GroveWV
Bethlehem Steel – Van, WVVanWV
Colonial Stair and WoodworkVarneyWV
Conoco Inc.VarneyWV
Johns Manville – Vicura, WVVicuraWV
CGM Fabrication – Vienna, WVViennaWV
DeMuth Glass – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Diamond-Bathhurst (Universal Glass/Natl Bott/Diamond Glass Co.) – Vienna, WVViennaWV
General Fabricator – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Jackson Jr. High School – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Johns Manville – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Mall, Richmond ClothingViennaWV
Owens Corning Fiberglas – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Owens Illinois – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Penn Metals – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Richmond Clothing – Vienna, WVViennaWV
St. Joseph Seminary – Vienna, WVViennaWV
Suede Shop, LLCViennaWV
Vienna Cleaners & SuedeViennaWV
Standard Oil Co. – Vistron, WVVistronWV
Kent Coal Co. – Volga, WVVolgaWV
Ackerman Stamping Plant Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Consolidated Packing – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Continental Can Co – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Mull Steel – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Standard Oil Co. (Bulk Plant) – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Tower Trucking Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Warewood Grade School – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Warwood Armature – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Warwood Grade School – WarwoodWarwoodWV
Warwood Highrise – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Warwood Tool Co – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Water Treatment Plant – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel (Stamping Plant) – Warwood, WVWarwoodWV
AGA Burdox Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Amax Chemical Plant – Washington WVWashingtonWV
AMAX Specialty Metals – Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Borg Warner – Washington, WVWashingtonWV
GE Medical Washington, WVWashingtonWV
GE Plastics Washington, WVWashingtonWV
General Electric – Washington, WVWashingtonWV
LB Foster Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Linde Air Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Marbon Chemical – Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Polymer Compounding Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Powerhouse – Washington, WVWashingtonWV
Washington District High SchoolWashingtonWV
Washington District High School – WVWashingtonWV
Washington Hotel Washington, WVWashingtonWV
A.G.A. Washington Bottom – Washington Bottom, WVWashington BottomWV
Carborundum Metals – Washington Bottom, WVWashington BottomWV
E.I. DuPont – Washington Bottom, WVWashington BottomWV
Atomic Energy Plant – Waverly, WVWaverlyWV
Cabot Carbon Black – Waverly, WVWaverlyWV
Cabot Corp.WaverlyWV
Valve Actuation & Repair/VARCOWaverlyWV
Waverly Elementary School – Waverly, WVWaverlyWV
Ballard’s Farm SausageWayneWV
Wayne County Board of EducationWayneWV
Wayne County Board of Education Office Bldg.WayneWV
Sewage Treatment Plant Waynesburg, WVWaynesburgWV
Wayne Junior High School – Wayne, WVWaynesburgWV
J.C. Hammer Webster Springs, WVWebster SpringsWV
Jim C. Hamer Co./Pardee and Curtin Lumber Co.Webster SpringsWV
Porter HallWebster SpringsWV
Webster County Memorial HospitalWebster SpringsWV
213 Miller Ave. – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
3749 Grant St. – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Advance Metal Lithographing – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Air Products – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Air Products & Chemicals, WeirtonWeirtonWV
Airco – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
American Cyanamid – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Anderson Construction Co. – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Arvin Roll Coater, Inc.WeirtonWV
BOC Gases/Weirton HydrogenWeirtonWV
Catalytic – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Cattrell Motors – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Chrome Deposit Corp.WeirtonWV
Continental Can Co – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Duquesne Light Philips Station – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
E.I. DuPont – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Esquire Cleaners & Laund., Main St.WeirtonWV
Esquire Cleaners & Laund., Pennsyvania Ave.WeirtonWV
Ference Garage – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Ferguson Tire, Inc.WeirtonWV
Fort Steuben Metals – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Frank Chervan Inc – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Friendly CleanersWeirtonWV
Friendly Cleaners Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Hancock County Sheltered WorkshopWeirtonWV
Hazelwood Mobil Service – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
High Rise Apartments – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Hillyer & Lovan – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
ICI United States Inc – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Kelly Steel – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Louis Berkman Realty Co – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Manning & Son Gulf and Auto Repair – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Manuel’s Dry CleanersWeirtonWV
Manuels Cleaners Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Milsop Community Center Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Nick Ticich Service Station – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Nu-Bulk – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Oday Oil Co – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Perma Stone – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal CompanyWeirtonWV
Power Piping – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Residental Home Construction – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Sand Pit – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Sewage Plant – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Signode Steel Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Starvaggi IndustriesWeirtonWV
