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Potential Asbestos Contamination at Apartment Fire

There’s trouble in paradise after a massive fire at a huge Honolulu, Hawaii apartment building left the area strewn with asbestos and left residents and others wondering whether it’s safe both inside and outside of their apartments. According to a story on KHON-TV, the July 14th blaze, which destroyed dozens of units at the Marco Read More

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Armory Project will Expose Many to Asbestos

A 1906-built armory in the busy Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn is being promised a new life. But a preservationist and an environmental justice attorney those taking part in the rejuvenation project aren’t paying attention to the dangers that could expose many to asbestos. Architect and preservationist, Dr. Juan Blanco Ruiz, says he read the Phase Read More

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Asbestos Found at Historic House Fire Site

The blaze at the Clemens House – an historic home in St. Louis built by Mark Twain’s uncle – represented a sad loss for the city, and officials have now determined that what’s left behind may likely represent a health hazard as well because of asbestos found in the debris. A few days ago, investigators Read More

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Justice Says Asbestos in Make-up Reports are False

The much-loved tween retail chain, Justice, says reports of asbestos in a popular make-up item carried at the store are simply not true. Late yesterday afternoon, the chain issued a statement in regards to the report first aired by an investigative team from a television station in Raleigh, North Carolina. The team claimed that they Read More

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Asbestos Work Contaminates Church and School

As the result of asbestos removal at an old garage across the street, a church and school in the remote desert town of Needles, California has been contaminated with chrysotile asbestos, say church officials, who are asking the perpetrators to pay for the clean-up.

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London’s Hospitals Contain Asbestos Materials

A study recently conducted by the BBC found that in London a whopping 94 percent of the hospitals contain asbestos materials, and the news outlet described the situation as “a ticking time bomb.” 

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TV Investigative Team Finds Asbestos in Makeup

A group of reporters from WTVD-TV in Durham, North Carolina – dubbed the I-Team – has been conducting a story about make-up products targeted towards teens and tweens and, in their research, found asbestos in makeup.

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Occupational Exposure Limit for Asbestos

In a country where the chrysotile asbestos mining industry was once a major contributor to the economy, the government is finally recognizing the danger of the mineral and has taken steps to amend the Canada Labor Code to lower the occupational exposure limit for asbestos to “as close to zero as possible.”

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Nearly Half the G20 Countries Still Haven’t Banned Asbestos

Last week, 20 of the world’s major players met in Hamburg to discuss any number of topics, including international trade and world economic growth. Among those 20 countries represented at the highly-talked about meeting were 8 major powers that still haven’t banned asbestos.

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5 Years & $7.8 Million in Improper Asbestos Handling Case

The owner of several garbage hauling businesses in Cleveland has been sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of $7.8 million for failing to remove asbestos before demolishing a factory in that city. It’s one of the stiffest fines ever imposed for such a crime.

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