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Paper Mill Asbestos Removal Costs a Fortune

An engineering company studying the possibility of asbestos removal from an old paper mill in Lincoln, Maine estimated that the removal of that and other toxins from the defunct property could cost as much as $16 million, reports an article in the Bangor Daily News.

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Asbestos Caused Cancer Not Just U.S Problem

Kenya Calls Mesothelioma a National Health Crisis Because of the widespread use of asbestos sheeting in buildings in Kenya, the African country has now dubbed mesothelioma a “national health crisis” and an “epidemic”, noting that about 10 percent of the country’s health budget is now being spent to treat those who are battling asbestos-caused cancer.

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Australian Scientists Make Asbestos Disease Breakthrough

Scientists at Australia’s Asbestos Disease Research Institute (ADRI) report that they have identified a way to manipulate the genes that control the growth of mesothelioma tumors, reports an article penned by 9, a media outlet in that country.

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California Supreme Court Rules For Secondhand Asbestos Victims

Unlike rulings recently made in countless other states, the California Supreme Court determined last week that companies can be held liable if asbestos from a job site causes an individual in the worker’s home to become sick. It’s a huge victory for those who’ve gotten sick from indirect exposure to the toxin and will allow Read More

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Appeals Court Grants Secondhand Asbestos Victim Suit

When Marcella Fletcher was 8-years-old, her mother assigned her the task of doing the laundry for the family. Part of her responsibilities involved washing the work clothing of her father, who was employed as a pipe fitter, sawing and fitting pipes all day long.

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Huge Payout in Pinnacle Hip Implant Case

In a verdict that had Johnson & Johnson attorneys standing in the courtroom with their mouths hanging open, a Dallas jury awarded a sum of $1 billion to six plaintiffs who forged a suit after they were harmed by the company’s Pinnacle hip implant products.

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Israel Fires Prompt Asbestos Warning

Fires in Beit Meir and Haifa, Israel have local residents worried about the risk of exposure to asbestos products that were used inside the buildings that burned in the fires, which were believed to have been set by Arab arsonists. Now, the country’s Environmental Protection Ministry is warning those residents to protect themselves.

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EPA Reviews Asbestos Under Chemical Safety Act

When the new Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act for the 21st Century was penned and signed last year, thousands who’ve been touched by mesothelioma and by asbestos exposure in general were hoping that asbestos would appear on the list of the first substances to be scrutinized.

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Maine Resident Defying Mesothelioma Odds

For decades, a diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma has been akin to a death sentence. But some victims have been determined to beat the mesothelioma odds and do so by defying the conventional and reaching out to search for new ways to conquer their disease.

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Asbestos in Mulch Prompts Concern

Near a train station in a suburb of Perth, Australia, a landscape company recently placed 10,000 square-meters of mulch in conjunction with a major renovation project going on at the site.

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