Steelplant – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Strauagi Weirton Ice and Coal – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Tri-State Electronics – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Trushel Construction – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Twin State Motors, Inc. – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
U.S. Can Co. – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
U.S. Post Office – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
USPS Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Vocational School – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Voto Manufacturers Sales Co – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Country Club Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Elementary School – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton High School Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Ice & Coal – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Library – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Lumber – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Medical CenterWeirtonWV
Weirton Medical Center – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Power Station – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton SteelWeirtonWV
Weirton Steel – Brown’s IslandWeirtonWV
Weirton Steel (fka National Steel aka ISGI) – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Weirton Tire & Auto CenterWeirtonWV
West Virginia University Medical Corporation – Weirton, WVWeirtonWV
Browns Creek School – Welch, WVWelchWV
McDowell Board of EducationWelchWV
Warrenizing, WelchWelchWV
Welch Emergency HospitalWelchWV
Banner Fiberboard – Wellsburg WVWellsburgWV
Banner Fiberboard CompanyWellsburgWV
Braun Baking Co. (Continental Baking Co.) – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Brooke High School – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Crescent Glass Co – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Duralco Manufacturing – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Eagle Manugacturing – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Erskine Glass – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Gin Pack Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Hamilton’s Garage – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Herman Strauss, Inc. – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
MaGee Motor Sales – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Shoey Cleaners Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Shuey’s CleanersWellsburgWV
Smurfit Stone Container Corp.WellsburgWV
U.S. Post Office – Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Wellsburg Catholic High School Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Wellsburg Grade School Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Westvaco Glue (Stone Container) Wellsburg, WVWellsburgWV
Wesleyan College – Wesleyan, WVWesleyanWV
Allis-Chalmers Corporation Plant – West Allis, WIWest AllisWV
West Liberty State College – West Liberty, WVWest LibertyWV
Gulf Energy Corp., West UnionWest UnionWV
Quality Garment Co, Inc.West UnionWV
Colonial Glass – Weston, WVWestonWV
Gulf Energy Corp., WestonWestonWV
Lewis Co. Board of EducationWestonWV
Louis Glass Weston, WVWestonWV
Lowrise Housing – Weston, WVWestonWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Weston, WVWestonWV
Sewage Treatment Plant, WestonWestonWV
St. Patrick’s School – Weston, WVWestonWV
Stonewall Jackson Memorial HospitalWestonWV
W.V. Glass Co. – Weston, WVWestonWV
Welston Food Service PlantWestonWV
Weston City Hospital – Weston, WVWestonWV
Weston High School – Weston, WVWestonWV
Weston State Hospital – Weston, WVWestonWV
William R. Sharpe Jr. HospitalWestonWV
GE Chemicals – Westover, WVWestoverWV
Schools – Westover, WVWestoverWV
Wharton Cadillac – Wharton, WVWhartonWV
Wharton Roofing – Wharton, WVWhartonWV
Wharton School – Wharton, WVWhartonWV
Riley Law Building Wheeling, WVWheelilngWV
Stone & Thomas Store, WheelingWheelinWV
2741 Eoff St. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Abex Corporation Foundry – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Aul & Shively, Inc.WheelingWV
Auto Ranch of Wheeling – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Bell Telephone – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Betty Maid Dress Shop – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Blaw Knox Centre Foundry – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Blue Ribbon Paint Factory – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Booker T. Apartments Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Boron Service Center – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Brake Engineering Co. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Bruce H. Seabright Olds and CadillacWheelingWV
Burger Chef Restaurant (National Road) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Canada Dry Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Capitol Music Hall – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Central Catholic High School Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Centre Foundry – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
City County Building – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
College – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Commercial Jobsites – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Consolidated Gas – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Consolidation Coal Company – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Continental Can Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Continental Foundry – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Coronet Foods Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Court Grill – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Crittington Home – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Crone’s Clothiers, LLCWheelingWV
