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On-the-Job Asbestos Exposure a Real Concern for Insulators

Insulator Noun 1. Electricity a) A material of such low conductivity that the flow of current through it is negligible. b) Insulating material, often glass or porcelain, in a unit form designed so as to support a charged conductor and electrically isolate it. A person or thing that insulates. The definition of an insulator is Read More

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Asbestos Health Risks a Genuine Concern for Painters

We’ve all done some painting in our lifetimes. Maybe it was that first apartment of yours – the one with the lime green walls. Or perhaps you’ve tackled larger projects, like the exterior of your home. Some DIYers love to paint, others hate it. Still, there are many individuals that make their living as painters, Read More

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Millwrights Note Health Problems Due to On-the-Job Asbestos Exposure

The duties of a millwright probably include those tasks that many people take for granted. For example, when one has the opportunity to observe a shiny new factory, a refinery, a steel plant, or something similar, it’s usually in a state of completion and ready to run. However, it’s the nation’s millwrights that are largely Read More

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Power Plant Workers Risked Daily Asbestos Exposure  

For decades, asbestos and high-temperature equipment were a logical pair. Wherever one found electrical machinery, boilers, tanks, generators, or other such “hot” items, asbestos materials weren’t far behind. From the early decades of the 20th century, manufacturers of asbestos-containing items had the general public convinced that this toxic mineral was the best insulator available, and Read More

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Shipyard Workers Still Dealing with Effects of Toxic Asbestos

Though asbestos has never been officially banned in the United States, government agencies have publicly recognized its toxicity for the past 40 years, when laws were first passed to severely limit its use in instances that would put the public at risk. In the decades prior to that, however, countless workers were exposed to the Read More

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