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In a small garage in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, a sheet metal fabricating company was born some 40 years ago in 1974. With big-name customers being among the company’s first clients, including a well-known marine electronics manufacturer, that little company – Electromet Corporation – grew quickly. It wasn’t long, says the company’s historian, before Electromet and its Read More

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As a Mesothelioma Caregiver Your Vows Will Be Tested

Most couples, when they take their marriage vows, include those familiar lines, “In sickness and in health, until death do us part.” They’ve been part of the traditional marriage ceremony likely for centuries and the most dedicated of couples take those words very seriously.

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Flu Season Is Deadly for Mesothelioma Cancer Patients

It’s flu season. Most of us take it in stride. Some will be affected by the nasty bug while others will make it through the winter virtually unscathed, perhaps dealing with a sniffle or two, a few aches, but nothing significant. Many will opt for the flu vaccine while others will take their chances.

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Baylor College of Medicine Introduces Mesothelioma Clinical Trial

In hopes of finding more and better solutions for tackling aggressive pleural mesothelioma, Baylor University’s School of Medicine has announced the beginning of a new mesothelioma clinical trial that will test the efficacy of an investigational drug in the treatment of the disease for those whose cancer has progressed after initial chemotherapy.

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Keytruda Helps Patient Combat Mesothelioma

Skin Cancer Drug Provides Miraculous Recovery A New Zealand asbestos cancer victim whose family claims was near death has seemingly been saved by an ultra-expensive skin cancer drug that has provided a near miraculous improvement in symptoms of the disease.

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Phase II Studies Begin on New Mesothelioma Drug

The drug company Epizyme Incorporation has recently announced that they have dosed their first patient in the Phase II clinical trial for their new mesothelioma drug Tazemetostat for the treatment of adults with mesothelioma that is characterized by BAP1 loss-of-function. It’s a step in the right direction towards more treatment options for those with this Read More

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Countries Continue to See Rise in Mesothelioma

If you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you probably tend to view asbestos-caused diseases as a United States thing – a problem that abounds in the US due to its once abundant use of the toxic mineral. However, there are countries that have much higher rates of the disease – like Great Britain and Australia – Read More

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Rocker’s Son Speaks Out About Dad’s Mesothelioma Death

Like many involved in the world of Rock and Roll, Warren Zevon – known for his hard-edged, hard-driving tunes – suffered an untimely death. But though he was an avid partier who had enjoyed his share of drugs, smoking, and alcohol, Zevon didn’t die of an overdose or drink himself to death.

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Widow Awarded $2 Million in Mesothelioma Case

For more than 10 years, Perry Adams worked in a paper pulp mill in Alabama. It was hard work but he earned a decent living. However, about 25 years after his work as a multicraft mechanic had ended, Adams was dead, killed by asbestos-caused cancer, a result of the many years he spent inhaling the Read More

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Quincy Jones Puts Positive Spin on Mesothelioma Diagnosis

What do you do when you’re 32-years-old, have just been diagnosed with mesothelioma, and work as a comedian? You joke about your mortality, of course! That’s just want comedian Quincy Jones (not the singer) has been doing since he was told he had Stage IV peritoneal mesothelioma some 11 months ago. Doctors gave him a Read More

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