Crones Men s Fine Clothes Shop Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Diekmans Florist Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Dollar BankWheelingWV
Dollar Bank – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Downtowner Motel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (7UP) Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Dravo – Wheeling Peninsula, WVWheelingWV
Elby’s – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Elm Grove Mill – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Elm Grove Terrace – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Ensign Electric – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Environmental Enforcement (Chapline Street) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Federal Building – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Florence Crittendum HomeWheelingWV
G.C. Murphy Co. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Garvin’s Dairy Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Gast Bakery – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Georgetown Apartments – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Glendale Hospital – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Glo-Tone Cleaners, Inc.WheelingWV
Good Shepherd Nursing Home Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Grandstaff Heating & Roofing – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
H.G. Schafer, Jr. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Half Dollar Bank – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Hawley Building Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Hazel Atlas Glass – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
High Rise Apartments – South Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
High Rise Apts., South WheelingWheelingWV
Holiday Inn (East of) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Hornes Dept. Store – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Hornes, Inc.WheelingWV
Housing Project (Vineyard Hills) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Housing Project, Vineyard HillsWheelingWV
IGA Groceries (24th & Chapline) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Independence Hall – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Island Sheet Metal – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
J.C. Penny Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
J.L. Stifles Textile Mill – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
James H. Bean Foundry – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
John Marshall High School – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Krisport Inc.WheelingWV
L.S. Good Co. (Market Steet) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Labelle Nail Plant Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
LaCosa Bella Restaurant (Edgington Lane & Route 40) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Lincoln High School – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Linsley Enterprises Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Linsly High School – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Marsh Wheeling Stogies Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Marx Toy Co. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Mashuda Corporation Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
McClure Hotel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
McKinley Trade School Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Medical Park – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Merrick Brothers Tire Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Mt. Dechantal Girls Academy Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Mt. DeChantal School – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Mull Machine – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Nail City Bronze Machine Shop Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
News Register – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
North Wheeling Hospital Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Ogden Newspaper (Main Street) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Oglebay Park Tennis CourtsWheelingWV
Oglebay Resort Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Ohio River Steel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Ohio Valley Auto Service – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Ohio Valley Health Services & Education – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Ohio Valley Medical CenterWheelingWV
Ohio Valley Medical Center – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Orkin Extermination – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Park High School – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Parking Garage (21st & Market) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Penn Taylor – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Peterson Hospital Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Pike Island Dam – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
R.D. #3 Box 154AA – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Residential Jobsites – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Riverview Towers – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Riverview Towers, Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Safety-Kleen Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Schodder Mfg. Co., – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Sewer Plant (Wheeling, WV)WheelingWV
Sherrard Junior High SchoolWheelingWV
Shoemaker Mine – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Signode Steel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Spic & Span CleanersWheelingWV
Spic & Span Cleaners Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
St. Alphonso Catholic Church (Market Street) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
St. John s Hospital Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Standard Sand & Gravel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Stone & Thomas, Inc.WheelingWV
Swisher (Mail Pouch Tobacco Company) Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Swisher International, Inc.WheelingWV
