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Died From Mesothelioma

BINGO Hall Manager Died From Mesothelioma A British worker who was the long-time manager of a popular BINGO hall in the southeast region of England has died from mesothelioma, and his widow believes that the place in which he worked had a lot to do with his demise.

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Steve McQueen Documentary

Steve McQueen Documentary Talks Mesothelioma The Steve McQueen documentary was released last week to select theaters.  The documentary about the American Icon is being preceded nationwide by a public service announcement featuring Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) president and co-founder Linda Reinstein, and Barbara McQueen, Steve’s widow.

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Ingesting Asbestos

Mesothelioma from Ingesting Asbestos In an unusual case of asbestos-caused cancer, it has been reported that a 23-year-old woman in the United Kingdom has likely developed mesothelioma due to her ingesting asbestos when she was a very small child.

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Asbestos Dumping

Montana Sued Over Asbestos Dumping Issues In a state that has already experienced more than its share of asbestos-related problems, there’s now another one to add to the list. A contractor has filed suit against Montana’s environmental agency for failing to crack down on individuals and companies that practice improper asbestos disposal, therefore putting the Read More

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Secondary Exposure

Women Vulnerable to Mesothelioma Due To Secondary Exposure For decades, asbestos-caused cancer was considered a man’s disease. Indeed, the average mesothelioma sufferer was – and still is – male, usually with a median age of around 65. That’s because most of those affected by the disease had labored in jobs that were typically for men, including Read More

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California Wildfires Leave Asbestos Behind

California Wildfires Will Likely Leave Asbestos Behind Any time a natural disaster happens, we gasp at the aftermath. No one wants to see downed trees, crumbling buildings, battered cars, and debris scattered through areas that were once neighborhoods full of contented residents. The end result is never a pretty site, and not only is it Read More

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Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Asbestos Case Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation wasn’t very happy about the $9 million verdict decided against them and in favor of a Florida man who worked as a former benefits adviser, which happened earlier this year. They were even more angry and disappointed when a Florida appeals court upheld that verdict back in Read More

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Bare Metal Defense

Court Invalidates Bare Metal Defense in Asbestos Cases The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit recently made a ruling that has essentially scrapped the so-called “bare metal defense”, an argument which stated that if a manufacturer makes a product without asbestos, and asbestos is later added to it, the manufacturer cannot be held Read More

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Off-Roaders Exposed to Asbestos

Off-Roaders May Be Exposed to Asbestos Researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have determined that people who ride off-road vehicles (ORVs) in certain parts of the country may be regularly exposed to asbestos during their backroad adventures.

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Asbestos Removal

Neighbors at Mercy of Rogue Asbestos Removal If you live in a home with asbestos siding or other asbestos-containing materials – and you are aware of the presence of those materials – you’re likely to be ultra-diligent when it comes to dealing with those items. But all it takes is one neighbor skirting the laws Read More

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