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Town of Asbestos

Town of Asbestos May Have Future in Magnesium In the town of Asbestos, Canada, there sits a mile-wide crater that locals say is deep enough to hold the Eiffel Tower. You wouldn’t even see the tippy-top sticking out, they point out. Within that crater, thousands of miners once harvested asbestos. For decades, Asbestos, Canada, located Read More

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Libby Settlement

Judge Says Insurer Liable for $43 Million Libby Settlement A Montana State District Judge has ordered a Nebraska-based insurance company to pay $43 million to address a settlement between that state and the hordes of people sickened by exposure to W. R. Grace’s tainted vermiculite in the town of Libby, site of one of the Read More

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Stem Cells May Prevent Cancer

Study Says Stem Cells May Slow or Prevent Cancer Development For victims of mesothelioma, the prognosis has never been very positive. Individuals with mesothelioma cancer often succumb to their illness within a year of diagnosis, and even those diagnosed in the disease’s earliest stages – which is rare – don’t often make it to that Read More

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Brooklyn College

Asbestos Found in Brooklyn College On Brooklyn College’s bucolic campus, located in the middle of the busy New York borough, students have seen signs popping up everyone, proclaiming the presence of asbestos. They’re not hard to miss, says a writer for the student paper, The Excelsior, because they’ve appeared in some of the busiest places Read More

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EPA and Asbestos Industry

Are the EPA and Asbestos Industry in Cahoots? With the 2016 overhauling of the Toxic Substances Control Act, proponents of an asbestos ban could finally see the forest through the trees, so to speak. Asbestos was one of the first 10 chemicals/substances the EPA was to review in regards to its toxicity and continued use, Read More

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Employees Exposed to Asbestos

Employees in Old County Jail Likely Exposed to Asbestos The Old Bastrop County Jail (near Austin, Texas) is a historic site, one that’s currently used for a variety of other purposes other than as a prison. It now houses the county’s Indigent Care program, Prescription Assistance and Civil Process offices, so it’s always full of Read More

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Trade Union Workers

Pakistani Trade Union Workers Demand Asbestos Ban Members of the National Trade Union Federation of Pakistan attended an informational safety seminar this weekend and, as a result of the data they received, they are demanding that the use of asbestos be banned immediately. The Pakistani newspaper known as The Nation reported that the seminar entitled Read More

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Asbestos Talc Case

Paint Maker Gets $22 Million in Asbestos Talc Case The family of a California man who worked as a paint maker and tinter for Dexter-Midland Chemical Company in the Northern California town of Hayward has been awarded $22 million in a case that determined his mesothelioma-related death was due to his on-the-job exposure to asbestos-tainted Read More

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Asbestos in Make-up

Chain Says There is No Asbestos in Make-up A few weeks after being accused of selling make-up that included traces of asbestos, a spokesperson for Claire’s Stores – which specializes in accessories and is popular with the tween crowd – says lab tests the company funded proves that all the make-up they sell is asbestos-free. Read More

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Asbestos in NYC Playground

Parents Concerned about Asbestos in NYC Playground The people who live in the Seward Park Houses on Broome Street in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan are glad that the NY Housing Authority is taking the initiative to spruce up their building and make it safe and more attractive. But the fact that they’ve Read More

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