Sylvania Electric – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
The Ziegenfield CompanyWheelingWV
Tri-State Dump Truck Service – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Tri-State Industrial Supply Co. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Tri-State Roofing – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Tri-State Tool – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Troy Systems/MicrossWheelingWV
Truck Terminal – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
U-Wanna Linen Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
U.S. Post Office – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
UWanta Linen Supply Co.WheelingWV
Valley Welding – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Value City (South) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Vineyard Hills Housing Project – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Vulcan Rail – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Walgreen Store – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Warwick China Co. – WarwickWheelingWV
Water Treatment Plant – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Weimer Meats Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
West Virginia Community CollegeWheelingWV
West Virginia Community College – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Brake & Block – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Central High 13th St. & Wood St. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Civic Center – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Clinic Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Coal – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling College – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Corrugating – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Cotton Products – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Country ClubWheelingWV
Wheeling Downs – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Electric Co. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Heating – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Hospital – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Hospital, Inc.WheelingWV
Wheeling Housing Authority – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Jesuit CollegeWheelingWV
Wheeling Jesuit College – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Linen Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Linen ServiceWheelingWV
Wheeling Linen Service, Carroll Ave.WheelingWV
Wheeling Machine Products – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling News RegisterWheelingWV
Wheeling News Registry – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel (Duvall Center) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel (East Wheeling Plant) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel (La Belle Plant) – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel Building – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel Corporate Offices – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Pitt Steel, WheelingWheelingWV
Wheeling Power Plant – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Racing Assocation – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling TileWheelingWV
Wheeling Tower WorksWheelingWV
Wheeling Tunnel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling Welding – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wheeling White Trucking – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Windmill Truckers Center, Inc. – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Windsor Hotel – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Windsor Manor – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
Wonder Bakery Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
WV-OH Motor Sales – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
YMCA – Wheeling, WVWheelingWV
A&P Telephone Wheeling, WVWheellingWV
White Sulfer Springs Hospital White Sulfer Springs, WVWhite Sulfer SpringsWV
Bank of White Sulphur SpringsWhite SulphurWV
CSX Hotels, Inc./The GreenbrierWhite Sulphur SpringsWV
Greenbriar – White Sulphur Springs, WVWhite Sulphur SpringsWV
John Amos Power Station – White Sulpher Spring, WVWhite Sulphur SpringsWV
White Sulfur Springs Hotel – White Sulfur Springs, WVWhite Sulphur SpringsWV
Sherman High School – Whitesville, WVWhitesvilleWV
Globe Building Materials, Inc.WhitingWV
Wheeling CollegeWhjeelingWV
Brightners Corp.WilliamsonWV
Clothesline CleanersWilliamsonWV
Conley Plumbing & Heating – Williamson, WVWilliamsonWV
Deacon CleanersWilliamsonWV
Health Management Associates Inc.WilliamsonWV
Mountaineer Hotel, Inc. of WilliamsonWilliamsonWV
Sewage Treatment Plant – Williamson, WVWilliamsonWV
U.S. Post Office – Williamson, WVWilliamsonWV
Williamson High School – Williamson, WVWilliamsonWV
Williamson Housing Authority – Williamson, WVWilliamsonWV
Williamson Memorial Hospital – Williamson, WVWilliamsonWV
Fenton Art Glass – Williamstown, WVWilliamstownWV
Union Boiler – Williamstown, WVWilliamstownWV
Williamstown High School – Williamstown, WVWilliamstownWV
Williamstown Pottery – Williamstown, WVWilliamstownWV
Allegheny Power Substation Willow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
American Cyanamid – Willow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
American Cyanamid/Cytec Ind.Willow IslandWV
Cabot Carbon Black – Willow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
Carbon BlackWillow IslandWV
Cytec IndustriesWillow IslandWV
Monogahela Power Station – Willow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
Pleasants Power SatationWillow IslandWV
Pleasants Power Station – Williow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
PPG Willow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
Willow Island – Dam & Locks – Willow Island, WVWillow IslandWV
John Amos Powerhouse – Winfield, WVWinfieldWV
Winfield Elementary School – Winfield, WVWinfieldWV
Winfield Power House – Winfield, WVWinfieldWV
A.G.A. Burdox – Wood County, WVWood CountyWV
Schools – Wood County, WVWood CountyWV
Townsend Esso – Woods Run, WVWoods RunWV
Fischer Foundry – Worthington, WVWorthingtonWV
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