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Guilt Manipulation Abuse

GUILT MANIPULATION, IS IT ABUSE? A man was unable to hold a job, had a wife and two small children.  I understand he suffered from depression and thus his reasoning for not being employed.  (By the way, there are studies that show that working and being productive counteracts depression.)  He was inconsiderate, self-centered, and nasty.  Read More

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Restraining Orders

If you have been harassed or feel threatened by your spouse, a family member, or another person, you have a right to seek a restraining order that prevents the person from coming near you. These legal tools, unfortunately, can come in handy in divorce and related cases. New Jersey’s Superior Court recently explained some of the Read More

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Domestic Abuse Arbitration New Jersey Divorce Cases Ivery Little V Little

Domestic violence and abuse allegations are unfortunately a common part of many divorce cases in New Jersey. State law allows a person to sue his/her spouse if there was personal injury from the abuse as part of a divorce proceeding. In New Jersey, this is called a Tevis claim.  The law also allows divorcing spouses to use Read More

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Arbitration Paying Kids Education Costs Divorce Biser V Levine

When a married couple decides to divorce, one of the many issues that often comes up is how they’ll pay for their kids’ education. New Jersey’s Superior Court recently took on this issue in a case concerning a young woman’s costs for medical school. As the Court explained, the answer varies based on the individual Read More

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Workers Compensation

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION:  INJURED ON THE JOB Workplace injuries often have permanent residual effects.  An injured worker may file a Workers’ Compensation Claim Petition.  Helfand & Associates handles Workers’ Compensation Cases.  We are a fully up-to-date office and utilize what is called the OSCAR electronic system implemented by the Division of Workers’ Compensation to handle the Read More

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Adolescent Psychology

ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY             At Helfand & Associates, we handle many amicable divorces and family matters as well as some of the most hotly contested difficult cases.  In an effort to improve our services and also because I think it is interesting, I am studying for a Masters in Psychology.  The first class I am taking Read More

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Pre Nuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement—also known as a “prenup” or “antenuptial agreement”—is a common tool to protect income and assets.  The agreement becomes enforceable upon marriage and applied in the event of a divorce.  A prenup cannot arrange for custody or dictate an amount of child support to be paid.  This must be negotiated at the time Read More

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Choice Of Law

There are many different laws which are relevant to family matters. When parties move to different states and countries, there are laws and procedures in effect to obtain, maintain, and enforce family laws and issues arising from family relationships. This includes divorces, separations, support, custody, paternity, and property rights. There are several different choice of Read More

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Tax Information You Need To Consider When Divorcing

First, when getting a divorce, it is extremely important to consult with a CPA or even a tax lawyer if necessary to understand your options and the implications of various financial matters.  In this article, I am going to address issues that you should be aware of so you can investigate further with the CPA, Read More

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What To Do About A Business In A Divorce

So you own a business and you think like a business person, and you are getting divorced. Keep that “Bottom Line” mentality about your case, because it can be a bit of a maze of legal and accounting concepts. You have a business that started, “was acquired,” during the course of the marriage. Did you Read More

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