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McGraw-Edison Asbestos Use

McGraw-Edison, a company that long manufactured a variety of electrical equipment, has employed generations of individuals in a variety of trades. Now part of Cooper Industries, it was created in 1957 when McGraw Electric (which dates back to 1900) merged with Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (a holding company for a variety of manufacturing entities) and Read More

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How to Identify Asbestos

Even today, decades after most uses of asbestos in the U.S. were suspended, we’re still warned to “watch out” for the toxic material. But chances are few of us really know what to watch out for or how to identify asbestos or asbestos materials in our home or at other locations we frequent. But identifying Read More

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Asbestos Removal Legislation Often Ignored

Many individuals whose families have been touched by asbestos exposure have been waiting and waiting for the use of the mineral to be banned in the United States. It hasn’t happened yet and may not happen soon.

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Northrop Grumman Asbestos Use Still Plaguing Mechanics

Being an aircraft mechanic has long been an important job. As an aircraft mechanic, you are the person that literally keeps the plane in the sky. During the many wars and conflicts in which the U.S. was a part, the aircraft mechanic was indispensable and anyone who held the position was highly-regarded by their peers.

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Asbestos Dust in Massachusetts Schools Calls Attention to Toxic Issue

The release of asbestos dust from disturbed aging ceiling tiles in a Falmouth, Cape Cod school has parents, educators, and school staff worried about the abundance of the toxic material in their places of education.

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Pennsylvania’s Asbestos Legacy

PA Cities Carry Grim Legacy of Asbestos Troubles In the Keystone State, industry has always been king. From the shores of the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers in the east to the banks of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers in the west, factories have long been part of the landscape of Pennsylvania. And, of course, those Read More

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Asbestos Remediation – Soil Not A Solution

Scientists Discover that Asbestos Can Move Through Soil For decades, asbestos remediation experts have believed that capping asbestos waste piles by covering them with soil would prevent exposure to the toxic waste, but a group of scientists have recently discovered that this may not be the case at all. In fact, they’ve found that asbestos Read More

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School District Sues Company Over Asbestos Awareness Training

The Montebello Unified School District, located in the Los Angeles area, is suing two companies they claim sent untrained workers to their schools, resulting in an asbestos mess that may have exposed individuals to the toxic mineral.

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Firm that Imported Asbestos Workers Facing Criminal Charges

The owner of an Illinois construction company who imported Mexican asbestos workers to remove asbestos at a former school is now facing criminal charges, reports an Associated Press article.

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Legacy of U.S. Steel Asbestos Exposure Continues

Steel mills have always been associated with dangerous work. Google “steel mill accident” and you’ll likely find a long list of tragic scenarios that have happened over the decades. And even though the steel industry has been greatly reduced in the U.S., one can still find incidences today of deaths associated with work in those Read More

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